Tina Fey on Sarah Palin: ‘She’s got none of that droopy shit. She’s keeping it tight!’

October 21st, 2008 // 140 Comments

Tina Fey has been thrust into the political spotlight this election year ever since John McCain picked her Alaskan doppelganger Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Initially, Tina didn’t see the resemblance but now wishes the two looked more alike, according to the latest issue of TV Guide:

“When I first saw her, I didn’t think we looked alike at all. Then during the convention, I started to think, ‘Ok, maybe a little.’
“I’ll tell you, that lady is five times better-looking than I am. She’s 44? She’s got none of that droopy s–t. She’s keeping it tight!”

And that’s an endorsement. Quick, somebody slap that shit on a bumper sticker: “Sarah Palin: 1 out of 1 liberal comedians that look like her agree: ‘She’s tight like prom night.’ McCain/Palin ’08. AWWW YEAH!

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  1. jim

    Five times more attractive? I’ll see that and raise you ten, Tina.

    And to everybody not talking about tight bodies, this is supposed to be a site about tits & ass, not politics for the GED & community college crowd. I wonder if this bullshit existed among voters when it was just landowners…

  2. SumrD

    Sorry for the typo — that’s not “more taxable income”, that’s fewer tax credits, and more tax liabilities.

  3. miggs

    Who cares about all the debating. It’s done. You can’t come back from McCain’s deficits in battleground states unless the other guy collapses, and Obama won’t. The only remaining questions are Obama’s margin of victory and how many congressional seats the Dems pick up. All John McCain is doing right now is ruining his reputation at the end of a long and remarkable career.

  4. JJ

    #47 Don’t worry. I don’t feel the need to tap dance around you. I was simply clarifying what I meant and correcting what you read into it. Bachmann is wrong. McCarthyism was wrong. Liberalism will push America closer to socialism, which will harm the country, making it an enemy. It’s that simple. Call me a psycho all you want – you’re the paranoid one. Good luck.

  5. Sensible

    For those railing at Palin’s educational background, I suppose we could go back and elect a brilliant Southern Gov like Jimmy Carter, he of 21% interest rates and rampant unemployment, not to mention a 444 day hostage mess. Point is, vote for who you want but don’t be silly and assume that running Alaska today is less complicated that running Arkansas 20 years ago or Georgia 30 years ago. Don’t like Palin? Vote for Obama but if you’re the least bit objective, you’ll give Sarah Palin her due..

  6. Mama Pinkus

    Um……Ms Fey? You will ALWAYS be more beautiful than that rightwing whore Palin – ALWAYS. By the way, JJ, you’re not pyscho – you’re no more special than all the fuckiing dimwits who think that playing in a non-rigged game means SOCIALISM.

  7. Catsy2

    To JJ – #54

    McCain is wrong; Palin is wrong; Buchanan is wrong; Bachman is wrong; and it spreads out from there. This “wrong” you speak of is doing more to tear this country apart than Obama’s national and world view (as well as Powell’s) could ever do. The Bush Doctrine –post 9-11 — is yet another example of this fierce neo-conservatism that has destoryed our credibility and respect all over the world. And rightly so. Liberalism, for what it’s worth, is not socialism. Obama has one of the best minds I have witnessed in many years. I only hope he wins this election. And I happen to be a Republican.

  8. Dr. John Thomas

    For those of you who keep repeating the Obama BS about how the rich aren’t taxed and the poor / middle income are, maybe you should look at the IRS breakdowns on who actually pays taxes. 33%- 40 Million wage earners PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX. You can’t reduce taxes for people who PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX.

    The top 1% of income earners pay 39.89% of all income taxes. The Top 5% pay 60.14% and the Top 10% of wage earners pay 70.79% of the income tax revenue paid to the IRS. The Top 2% pay 86.27% of all income tax revenues, while the Top 50% of wage earners pay 97.01% of all income tax revenues. That’s right, morons, the bottom 50% of all wage earners pay for 2.99% of all tax revenues.

    How can anyone with even a few functioning brain cells look at the actual tax revenue numbers and believe that the ‘rich’ are paying their fair share?

    Quit buying into the class warfare BS that’s been used to manipulate the weak of this country since 1932 when FDR set the stage for today’s socialist platform of the Democratic Party. Their mascot is an donkey for a reason. Dumb asses.

  9. Right Fury


    Deny the fact that ayers is a terrorist. deny the fact that obama had a function hosted in his honor at ayers house. deny it. If I had brunch at tim mcvey’s house, you would scoff if I said “I barely knew him”

    This FACT alone should disqualify anyone as commander in chief.

    You people HATE republicans so damn much, you will ignore that.

    Please DENY that Obama, in his own words, says Rev. Wright is his spiritual mentor. Deny it. Believe that he went to the guys church, for TWENTY years, got married by him, and had his kid baptized by him and NEVER ONCE heard any racist shit. Deny it.

    This FACT alone should disqualify anyone for any public office.

    I stand by my statement. THESE are FACTS that the Obama campaign has put spins on so you sheeple can dismiss it.

    Ignore this fact too: Obama has already pledged a shitload of money to the UN. Is he going to get that from 5% of america? LOL. That and feed all the hungry?

  10. Wes

    Gees, sensible. When Palin first hit the RNC stage, I thought she was a breath of fresh air. Then I looked into her record, and history, and how what she actually has done versus what she says she has done. My initial view did a 180-degee turn. I don’t think I would let this woman in my home. No offsense; I wish her well; but no way she is who she has pretended to be to the American people; not even close. I gave her my due, and I took it back.

