TLC pulls the plug on Jon & Kate Plus 8

October 15th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Jon & Kate Plus 8, the family-friendly reality show turned flaming ATV wreck of tummy-tucked death, will officially end in November, according to People:

After Jon Gosselin, 32, forbade TLC from filming his and 34-year-old estranged wife Kate’s eight children for their show, the network will try to squeeze out a couple remaining episodes from existing footage before putting the show to rest, according to sources.

This would be great news for the kids if Kate didn’t just announce her new line of hand-stitched purses.

Sweaties: The Handbag for Today’s Single Mom. Enslave Life!

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  1. the old guy

    First!! and hopefully last.

  2. Hate Asians

    I’m so glad this stupid show is off the air, I hate Jon and Kate and their little monsters

  3. The indoctrination of Rough

    *happy days are here again, dadadi dam da didi happy days are here againnnnnn*

  4. xach

    now they will be broke, i bet they are kicking themselves

  5. Parker

    She has many anal sex videos in her future if I have anything to say about it. I think she’d love the idea of supporting her kids with nothing but her ass. That’d give those hens on the view plenty to cluck about. Call me, Kate.

  6. Melissa

    bout fuckin time

  7. mafme

    Hurray for the kids!

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I ahve seen about 5 minutes of this show in my lifetime (I think I wnated to watch WHAT NOT TO WEAR and this show ran before it so I caught the tail end) but Ive heard so much shit about these people that I feel like they live next door to me! Enough!

  9. amoi

    Oh, good! That frees up some of my time to watch other quality TLC shows, such as “I Have an Embarrassing Medical Condition.”

  10. Liz

    Oh, thank Christ. Both of those people are assholes and, while they need to start saving for their children’s therapy in ten years, they really don’t need any monetary compensation or public attention as validation for them being effing retards.

  11. Does this mean we don’t have to hear about these assholes anymore?

  12. sixpack

    GOOD!!!! That’s what you get!! The gravy train has come to an end, now how are you going to pay for that lovely home?? What a fucking disaster. Nice job cranking out 8 fucking kids and then making complete asses of yourselves during a messy, public divorce. Awesome family decision making.

  13. Crusty

    They don’t make “15 minutes of fame” like they used to..

  14. Venom

    Thank GOD. Now we don’t have to sit thru your posts about these nobodies anymore.

  15. hp

    They are both assholes, I still think it’s shitty that fatass threw a tantrum and got his way. He’s going to regret the shit out of it when he has to get a real job again (and pay her spousal support out of it), so at least there’s that.

  16. jon gosselin

    Do you want fries with that?
    Would you like fries with that?
    Would you like fries with your meal?

    Practice makes perfect

  17. The indoctrination of Rough

    And for the last hurrah please tell me Kevin Cocksner is tapping that HUGE ass

  18. RealityShowzSuck!!!!

    You’d better be right about this, dude!! I’m serious…if you’re just getting my hopes up….well let’s just say my hopes will be shattered. And no, crazy glue won’t help!!

    Sadly, even if this is true we will never hear the last of these so called “people”. I see book deals and the like on the horizon.

  19. Willie Dixon

    praise jebus.

  20. Superbiggerevil

    Unfortunately, this probably isn’t the last time we hear from either of these asshats as I sure there’s an afternoon talkshow deal in the works for her stupid ass, and some kind of fisting video in his future as well.

  21. jon & kate need to die

    I’m of 2 minds over this. I think it’s hilarious that the 2 assholes jon & kate will no longer have their multi million dollar income, and that they were the idiots that couldn’t work things out & ultimately killed off the golden goose; they deserve it & good riddance. At the same time, I worry about the kids. The way these 2 arrogant asshole parents spend money, will there be enough $ left to raise the kids properly? Neither parent has a job apparently, and have no marketable skills, so how are they going to pay for kid expenses?

  22. Now Kate’s REALLY gonna beat up Jon for her money back!

  23. LOLWUT

    @9 HAHAHA

  24. Jenna

    I heard that Kate is already on the welfare line. :-D

  25. Coren

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  26. jon is huge tool

    Kate is is RN so she could find a job just not making anythingg near what TLC was paying. Jon is such a complete asshole, are you happy now dickweed??If he were my ex I would never be in the same room with him ever again. Like thanks a lot asshole for riping millions out of her & kids’ hands. Way to go tool. She should sue him for loss of income.

  27. $3 says that the family will go bankrupt in less than a year…that mom is a nut job

  28. been

    Whether they stop filming or not these kids are screwed for life. How are they going to support there lifestyle without this show. I feel bad for the kids having a biotch for a mom and having a loser for a dad.

