Tina Fey on Sarah Palin: ‘She’s got none of that droopy shit. She’s keeping it tight!’

October 21st, 2008 // 140 Comments

Tina Fey has been thrust into the political spotlight this election year ever since John McCain picked her Alaskan doppelganger Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Initially, Tina didn’t see the resemblance but now wishes the two looked more alike, according to the latest issue of TV Guide:

“When I first saw her, I didn’t think we looked alike at all. Then during the convention, I started to think, ‘Ok, maybe a little.’
“I’ll tell you, that lady is five times better-looking than I am. She’s 44? She’s got none of that droopy s–t. She’s keeping it tight!”

And that’s an endorsement. Quick, somebody slap that shit on a bumper sticker: “Sarah Palin: 1 out of 1 liberal comedians that look like her agree: ‘She’s tight like prom night.’ McCain/Palin ’08. AWWW YEAH!

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  1. Marissa

    Check out this cool t-shirt I found on Cafepress about Palin and keepin’ it tight! I think it’s crazy how some new catch phrase comes out and right away you see it all over the place and on t-shirts.


  2. Jake

    Anyone who votes for Obama is fucking stupid, that’s all that needs to be said.

  3. Nonny




    never mind…

    McCain///Palin 2008!!

  4. timmy the dying boy

    “Tight” is not the word that springs to mind, considering she’s pushed out those five weirdly named kids.

    Tina: I’d hit that in a second.

    Sarah: I wouldn’t even bop her with the Superficial Guy’s cock.

  5. WRONG


    Palin is a fat bitch whose jaw could crack walnuts. She’s dumb as shit and an embarrassment to women everywhere.

  6. Dr. John Thomas



    Most of FDR’s policies were based on socialist and Marxist principles, but few really have any idea how far along that road the Roosevelt administration went and what consequences followed.. Also surprising to many is the multitude of mistakes FDR made, a good number of which Obama wants to copy

    FDR and his administration blamed Wall Street greed for the stock market crash of ’29, so he decided to almost triple the amount of taxes on businesses along with instituting social security. This, of course, caused more businesses to close and huge numbers of jobs were lost. Canada, in the meantime, had 0 bank closures, because they were mostly large banks and branches of large banks. The Glass Steagal act forbade our banks to also be investment and insurance houses, causing many of our banks to fold.

    The government took over agriculture (It tried to raise farm prices by destroying vast amounts of produce — at a time when hunger was a serious problem in the United States), energy, housing (by creating the FHA), etc…. He more than tripled the size of government. He also made it illegal for businesses to interfere with Unions. FDR promoted unionizing in almost every industry in the country and instituted minimum wage rates that priced unskilled labor out of jobs, at a time of massive unemployment. So along with all the taxes he put on businesses, he had unions striking for more benefits and higher wages. That said, more jobs were lost and more businesses closed. Then there were the monetary authorities contracting the money supply in the midst of the biggest depression in history — when the economy was showing some signs of revival, until their monetary contraction touched off another big downturn.

    His administration actually sent representatives to the Soviet Union to study their “Utopian Society” and found it to be wonderful with all the nationalizing of the country, the only problem was that there was “some corruption in positions of power” and also they did have some issues with “some of the lack of civil liberties”, but thought that maybe that might be necessary to quell the populous in times of shortages. All in all they thought that the form of government had a great many virtues that could help to “close the gap between the haves and the have nots”. Also, the terms “spreading the wealth” and “redistribution of wealth” were both thrown around by not only those opposing socialist ideals, but even by it’s advocates. Behind FDR policies was the belief that what was needed was more purchasing power and that this could be achieved by government policies to raise the prices received by farmers and workers. But prices do not automatically translate into greater purchasing power, unless people buy as much at higher prices as they would at lower prices — which they seldom do.

    In the end, the Supreme Court decreed that many of his plans were unconstitutional. So he would try to institute many of them via executive order and the Supreme Court would state that the constitution did not authorize the POTUS to meddle in the areas in which he was trying to manipulate. He actually had quite a few admitted “socialist” in charge of many areas of government. Luckily many of FDR’s socialist/nationalizing of many private sectors, were eventually overturned, but a great many more are still in place. The dept. of Agriculture still pays farmers to not farm so much of their lands, FHA, Federal Reserve Chairman, and on and on. There had been a similar market correction in the early 20′s when the government kept it’s nose out of Wall Street and things corrected themselves in less than a year. FDR made it last over a decade, and who knows how long if it hadn’t been for WWII.

