Tinder Execs Throw Hamptons Rager – Piss Off Neighbors

**This guy was probably there**

If you were to come to me and say that the hookup app Tinder has exclusive parties for semi-famous Instagram influencers and rich shareholders, I would immediately assume that it was some sort of Coors Lite version of Eyes Wide Shut. Turns out, it kind of is, except for the fact that they rented a 5,000 square foot mansion in Montauk. Their latest “swipe right soiree” (they called it Select House or something more platinum-douche sounding) landed the app in hot water after neighbors complained about drunk Instagram models puking all over their shrubbery. From PageSix:

The hookup app first got into trouble during a bash for Whalebone magazine on July 14, when cops showed up following noise complaints from neighbors, who include Ralph Lauren and Robert De Niro. Officers found that the party was over capacity and Tinder didn’t have a required events permit. Organizers had installed a skateboard ramp, a DJ and a garden tepee for those tender Tinder moments.

A skateboard ramp and tepee for hand jobs? Was Scott Disick in attendance at this party? The best part is that for their next party, they actually attempted to get the proper event permitting, but were denied despite changing “party permit” to “wedding permit”. Can’t say that these guys weren’t resilient in trying to find loopholes to throw their sex party, right?

Anyway, they had another party that was more of the same shit: cars parked in the middle of the road, topless models in unflattering mom jeans, plenty of hand jobs in their tepee, a visit from the fire marshal, etc.

The 5,000-square-foot oceanfront compound, rented from tech and nightlife mogul Michael Hirtenstein, is at 230-234 Old Montauk Highway, on a block dubbed “Millionaires Row.” Hirtenstein tells us, “They rented the house for July and told me they were having small private events. When I heard neighbors complained and the police were up there, I sent [Tinder] a text saying, ‘Get out of my house,’ and they were like, ‘We already did.’ ”

I’m getting the feeling that Tinder is run by a bunch of mega-yuppies who have never been held accountable for anything in their life. Makes sense, they were the ones who decided they could probably get laid a lot easier if they could just cut out all social interaction with people who weren’t interested in having sex with them. We’ve plateaued, right? As a species, I mean. We’re done.

**Opens up Bumble and swipes right on a woman wearing a cowboy hat while eating a hotdog in a parking lot.**