Tito Ortiz arrested for beating Jenna Jameson

April 26th, 2010 // 130 Comments

Tito Ortiz was arrested for domestic violence today at the home he shares with Jenna Jameson and their twin infants, according to TMZ:

We’re told when cops arrived at the couple’s home in Huntington Beach, CA — Jenna Jameson had “visible injuries.”
We’re told someone called 911 today at 9:53 AM and reported a “disturbance.”
Tito is currently in custody and on his way to a Huntington Beach jail in Orange County, CA.

I honestly don’t know what to feel here. On the one hand, beating women is for pussies, but on the other, porn stars don’t count as people. I think you’re even allowed to hit two with your car before you get a ticket. Pretty sure I read that in a book somewhere.

EDIT: Uhh….

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  1. Jesus of Nazereth

    Women are designed for 4 things, cleaning, cooking, fucking and beating.

  2. kpatra

    real nice with all the hilarious comments about how she probably deserved it for either not listening and/or being in porn. jeeze. im being sarcastic. even those of you who are kidding in your comments are shitheads though. not funny.

  3. Video of Tito Ortiz getting arrested and Jenna saying she’ll press charges: http://mixedmartialartvideos.com/tito-ortiz-arrested-vs-jenna-jameson-video


    She was a porn star so somehow it’s ok to assault her? There’s no logic in that. She’s still a human being. She CHOSE to make movies, and probably had a lot of say in how they were made and what she wanted to do. Where’s the choice in physical abuse? No choice there, except in staying or leaving. That’s where her choice comes in — staying or leaving. I say get out before the abuse gets worse, cuz it always does.

  5. Bilbo

    He couldn’t do anything to her face that a plastic surgeon hasn’t already done. Like most women she was problem pushing his buttons and he got tired of her crap.

  6. TeeHeeHee

    #21 is a genius.

  7. justifiable

    #10 lalala, you’re a fuckwit. For whatever reason, Jameson made certain choices about what she did with her body – if you don’t agree with her, fine. Don’t be a porn star if you disapprove of it so much. She probably has incredibly shitty taste in men, too, so this situation isn’t too suprising. But saying she’s “lost [the] right to gain respect” apparently means she’s also forfeited the right not to get beaten up. Guess that means it’s now only reserved for judgmental tightasses like yourself. Good to know.

    Sandra Bullock married a total turd like this jackass. Does she deserve a fist sandwich because she disrespected herself that way, or is she somehow allowed more protection in your world because she doesn’t fuck on camera?

  8. He was only employing Fists of Love(TM), I’m telling you.

  9. ___

    It’s amazing the number of people who don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, or “too” and “to”.

  10. Dn

    Tito’s shirt isn’t TOO ironic. Tito’s defense for beating Jenna – “I was just working out!”

  11. ride or die

    no, you antisexuals don’t count as people! Maybe you and Tito should go punch each other out! FUCK YOU, bow down and show love to Jenna, bitch!!

  12. jj

    Tiyo arrested for being too big of a pussy to fight Chuck!

  13. jj

    Tiyo arrested for being too big of a pussy to fight Chuck!

  14. The Real Jesus

    #51 Jesus, the only thing remotely funny about your post is your complete ignorance of how to spell “Nazareth”. Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they fuck up.

  15. Jesus of Nazereth

    Hey 64. It is spelled that way for a reason fool. I condemn your family to hell for being a moron.

    I am the real Jesus and I ass fuck Jehovah

  16. el ces

    I hate this. Hopefully its b.s. or a publicity stunt.

  17. The Real Jesus


    ” It is spelled that way for a reason fool”

    TRANSLATION: I have no reason. I spelled it that way because I’m a fool.

    “I condemn your family to hell for being a moron.”

    TRANSLATION: If I can spell ‘moron’ right maybe nobody will notice I left out “your” while vainly trying to construct a coherent sentence.

    “ass fuck”

    TRANSLATION: What do I always beg for someone to give me?

    Thanks for playing. Enjoy Hell.

  18. Amy

    If an old porn star and a washed-up mma fighter can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

    Oh, and #65, suuuure you spelled it that way for a reason. What possible reason would you have to spell something completely wrong? Loser troll.

  19. MMASUX

    Stay classy MMA thugs..keep beating up women. Real tough.

  20. btreese

    Nice see through…and nips…

  21. btreese

    Nice see through…and nips…

  22. Jenna's black eye

    You’re a business women with a checkered past who’s career is sucking strange cock and being covered in semen for millions to masterbate to… and you choose to cohabitant and procreate with a proto human alpha male, who’s claim to fame is beating the crap out of other people for money, fame, looking at him, making his grilled cheese sandwich the wrong way, etc! How the fuck could you NOT see this ass whuppin’ coming?


    That bitch has been asking for it !

  24. marcus

    small world, I was caught beating off to jenna jameson.

  25. jt

    porn stars deserve to get beaten? you’re an ass.