    Your revisionist history may fool some, but not all. Nice try, though.

  7. Dr. John Thomas

    @ 88

    How can you cut taxes for 95% of the public when only 67% of wage earners actually pay taxes? The bottom 33% of wage earners pay no federal income tax. If they aren’t paying taxes, you can’t give them a tax cut. In fact, those in the 34-50 percentile pay only 2.99% of all federal income tax revenues.

    With Obama’s plan, there are 10 million people who pay no federal income tax who will receive a check, a.k.a tax credit, for $10,000. The other 30 million who don’t pay federal income tax will receive less money than that.

    That said, where is the incentive for someone to work to improve their lot in life when they can do nothing an collect a government check?

  8. Dr Thomas ROCKS

    Biden touts his noble-named Violence Against Women Act. He took an oath to preserve, protect and uphold our Constitution. As noble as the intentions were, it was a blatantly unconstitutional law, and was quickly overturned by the Supreme Court.

    Sometimes one must stand up for what’s right. But to tout an ignorant defeat as a triumph towards women undermines our real efforts.

    BTW, search CNET to see just how Biden is in the pocket of music & media companies. Kinda explains the celeb endorsements.

  9. Natalia

    I like Obama’s smile =]



    I wish Obama had picked her..Now that would have been a dream ticket..but then Michelle …hmmm

    for 24/7 news on Palin go here


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  13. Tough Doo Doo for the Rich

    No more welfare hogs. I do not believe poor people have a right to procreate. Sorry. All that does is spread around inferior genetics in a dying nation.
    Tax the unholy fuck out of the rich. Take away most of their money as they have taken away ours since the Reagan era. Simply arrest all these greedy thieving CEOs and lawyers and other anti-American cronies and take all their money. We don’t need this parasitic caste here. They contribute nothing. They cleverly find ways to manipulate the system to their advantage and rob the working class AND the government, therefore they are traitors and must be punished.

    Have you guys heard that there us supposed to be something really big going down in a couple months? I for one am scared shitless. I know you hardy brain-dead right wing crooks could care less. Good solid Jesus worshipping bringers of war. Solid warrior class. Well, get ready to see how brave you really are.

  14. The amount of ignorance from some of the posters is quite staggering; and frightening.
    From believeing that you can give tax cuts to those who don’t pay taxes to simply not knowing who pays taxes and for how much does give me pause.
    I have often wondered how Barack Obama gained such popularity, now I can see why; like every other insult to the institute and principle that is “government” he plays to and wins over the emotionally overcharged and the inane.
    There is nothing new about Obama, the things he say are no more special than the things that Carter, FDR, Hoove did and said. But this same ole, same ole reaches in some to a place of fear, stupidity, and utter loathing for who, where, or what they are.
    When Republican and Conservative became dirty words is when I started paying attention…and what I see fills me with dread. Learn the facts and push away the processed information that’s being fed to you with an iron fist; the red curtain and long ago dictators fell to the wayside for a reason. Must history repeat itself again before some among us begin to take note?

  15. hot mess

    Republican Cons are pissed! And who wouldn’t be? Elect representatives whose economic policies are diammetrically opposed to the needs of the constituents and you get…poorer…and angrier people. But the trend is to run in the opposite direction. I would like to be rich and not taxed just like the next person, but our economy needs balance. Anywho, someday the Right Wing working class is going to have to wake up and notice that 1) most folks are not rich, and do not prosper from trickle down 2) farmers in the midwest are being robbed and eaten up by conglomerate corporations that *do* prosper from trickle down and 3) that guts, guns and God does not put food on the working man’s table. Our representatives deal in policy – not culture. If reversing Roe v. Wade was so important to Republicans, dontcha think it would be done by now, with 8 years of excecutive and legislative majority?

