Tina Fey: Sarah Palin impression wasn’t ‘mean’ (Now with bonus scar story!)

December 1st, 2008 // 90 Comments

Tina Fey is standing by her Sarah Palin impressions and claims they weren’t mean-spirited. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Tina defends her portrayal of the sassy Alaska governor who either captivated your heart or frightened the living piss out of of you. Hollyscoop reports:

Voted one of Barbara Walters “10 Most Fascinating People of 2008,” Tina told Babs: “I never did feel that we were mean to her. We stuck to a lot of things that she herself had said, and I think there is a very strange double standard because it’s a woman portraying another woman. The jokes we used to do about George W. Bush were that he was an idiot. The jokes were aggressive. No one would ever stop and say, ‘Oh, that seems kind of mean.’ “

“A very strange double standard because it’s a woman.” Oh, boy, here we go. It’s 2008, Tina, not the 1970s. Men and women are completely equal now. In fact, once my secretary brings her sweet tush in here with my coffee, I’ll bring you up to speed.

UPDATE: The AP is reporting Tina Fey’s husband has revealed how she got her scar. Apparently, a stranger walked up to her when she was five and slashed her face while she was playing outside. Jesus Christ! Tina never wanted to talk about it for fear of exploiting the situation. Wow. And she’s absolutely right, because knowing this, Tina Fey could do an impression of me where I’m a transsexual dolphin, and I’d laugh and go “That’s so me! That is sooo me.”

Photo: Vanity Fair

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  4. Jane

    The Bush jokes were not the same tone. It was mean, and it helped create a perception that Palin is an idiot. You didn’t see anyone making a Biden sketch with all his gaffes. You didn’t see an Obama sketch with his gaffes. Since 1980, every Republican has been portrayed as an idiot in the general election, and SNL does a pretty good job at promoting that portrayal.

    That’s not to say that Palin isn’t an idiot (I don’t know her and haven’t seen enough of her to say). That’s just to say that the fact that Tina Fey thinks she needs to defend herself is telling.

  5. bootlips

    The Hollywood left are the least tolerable people on earth. They made Palin out to be the next Hitler. They didn’t know anything about her yet it didn’t stop them from massacring her.

  6. Me

    Who won the Botox contest – Today is Dec 1st….

  7. Alec Baldwin

    Tina Fey just realized that her 15 minutes of fame are up and Sarah Palin is the best thing that ever happened to her pathetic career.

    My guess is in a few years they’ll find Tina Fey dead from suicide in her car parked outside of Palin’s house.

  8. My Name is Wepeel

    Just go here and watch the video to find out all about Tina’s friends that voted for our new Dear Leader.



  9. Brandon

    Tina Fey must be on the longest 15-minute-streak of fame ever… What, between being the SNL head writer for a while, and her new show 30 rock that’s in its 3rd season. Someone should tell her she’s not famous according to some internet loser!

    And Palin brought ALL of this upon herself. How someone can watch her Katie Couric interview and compare that to ANY gaffe made by ANY other politician is beyond me. The woman is a moron who has peaked politically as the governor of Alaska. How someone can actually say we need someone as dumb and politically ignorant as her in office is proof that someone is a moron.

  10. assholehater

    I cannot believe that people are still actually talking about Wacko Palin.
    She wouldn’t even shake hands with 2 senators who were onstage with her during the campaign because they were pro choice. She is a right wing nutcase, and she is becoming as irrelevant as all of you backwoods knuckle draggers who support her. She will NEVER win the presidency, assholes, so give it up.
    And, by the way? She IS an idiot as far as anything beyond Alaska goes. She is fantastic at lying and convincing people that she’s all innocence and light, but she is corrupt even now at her pathetic little power level. She deserved everything she got from the press and MORE.

  11. justifiable

    #4 Are you nuts? How many “I’m the decider” and “Brownie’s doing a helluva job” pokes did Bush take, and rightly so? Even Kathleen Parker of the National Review finally had enough and BEGGED her to step off. Palin couldn’t even come up with a coherent sentence half the time, and is the major distributor for oatmeal filler in Alaska AND the lower 48. You could brief her from here to eternity and it’d still be like helping a not-too-bright kid cram for the SATs. Mean, my ass. Someone who’s woefully ill-equipped for high office and yet still has the hubris to think they can be an asset in the VP slot – or higher – deserves the wakeup call they get from SNL and elsewhere.

  12. mspalinsfavoritebutler

    Ha- that stranger who slashed her face must have been from the future. Too bad it wasn’t her neck.

  13. Balls McCoy

    @11 is the epitome of the media’s target audience. Fool.

    @4 great points. Lost of course on these trained seals.