  26. justifiable

    #45 Jeez, thanks so much for providing us with such a helpful broad-spectrum definition of “whore”, since I’m sure you know a lot of us don’t get out much and depend on you for knowledge like that. But since making porn films isn’t illegal, while prostitution is, I’m sure you can tell us why Jameson isn’t facing criminal charges since she clearly has sex for money. You do know a prostitute is “one who has sex for money”, don’t you? ‘Course you do, I can tell you get around.

    And just out of curiousity, what would you call the men who were also paid to fuck her on camera? Oh, yeah, right. Actors.

  27. LToTheWolf

    What the fuck? “Porn stars don’t count as people”?

    Oh, it was a JOKE. Must’ve missed that on the first read. Probably cause it’s NOT FUNNY.


  28. If you watch a porn in reverse you see the hooker give the money back

  29. jonny

    At least NOW we know who has taken more shots to the face!

  30. James Lipton

    @77 Not sure where you are in the World but in the majority of countries prostitution is NOT illegal. You can exchange money for sex, you’re just not allowed to solicit.

    This trash bag cum receptacle undoubtedly is a whore and deserved (and probably liked) being punched in the face. Something her parents should of done a long time ago.

  31. WTF Report

    #77 #45 is wrong. The correct defintion of a whore is “a woman that sleeps with everyone but YOU”.

    #78 Nice one. I’m pretty sure that with all the Jersey Shore crappy items on this site recently, a certain gossip blog writer is in danger of not being considered human, either. Glass houses, Fish, glass houses.

  32. justifiable

    #81 In America, where Jamison lives, it’s illegal except in Nevada, but hey, thanks for the diversionary hairsplitting anyway.

    Now, I could take a page from your book of “How to be an Internet Badass” and say that only person that really deserves to be punched in the face is you and that your parents should’ve tried it years ago, but really, no one “deserves” that, not even you. Fuck, what a colossal tool you are.

    What I do think is that you’ve probably spent a lot of time jerking off to porn (Jameson’s or anyone else’s, it doesn’t matter) and then when you tuck your wet depleted little dick away you realize how much you hate yourself for doing it and the only thing that makes you feel better is to condemn the women who’ve just helped get you off as “whores”. If you think that post-wank disgust and denounciation really proves how righteous and superior you really are deep down – while you clean the splooge off your monitor for the 8th time this week – you’re wrong. What it means is that you’re a sanctimonius hypocrite. With bad aim.

    And FYI, in case you’re religious, you might want to remember that Jesus chose to hang out with the whores, not the two-faced and the whited sepulchres. But then, he was the type of dude who felt they deserved to be punched in face, right?

    And in future don’t be so cheap. Get some Glass Plus, that 409 shit is leaving streaks.

  33. G&T

    Sorry fish, but i have to disagree with you on this one.
    Not only are pornstars people (generally yummy people too) but they make a far more important contribution to society than you do..

  34. aury

    hey, #51: up yours. donkeydick.

  35. Mike Tyson

    Typical behavior from a non white male. It always happens eventually.

  36. Fifi

    @lalala You’re an idiot.

  37. pappy smear

    porn stars dont count as people?

    theyre the greatest people on earth

    i am really surprised to hear tito did this, despite growing up in a gang, he seemed to have good character,

  38. Someone beat Jenna with an ugly stick about 3 years ago.

  39. Tank Abbott

    Tito’s been arrested many times in Long Beach for taking other people’s posessions.

  40. Lubeman

    She asked for the KY but he thought she said KO.

  41. cc

    Damn, she looks shit dried in the sun.

  42. @ 14. I’m Barak Obama and I approve – “She probably just didn’t LISTEN!!”

    You would think she’d be saying thank you! Isn’t she amusing?


    @ 39 – Yeah, I think Randal would see the positive side of this.

    @ 44 – “He got tired of kissing a frog without it ever turning into a princess.”
    I thought she was a duck.

    @ 46 – “Tito found out she had slept with other men.”
    I heard she was sexually active before she met him.

    @ 51 – Jesus “Women are designed for 4 things, cleaning, cooking, fucking and beating.”
    It’s in the Old Testament. Also in the Korap.

  43. I heard that few year back also she beat in by some one.I think her bad luck follow her.

  44. Mary de Jesus

    51,- Jesus de Nazaret, you say that

    Women are designed for 4 things, cleaning, cooking, fucking and beating…

    I’m sure that you are absolutely convinced of that because it has been the experience that you have had ay home watching your mother, but let me tell that not all families are like that.

    Saluditos, Chuyito de “Nazareth”

  45. @54

    She has a choice to stay in the kitchen.

  46. Amy

    #83, I think I am in love with you.

  47. justifiable

    #96 Yeah, and YOU have a choice to stay off the internet and not make a fucking ass out of yourself. How’s that going for you so far?

    #97 Thank you. I think.

  48. Paloma

    That’s what happens when you get with a slutty whore. She already looks beat up even when he hasn’t put his hands on her! She’s got more cottage cheese on her legs than a dairy! Even her side boob looks gross. She’s so nasty!

  49. It serves this bitch right!

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