    Smoking girl @114, I love your posts, but I gotta say, that if I turn your stuff around, I can just as easily replace the names to make sense from the other side of the fence:

    “I have often wondered how [John McCain] gained such popularity, now I can see why; like every other insult to the institute and principle that is “government” he plays to and wins over the emotionally overcharged and the inane.
    There is nothing new about [McCain], the things he say are no more special than the things that [Reagan], [Bush] did and said. But this same ole, same ole reaches in some to a place of fear, stupidity, and utter loathing for who, where, or what they are.”

    There’s more than enough misguided anger to go around from both sides. Republicans aren’t stupid, Liberals aren’t antichrists and BOTH Tina Fey and Sarah Palin are hot. Vote for the platform that actually works for *you*.

  16. –114–

    You need to quit listening to the Rush L radio show. You state no facts but just right wing rhetoric and you throw out some names, but still do not base your statements on fact, but just worthless uniformed opinions. 20 percent of Americans live in poverty and 5 percent of Americans are the richest while 95 percent of Americans fall under mostly middle class and we are slowly losing our upper middle class. A lot of the poor and middle class Americans can not afford the current tax rate. They live paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford the nessecities like food and rent. These Americans need a tax break just to get by and the rich 5 percent can definitely afford a tax increase. Get the facts by going to http://www.factcheck.org

  17. Bickus Dickus

    I hope Tina Fey gets in a car accident, gets cut in half flying through the windsheild, rolls down a hill into a rivine, and lies there suffering for a week, as maggots, ants, and rodents slowly eat the protruding intestines from her severed torso, and just as she’s about to take her last breath, a plane flies overhead. Alas, it’s not a rescue plane, but it’s towing a banner claiming victory for the newly elected John McCain…..LOL, that would be truly funny. Fuck you Tina Fey, Fuck you right in your leftist ass!!!

    And FYI, nobody watches 30 Rock….

  18. What does this mean?

    “Mark my words,” Biden told donors at a Seattle fund-raiser Sunday night.

    “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America.

    “Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.

    “And he’s going to need help . . . to stand with him. Because it’s not going to be apparent initially; it’s not going to be apparent that we’re right.”

    McCain treated Biden’s comments as a gift while stumping across Missouri yesterday.

    “The next president won’t have time to get used to the office. We face many challenges here at home and many enemies abroad in this dangerous world,” McCain said. “We don’t want a president who invites ‘testing’ from the world at a time when our economy is in crisis and Americans are already fighting two wars.”

    McCain said it was even “more troubling” that Biden suggested supporters stick by Obama if the actions he takes are wrong or unpopular.

    “Senator Obama won’t have the right response, and we know that because we’ve seen the wrong response from him over and over during this campaign,” he said.

  19. Lil


    20 percent of Americans do not pay taxes because they live at the poverty level. This means that the 75 percent of Americans that pay the most taxes are the middle and upper middle class Americans while the 5 percent of the richest Americans pay the lowest taxes and this is absolutely unfair. Restrictions have been enforced to welfare recipients to prevent welfare fraud and to motivate them to get training and work. America helps most of the world more than any other country and surely we can give most Americans tax breaks to improve their quality of life. Don’t get fooled again by the rich elite right wing propaganda and scare tactics because all they care about is making more money.

  20. (CNN) – Sarah Palin is taking heat Wednesday for appearing to overstate the role of vice president, saying in a recent interview that she would be “in charge of the Senate” should John McCain win the White House.

    The comments came in an interview with Colorado TV station KUSA in response to a third-grader’s question, “What does the Vice President do?”

    The comments have drawn criticism from Democrats and liberal blogs which note the actual role of the vice president when it comes to the Senate is simply to cast a tie-braking vote in the event of a stalemate. According to Article I of the U.S. Constitution, the vice president is the “President” of the Senate, but has no executive position when it comes to presiding over the chamber.

    Donald Ritchie, a historian in the Senate Historical Office told CNN that Palin’s comment was an “overstatement” of what her role would be.

    “The vice president is the ceremonial officer of the Senate and has certain ceremonial functions including swearing in new senators and can vote to break a tie,” he said. “It’s a relatively limited role. It’s evolved into a neutral presiding officer of the Senate.

