Tito Ortiz arrested for beating Jenna Jameson

April 26th, 2010 // 130 Comments

Tito Ortiz was arrested for domestic violence today at the home he shares with Jenna Jameson and their twin infants, according to TMZ:

We’re told when cops arrived at the couple’s home in Huntington Beach, CA — Jenna Jameson had “visible injuries.”
We’re told someone called 911 today at 9:53 AM and reported a “disturbance.”
Tito is currently in custody and on his way to a Huntington Beach jail in Orange County, CA.

I honestly don’t know what to feel here. On the one hand, beating women is for pussies, but on the other, porn stars don’t count as people. I think you’re even allowed to hit two with your car before you get a ticket. Pretty sure I read that in a book somewhere.

EDIT: Uhh….

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  1. Taz

    busted face lol

  2. mememe

    keep it classy you two. FIRST!!

  3. Deacon Jones

    Man, I remember the first time seeing her in a porn mag photo shoot. She had her pinkie finger up her ass in every photo…

    I said to myself “She’s going to be big”. I should be a talent scout or something

  4. meme

    Keep it classy you two. FIRST!!

  5. Jim

    Jenna just wouldn’t listen, I guess.

  6. McHuge

    Figures Tito would hit a girl since he hits LIKE one.

  7. McHuge

    Figures Tito would hit a girl since he hits LIKE one.

  8. Truth

    That piece of cunt has done worse in her videos.

  9. LGT

    What do you say to a girl with 2 black eyes?


    She’s been told twice already!!!

  10. lalala

    GUESS HE COULDN’T TURN HIS HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE. I know it’s a sad thing to say and hes a big douchebag for hitting her, but girls like her need to realize that they lost right to gain respect a long time ago when they were disrespecting themselves. Did she actually think she could land a normal and good guy by being one of the biggest whores on this planet?

  11. TC

    He beat her at what ? Surely not a competition to see how many things would fit in his arse.

  12. Bet moron couldn’t even get KO…

  13. Darth

    Wtf!? Is this Real!?

  14. I'm Barak Obama and I approve...

    She probably just didn’t LISTEN!!

  15. Gando

    Hard to believe but you never know what’s happening behind closed doors.

  16. m.

    She used to be so hot, but now she looks horrible. I like some porn stars from the plastic world, but Jenna isn’t one of them.
    Btw beating a woman is still a pussy move (unless you are defending yourself).

  17. joho777

    Women who choose to work in porn were brutalized long before they decided to screw strangers on film.

    Still even a pussy like Tito Ortiz shouldn’t use his fists on his wife.


  18. joho777

    Women who choose to work in porn were brutalized long before they decided to screw strangers on film.

    Still even a pussy like Tito Ortiz shouldn’t use his fists on his wife.


  19. Sandy

    Oh yes, because we all knew this would be a match made in Heaven. I was going to say marriage but I forgot who gets married these days before they pop out kids?

  20. Mr. Nice Guy

    Anyone who thinks it is OK to hit any Woman (EXCEPT if she hits you first) is a little dick asshole and needs the shit kicked out of them.

    Porn Stars are every bit as much people as anyone else. They work in a legal profession, pay taxes, and are far more respectable than gold diggers and the type of garbage that would joke about anyone getting hit.

    Fish, you need to get your shit together and understand you crossed the line here.

    If you disagree go fuck yourself.

  21. Your wrong I checked Wikipedia it says Porn stars and strippers arn’t people.

  22. pimp

    she was so hot before, i would’ve ate her ass even after all them dicks run through it. now she’s just gross…i’d still fuck her in the mouth probably…

  23. Shep

    I think someone just got himself a shot at the title……….

  24. misterfister

    I am sure he came home and the pizza guys were running a train on his lady and he didn’t like it.

  25. Mr. Mister

    I’d hit that!!!

  26. Tek

    Maybe he thought he was in the Octagon against a fierce competitor? I mean look at that face, she looks like a tranny. And it’s a real shame cuz back when she started doing porn she was gorgeous.