  14. Bickus Dickus

    If SNL was gonna treat candidates and presidents from each party equally, they’d do a skit that showed the White House painted Orange or Purple, with plastic over all the furniature, a bunch of toys left out on the lawn for weeks, Fried Chicken, chitlens, & watermellon being served for dinner, a Mosque being added to the White House, secret meetings with Terrorists and Anti-American activists, and Obomma meeting with all the major media news networks & outlets discussing their common aggenda….

    But they’ll probably just keep making fun of Bush….

    Also @#9, being a head writer for SNL is hardly an accomplishment, the show has sucked for years and their delve into mainstreem politics makes in even more of a lame ass show… too bad so many people like you choose to believe their satire as actual news….just shows how pathetic you and all the other liberal sheep are in this country..

  15. truth

    Hahahaha. Look at all the bitter conservative Republicans still living out their crushes on Palin, the tard-birthin’ queen of tards. You lost big. Not just this time, but also 2 years ago. Your party has collapsed. Buh bigh.

  16. I pray to God that the stranger comes back soon and finishes the job.

  17. veggi

    Hopefully Tina Fey’s 3-year-old daughter will get slashed too. Afterward.

  18. stupidisasstupiddoes

    hahahaha. Trained seals. Sheep. Yes, you repubs are ever so independent. You vote for corrupt good ole boys whose only interest is keeping you stupid so that you won’t balk when they spend not only your money, but your great great great grandchildren’s on their wallstreet cronies, or how about their buddies who make millions on contracts for the fantastic war machine that we have become? Yes, you guys are brilliant, really. As long as you can keep your guns, you just keep a’votin for em.

  19. English Bob

    Veggi, I don’t know about you Yanks, but here in England we have a name for people who wish harm on kids! …and we deal with these people accordingly.
    You’re either a Faggot or a Paedo or a Paedo Fag. Fuck you.

  20. Aja

    Why do people say palin is so hot? She is a reasonably attractive woman about to be a GRANDMOTHER!

  21. justifiable

    #19 Here in America we just call ‘em Republicans.

  22. feararewishes


    If what you say is correct, these Republicans would be worshpping at the radio altar of one big, fat oxycontin addicted criminal.

    These boneheads would fall in lockstep with every wacky conspiracy thread this guy could weave to get these sheep to tune in every single day of their bigoted lives.

    IF, that is.

    I rest my case.


  23. #19? thats not the real veggi,,,the real one is a girl, and dreams of rough every night!

  24. Rough Daddy

    shack the corn is

  25. tj

    Fey is a white trash leftist America-hating bytch. The Marxist media had a field day with her, especially when she first came out and the polls were favorable…”oh my God, NO one can threaten the Obamanation!!”


  26. bigfan

    @16 and 17 – wow, hoping a person is murdered and harm comes to a 3 year old. People like you are what make America great.

  27. #16 and #17 trolls, get out and get help..

  28. Cartman

    Scarfaced whore.

  29. Cash

    Oh Bullshit, of course they were mean. She talked all kinds of smack about the lady on any talkshow that would have her on, and went out of her way to let the world know she hoped to never have to impersonate her again after the elections. Hell, she wouldn’t even be on stage with her at the same time during the SNL skit, even when Alec effing Baldwin took the ex-candidate by the arm in an act of grace I never would have expected from the dude.

    If you don’t like the lady, fine, but don’t sit there and lie about it like a two faced highschool bitch. Grow some balls already Fey.

  30. Lies. She got that scar after being slapped in the face with a pierced cock.

  31. Skin Doctor

    Anyone that doesn’t have any scars, obviously hasn’t lived.

  32. Skin Doctor

    Anyone that doesn’t have any scars, obviously hasn’t lived.


    Whatever. The left is so ridiculous they can’t even win with dignity. The skits did make her out to be an idiot. But of course, we can not mention all the lies Mr. NO Experience told, because it is prejudice, or someone is a rednecks, or right winged. Y are we only entitled to YOUR opinion? WTFever, you wanted him, you got him, now STFU while he screws up what little good remains in this country, by raising our taxes and making more government to be in your business. It is amazing, those who cry about being oppressed vote for the liberals who want more government, therefore making them more oppressed..the Democrats are all for welfare, what the hell is more oppressive than that? Here, take this amount to live on, live here, go to the doctors we tell you to go to, don’t think for yourself. And don’t worry, we will take away the guns of those rednecks So only you criminals who can not live off of the welfare you are given can get them illegally and steal whatever else they want. The worst part is all of you who think his presidency will do any positive change for equality are mistaken.

  34. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    what a bunch of losers today. tina fey is awesome. she is hot. she is successful and you all are not. don’t be haters just because u r jealous of true talent.

  35. EWWW

    #34, you take your medication today? put your glasses on and get the dictionary, look up successful.