    Ritchie also noted recent vice presidents have played a behind-the-scenes lobbying role on Capitol Hill for an administration’s policies, but called it “somewhat limited.”

    “It’s not comparable to the Speaker of the House who is certainly in charge of the House,” he said. “The slogan that political scientists use is that the House is ruled by the chair and the Senate is ruled by the floor…the senators are in charge of the Senate.”

  21. Dr. John Thomas


    Since you missed it the first time:

    The top 1% of income earners pay 39.89% of all income taxes. The Top 5% pay 60.14% and the Top 10% of wage earners pay 70.79% of the income tax revenue paid to the IRS. The Top 25% pay 86.27% of all income tax revenues, while the Top 50% of wage earners pay 97.01% of all income tax revenues. The bottom 50% of all wage earners pay for 2.99% of all tax revenues- and that 2.9% is paid by those in the 34-50th percentile. Those below the 34 percentile have been receiving the Earned Income Credit since Gerald Ford passed it in 1975, offsetting any monies they may have put into Social Security.

    That said, how can you claim that the ‘rich’ are paying their fair share? You really need to quit buying into the class warfare BS. And just for the record, our ‘poverty’ class would be ‘middle class’ in most of Europe, except for the fact America’s poor live in bigger houses, own cars, TV’s, etc, etc… The US Census bares this out, by the way.

  22. NGM


    Do the rich pay their fair share in taxes? This is likely to become a defining question during the U.S. presidential campaign.

    At a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton, the billionaire investor Warren Buffett said that rich guys like him were not paying enough.

    Buffett asserted that his taxes last year equaled only 17.7 percent of his taxable income, compared with about 30 percent for his receptionist.

    Buffett was echoing a refrain that is popular in some circles. Last year, Robert Reich, labor secretary during the Clinton administration, wrote on his blog that “middle-income workers are now paying a larger share of their incomes than people at or near the top.”

  23. Dr. John Thomas

    It’s ironic that Robert Reich is saying that the middle income workers are paying a larger share of taxes.

    In 1999, under the Clinton tax rates, the bottom 50% of wage earners paid 4% of taxes, as compared to 2.99% in 2006. The Top 1% paid 36.18% of tax revenues in 1999, as compared to 39.89% in 2006. The Top 10% of wage earners accounted for 66.45% of taxes paid in 1999, but in 2006 they accounted for 70.79%.

    So if, the top wage earners are paying a greater percentage of the tax burden and those in the middle percentiles are payiing less, ie; those in the 26-50th percentiles accounted for 12.46% of tax revenues in 1999 and 10.74% in 2006, that means the tax burden on the middle class is less now than it was when Reich a policy maker.

    There is no impirical evidence that supports the claim that the poor and middle class have been hurt by the Bush tax cuts. The only thing supporting this claim is political rhetoric by those who continue to perpetuate class warfare.

  24. Wake Up


    Class warfare? How about humanitarian efforts or has greed clouded your logic?

  25. hot mess

    @ 122 – “There is no impirical evidence that supports the claim that the poor and middle class have been hurt by the Bush tax cuts. ”

    If by “imperical” you mean a combination of empirical and imperial…the definition of impirical should be

    Impirical: provable or verifiable by the rule of a soveriegn state over its dependencies

    In this case, I absolutely agree, Dr. John! There is no evidence from the ruling administration that the middle class has been hurt by the ruling administration.

  26. Sally


    “And just for the record, our ‘poverty’ class would be ‘middle class’ in most of Europe, ”

    You can’t compare income levels of poverty class here in the US and middle class in Europe. EVERYONE has health care as well as other social services that we, or our employers, have to pay for here in the US. If someone only makes $20,000 a year in Europe their money goes much further because of the greater abundance of services provided by the government.