  29. KC

    Had these two white trash idiots not hit the mother load pimping their kids, they’d be fighting over who gets the rusted propane tank and the plastic shed when they split.

  30. Shani

    Stupid fat ass jon probably thinks that he still won’t have to get a regular 9-5 job cuz Michael dipshit Lohan has got him convinced that new doors are going to open up for him in Hollywood….YEAH RIGHT. Think again jackass!

  31. norton

    How long before Kate ends up doing porn to pay the bills?

  32. Aerialgreen

    Attention J&K+8 nannies, ABANDON SHIP! RUN BITCHES RUN!

    Now on to the shameful coverage of these kids being dragged into poverty because mommy and daddy won’t go back to buying toilet paper by bundle, not after whipping with handcraft gold-lined bathroom tissue, not ever.

  33. Chupcabra

    only one way out of this now, bitches: Black market baby sales….

  34. mark

    I agree with all these comments – and I’d also like to suck on Kate’s titties!!

  35. Octomom

    Eat my placenta, Gosselins!

  36. Scully

    Wasn’t there an X-files episode based in Pennsylvania where the mutant kids rolled their limbless breeder mom out from under a bed to mate with her?
    Life imitates art.

  37. Guest


    This whole ‘drama’ is SO american …. it’s so sad.

  38. Joe

    You guys are missing the point. Jon pulled the ultimate fuck you on Kate and her golden claws, when they tried to marginalize him. Both Jon and Kate will have new reality shows on other networks (unless TLC pays them off.)

    In the end the kids lose. Both Kate and Jon can make plenty of cash on the speaking/appearance circuit. I feel for the kids, but you know what, there are plenty of kids with shitty parents who blew fortunes. I have a friend who parents were worth $50M when he was younger. You think he’d be okay.. Instead his parent divorce, burn through the money, raided his college fund, and so he basically worked his way through college waitering and such (Like a lot of people).

    He’s got a pretty good attitude about it all (much better than me; I would be pissed.)

    Money+Fame+Douche = Pricey, well known douche.

  39. mike

    Scully ! haaaaaaaaaaa

  40. EricLR

    In the early days of the show, Jon worked as an “IT Consultant” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean (pretty generic term there) and Kate worked as a nurse in labor/delivery (guess that’s where she got the idea to become a human delivery ward). Not sure if they could ever get their old jobs back though (would YOU trust Jon Gosselin as a consultant? Or want Katie Crazy as YOUR nurse?).

    But I’m sure they’ll find a way to stay in the fading spotlight for a while longer. I can already hear them pitching new series to some of the third and fourth tier cable networks. Anyone up for “Jon Gosselin’s ATV Adventurin’!” on SportsSouth2?

  41. snuggles

    About time!!!!

    Both parents are crazy. Those little kids will be so screwed up.

  42. snuggles

    About time!!!!

    Both parents are crazy. Those little kids will be so screwed up.

  43. abby

    I liked that show…

  44. Emgk

    It’s about time, that show went downhill FAST after they were filming seperately. The only reason people watched in the first place was to see Kate always ordering Jon around. The kids don’t need to be put in the middle of everything anyways, so at least they can have a somewhat normal life now that there aren’t going to be cameras in their faces all day. Not to mention it was getting a little awkward watching Kate try to look like the victim week after week saying “everything I do is for my kids” a million times!

  45. hey tell me something… is it true the only thing this cow is famous for is having eight kids with a man that looks like a mongoloid? assholes shouldn’t breed.

  46. WAHHHHH!!!! I know they’re A holes….but, I’ll miss watching those A holes!!
    It was the best show on TV…I mean the most disgusting…but funny! What am I going to rip apart now!! Tell me!!

  47. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I guess the overly self important Kate will have to go back to nursing. She’ll have to work for a real living, instead of talking to Meredith Viera on the Today Show.

    Unless, that stupid ridiculous mommy chat show gets picked up.

  48. h kim

    2 retards contributing 8 retards to the world.


  49. ugh

    and NOW—they’re gonna work out their problems and reconcile–now that the gravy train is gone…hell if that happens then good for them.

  50. mightyOZ

    My kids loved this tripe while the gravy spigot was still intact… even in the comfort of their adolescent brains they realize the facade and bullshit that is being spewed out to us via the media. These people made seriously bad choices and unfortunately the public will pay for their stupidity.( Welface. Prison. Foster families.) Jon apparantly has no marketable skills (no asshole, there is no smoking fat guy modeling job available) and Kate needs to have a intervention because she is obviously thinking that she is somebody. No more somebody than all the crack ho’s that pimp out their kids to get what they want on a daily basis. Freakin’ unreal. No wonder American culture looks suspect to large portions of the world. Get the Ark ready……

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