  36. Ducky

    First of all SNL is TV comedy skit show. It’s not supposed to be taken as fact. We all need a good laugh now and then. It’s too bad that SNL rarely provides that good laugh anymore. But to wish harm on anyone just for expressing their opinions is truly un-American. You can disagree all you want but why wish harm on another person or the children? No I don’t agree with Tina Fey at all, but I think she’s funny at times.
    Oh and here’s another opinion, the story about Fey in Vanity Fair is written by Maureen Dowd, uber idiot!!!

  37. atotalcad

    Looks like some folks are getting a little testy. That’s a good thing, it brings out the best in creative snarky remarks.
    For what it’s worth, the article that accompanies the photo is available on the Vanity Fair website. It was written by Maureen Dowd – someone who knows testy. Unfortunately, for this story it’s just a typical puff piece, lacking the usual barbed sarcasm.


  38. me

    you people scare me. how could you say you want someone to kill another person or you want a child to be harm? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

  39. Bob

    Since when has SNL cared if it was mean sprited or not. Chevy Chase was pretty mean spirited in his portrayal of Gerald Ford, and it has continued since. But it’s humor. Sometimes humor is mean spirited.
    Why make a fuss just because the target is a woman??

  40. Bud Tugly

    “rained seals. Sheep. Yes, you repubs are ever so independent. You vote for corrupt good ole boys whose only interest is keeping you stupid…”

    Yes, of course. Never been a corrupt, crooked Democrat elected anywhere. All Democrats live life above reproach. Everyone who votes (and has voted) a straight Democrat ticket in every election he/she has been eligible to vote is simply voting for the best possible candidate. Total horse manure folks, total horse manure.

    Poor losers, ungracious winners — the party of the people has never lost an unrigged election and has never used deceitful tactics anywhere, ever.

  41. Will Arnett

    Tina Fey rode on Amy Poehler’s coattails for her entire pathetic stint on SNL. She has zero talent, and her impersonation of Palin was absolutely pathetic. Tina Fey is a wretched excuse for an American and a comedian. It’s sad that Fay has so much hatred for someone she never even met or even bothered to investigate. Fey simply went along with the preprogrammed liberal aggenda set in front of her. She’s a mindless sheep, and it shows in her “performances”….As far as Vanity Fair goes, that magazine isn’t fit to wipe my ass with.

    BTW, I hope the first innevitable terrorist attack is on NYC & LA so 90% of you fucking homo loving terrorist sympathizing marxist liberals are wiped off the face of the Earth…..hahaha!!!

  42. John McCain

    #33 – too bad there’s only you and that other one in the entire Republican Party. Aw, fuck it, I lost, why pretend – #33, no offense, but we all feel that you and that other one are 2 too many. The Republicans Party is for HUMANS.

  43. Andy

    “BTW, I hope the first innevitable terrorist attack is on NYC & LA so 90% of you fucking homo loving terrorist sympathizing marxist liberals are wiped off the face of the Earth…..hahaha!!!”

    You here a lot of bitter Repubs saying that now, after losing big in the elections. You call yourself the true patriots, but you root for the suffering and death of innocent American civilians for the sole purpose of “vindicating” your political party. You’re scum.

  44. I agree with #42

    #44 – Liberals are not Americans, they hate America, and side with terrorists and communists. So they should be killed along with every other traitor in the US. Every liberal gov’t program is in direct conflict with the Constitution and is a direct threat to the sovereinty and security of the United States, and should be dealt with accordingly. So basically, yes, all you liberal tree-hugging communist anti-American fucks deserve to DIE!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  45. Matt

    All Democrats are PRAYING that Palin stays popular and wins the 2012 Republican nomination for president.

  46. Trig

    Look, my mom’s retard. I should know. Dad nails her in the ass so he can face her away and not listen to her. He likes to do it face-to-face with Bristol, though. It’s his baby, by the way. Everybody knows that, right?

  47. jenny

    acts of random violence like that are always someone from the fuuuuuture

  48. justifiable

    #33 “It is amazing, those who cry about being oppressed vote for the liberals who want more government, therefore making them more oppressed..the Democrats are all for welfare, what the hell is more oppressive than that?”

    By that I assume you’re talking about the banks and loan institutes that were crying to be given less government – in the form of deregulation – at the behest of Phil Gramm? Those same guys that came running back to that same government they wanted to get off their backs for a bailout? Those guys? Yeah, that sort of welfare’s pretty fucking oppressive, just ask GM and Ford.

  49. che-che


    i think obama only won with less than 10% of the popular vote over mccain.

    i love america! AND SO CAN YOU!

    oh by the way, tina fey is stupid and ugly and i heard she smells like caca!

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