  27. Dr. John Thomas


    Who said anything about greed? I’m just using facts to point out the BS being peddled as truths to those who blindly accept them as such. As far as Humanitarian efforts go, no group on the planet does more humanitarian work / donations than US tax payers.


    empirical- merely a typo. Fact remains, census bureau statistics show that a large number of people have increased their incomes in the last 8 years to move up and out of the middle class. The percentage of people in ‘poverty’ has remained basically the same since the inception of the Great Society Bill and all of the social programs created since to eradicate poverty. Six Trillion Dollars spent on anti-poverty programs and yet the the percentage of people living in ‘poverty’ remains the same. (LBJ doubled the income level required to be considered poor, by the way, in an effort to justify how many people government assistance). By the way, the average number of hours worked per week by the average ‘poor’ person (according to the US Census Bureau)- 12. Hard to believe if you only work 12 hours per week, you’d be considered ‘poor’. Also, just for the record, when the average incomes of the ‘poor’ in this country are reported, those figures do not include the $24,000 in annual federal and state assistance the average ‘poor’ household receives- also courtesy of the US Census Bureau.


    Ahh, that’s why a 450 SF apartment in Paris sells for the equivalent of $250,000- because the French middle class have money to spare because of their socialized medicine and other programs. You also are overlooking the $24,000 in government assistance the average ‘poor’ ‘American’ household receives courtesy of tax paying citizens.


  28. random

    What, a guy making 1 billion a year pays more money then 100 people making 30-60k a year?! Yeah, it’s progressive taxes, because 5% of 1 billion wouldn’t also be way more then 5% of 6 million anyway.

  29. Wes

    To 119 – Lil

    Wrong. These poor Americans pay payroll taxes. THOSE are taxes, Lil.

    To 106 – “Dr.” John Thomas.

    You are completely wrong, and have confused the issue. I asked you who and what created the Great Depression, and what would would have happend had FDR not made the changes he did. You not only avoided the questions completely, you responded with disjointed comments, non-sequitors and smoke-screen rhetoric. I stand by my post.

    Nice try, tho.

  30. Catsy2

    Well, I’m jumping in here a little late, but Wes — you’re factually correct about the Great Depressoin. Republican President Coolidge was warned in the mid-20′s that the stock market speculation was headed for disaster. In early 1929, Coolidge stated: “No Congress…ever assembled has met with a more pleasing prospect than that which appears at the present time. In the domestic field there is tranquility and contentment…and the highest record of prosperity in years.” We all know what happened in October of that year: The Wall Street Crash – the most devastating in US history.

    When FDR took over in the spring of 1933, the banking system had all but failed.

  31. farty_mcshitface

    don’t really care about tina fey. however, palin is a hottie with great legs.
    i’d love to do a porno with sarah palin. i’d call it “nailin palin”

  32. Dave C

    @67 – ha ha! Oh, that’s rich. “Egalitarian society” is how you couch socialism? How’s it working in Venezuela? North Korea? Cuba? How’d it do in the former USSR? “Egalitarian” indeed.

    No, what is frightening about the prospect of an Obama Administration is his wealth redistribution plan and stated position to raise taxes on wage earners. That’s what Hoover did in response to the ’29 crash, and most experts point to his decisions as worsening an already bad situation. So I hope everyone runs to the polls with their boners flying to vote for Obama. I will be one of the ones getting his tax “break,” and am well-positioned to take advantage of the coming economic disaster.

  33. catsy2

    Excuse me, but Hoover raised taxes because they were cut dramatically under Republican Coolidge’s administration. Coolidge “looked the other way” during the 20′s at the growing alarm over the impending stock market problems. He ignored very important and serious issues that led to the Great Depression. Keep in mind that Republian President Hoover was elected in ’28, when false optimism was riding high — optimism encouraged by Coolidge. They were both wrong. The Stock Market Crash in late 1929 proved that, dramatically.

    Obama is NOT a socialist. For Pete’s sake; the next thing McCain/Palin will accuse him of is being is a space alien.

  34. IKE

    Tina Fey…. Aww Yeeaahhh!!!

  35. Wow…, she is pretty and gorgeous. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

  36. shankyouverymuch

    …”The reigning queen of comedy and hot mamacita extraordinaire Tina Fey”?!?!? What???- YUCK, NO

    … Well, I mean if you’re into that crooked jigsaw puzzle face look, then I guess she’s hot. I for one am not- Peace Out Neggro’s

  37. 2009

    Obama 08!

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