  27. misterfister

    He probably just came back from the free clinic and found out he’s got the HIV from that petri dish of a girlfriend and went all Huntington Beach Bad Boy all over her.

  28. JesseJimmy

    I’m sure when all of the facts come out, this will be a big misunderstanding.

    Jenna thought “Stop, that hurts” was her safe phrase, but it was actually “Anal Creampie.”

  29. mr nice guy

    I TOTALLY understand you defending porn “performers” (legal prostitution) becuz porn is the closest you’ll ever get to a woman, especially with a name like “Mr Nice Guy”.

    IF you really were a nice guy, you’d have the cerebral capacity to realize that porn is degrading to women

  30. bribios


    Oh dang so you’re saying pornstars ARE people? Totally didn’t even realize that. Thanks to Fishs comments I was just about to go hunt down a few on the streets for sport. Because I totally took those comments seriously, and not as a joke.

    Thank you sir for bravely standing up for the human rights of porn stars. You are a valiant crusader for morality on the internet. Keep up the good fight on the Superficial comment section, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, you can change the world.

  31. amanda

    the word you’re looking for is YOU’RE as in “you are”
    and Mr Nice Guy is right, YOU’RE wrong.

  32. Jas

    Have to agree with Mr Nice Guy….

    lol at the wikipedia comment.

  33. dude

    Amen #30
    fuck you #20

  34. Zane

    Fuk, he’s got a big-ass head. It’s like three times the size of hers. And she looks like a fuckin’ duck. She’s gotten so busted since her younger days.

  35. lola

    laughing at #20…maybe you’re just a nice, dumb guy.
    this site is called the Superficial. Getting a clue?

  36. Girl

    I truly hate and disagree with every single post that “Mr. Nice Guy” writes. For sure he has issues.

  37. dude


  38. Jas

    Amanda… nicely done.

  39. dude

    where is randal to guide us during these turbulent times?

  40. lola

    Who gives a shit about this busted up piece of trailer trash, I’m still concentrating on the pics of Kristin Cavallari, who btw is way too classy to ever do porn

  41. Dan Ashtray

    In the immortal words of Ike Turner – “womans be thinking too much…..”

  42. Yoda

    Meh, who cares? She was already dead on the inside anyways.

  43. salsa

    Poor Jenna. She wants to be happy so bad…

  44. Sport

    He got tired of kissing a frog without it ever turning into a princess.

  45. Tito found out she had slept with other men.

  46. She's a nasty wh*re

    Jenna jameson is a whore (definition: one who has sex for money), and she probably still acts like one. He got laid by her, got p-whipped & married her, only to find out that she’s still a whore; he wanted a hot piece of ass wife, and she’s probably looking to nail some other dude or get in the middle of a pile.

    You can polish a turd forever, but all you’re going to get in the end is a turd…

  47. ben

    We are living in some amazing times.

    A porn star (aka whore) and a leg-breaking, bully MMA fighter making headlines for domestic violence signifies that, as a society, we are a modern day Babylon. Wouldn’t that be something if Jenna Jameson was the anti-christ?

    (And before you guys start making jokes, I’m not talking about Babylon-5, you nerds)

  48. no I don't think so

    LOL white trash karate

  49. temp

    lol @ mr. nice guy

    i think it’s hilarious what you’re saying – you think hitting a woman is okay as long as she hits you first?

    right, because a slap to the face is going to deal just as much damage as a man’s fist to a woman. dumbass.

    not that i’m condoning any type of violence, since a woman doesn’t have any more right to hit a man…i’m just saying your logic is totally flawed.

  50. Sara

    Maybe he woke up finally and realized the chick he married disappeared and turned into a nasty looking AIDS patient…SOrry she was way prettier like 10 years ago…and so was the vagina…Until she did the whole plastic surgery anorexia train..Poor poor girl..

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