  11. JJ

    #49 – You make very good points. I, too, would do better under Obama, since I make (a lot) less than $250,000. it’s the principle of “spreading the wealth” that I don’t agree with. I’d rather have a flat tax so everyone pays the same percentage of their income, no matter how much they make. That seems fair to me.
    It’s sad that the businesses you consult decide to throw money at executives rather than expanding their workforce building their infrastructure in order to increase real productivity. They are being foolish and irresponsible. The only way to grow a business is to keep re-investing in it. They need only look at the failed banks who made similarly bad decisions and went under.
    I wish the government would do more about making it worth a business’ while to keep jobs stateside and increase payroll. It’s beyond my knowledge, though.
    Thanks for your insight.

  12. GeoS

    To Right Fury:

    I rest my case. You don’t want to know the facts.

  13. oh...I get it now...

    If you try to end welfare for the largest corporations, you’re a socialist.

    I remember…it was long, long ago…when America actually educated its citizens, instead of numbing them with chanted slogans.

  14. The Listener

    Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon were a funny comedy duo on Weekend Update on SNL. Now that they’re both gone from SNL I don’t find the Update nearly as funny.

  15. Wes

    Hey Doc…58

    What would have happened had FDR not made the changes in this country during the Great Depression? Better yet, who and what caused the Great Depression?

  16. #59

    Obama is not friends with Ayers.

    The Race:
    Barack Obama (D) vs John McCain (R); President of the US

    The Smear:
    The Republicans, desperate to smear Barack and try to build on their lies about his religion, insinuate that Barack Obama has a deep relationship with William Ayers. William Ayers was once a member of a radical group in the 1960s.

    The Truth:
    While “guilt by association” is one of the more bogus attacks in any political campaign, the attacks on Barack Obama over William Ayers are particularly “ridiculous,” in the words of one Republican legislator from Illinois. The entire attack is based on their mutual membership in a highly respected organization, an educational foundation started by a Reagan supporter and boasting a membership of some of the most respected members of Illinois society, both Republicans and Democrats.

    The fact is that Barack Obama lived in the same area of Chicago as Ayers, and Ayers has been a respected, politically active member of that community for years. Considering that, it’s actually remarkable how little the two have to do with each other. Early in Barack Obama’s career, he attended one reception in his own honor at Ayers’ house. They also were separately asked by a Republican-created charitable organization to serve on that organization’s board. And that’s it. “Mr. Ayers played no role in Mr. Obama’s appointment [to the board],” reported the New York Times. There’s no friendship between the two, no relationship, no history of working together beyond that.

    Again quoting the Times, “Nor has Mr. Obama ever expressed sympathy for the radical views and actions of Mr. Ayers, whom he has called ‘somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.’” Even Republican State Rep. Diana Nelson, who has worked with both men, calls the attacks “ridiculous,” and declared to NPR, “There is no reason at all to smear Barack Obama with this association. It’s nonsensical, and it just makes me crazy. It’s so silly.” Here’s Politifact on the foundation:

    In short, this was a mainstream foundation funded by a mainstream, Republican business leader and led by an overwhelmingly mainstream, civic-minded group of individuals. Ayers’ involvement in its inception and on an advisory committee do not make it radical – nor does the funding of programs involving the United Nations and African-American studies.

    This attack is false, but it’s more than that – it’s malicious. It unfairly tars not just Obama, but all the other prominent, well-respected Chicagoans who also volunteered their time to the foundation. They came from all walks of life and all political backgrounds, and there’s ample evidence their mission was nothing more than improving ailing public schools in Chicago.

    This whole manufactured issue was already hashed over in the primary, but the Republicans, desperate to change the subject from the economic crisis and the unpopularity of their disastrous policies, are trying to revive this discredited attack once again. A shady Republican front group even ran ads trying to tie the 60s-era activities of Ayers to Al Qaeda today. If you believe we should get beyond the battles of the 60s to meet the challenges of the 21st century, reject these tired attacks and spread the truth. Forward this message on!


  17. ID

    Why is everyone so afraid of socialism? Is an egalitarian society really that big of a problem for people? Too afraid you might have to share your stuff? If humans want to continue to survive we’ve got to learn how to get along with each other and share. Just like your kindergarten teacher tried to tell you.

  18. semi-neutral observer

    Here’s what I find amusing about all of this. McCain/Palin are doing their redmeat thing, again, 7 weeks after the convention, because they’ve been forced to go back and try to defend the red states. That’s why they’re going at it with such nakedly biased language. It’s sooooooo late to be doing that. Two weeks before the election is when you back off the harshest stuff, refine your language, try to look presidential, and make a big push to see if you can get any of your opponent’s states that have started to waiver. The entire campaign is taking place in states that should be dead locks for a Republican.

    Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is shameless polishing her own image for whatever her political future might hold. Over and over again she uses language that causes McCain problems with anybody who’s not a red meat Republican, and casually mentions positions that conflict with McCain’s. She still gets much larger crowds than he does and it’s completely gone to her head. Forget all the stuff about whether she’s smart or experienced enough. That’s not the problem – the problem is when she steps in front of a huge adoring crowd, puts on her huge grin of delight, and starts into her schtick. She doesn’t give a crap about McCain. She’s all about “The Palin Show” now. She’s starting fires he has to put out, and at the worst time possible.

  19. Sensible

    What I see here is similar to what I’m seeing all over. People have lost their objectivity to the point where anyone on the ballot with (R) next to their name is assumed to be the anti-christ. #58 is absolutely correct that the bulk of the tax revenue received by the government TODAY comes from a very small percentage of the population.. it’s a simple fact – simply cannot be denied. there’s nothing “fair” about the majority of the population receiving benefits paid for by a small minority.

  20. JJ

    #57 – Look, I agree that Bush has messed things up and I agree that Obama is a very intelligent man. I just don’t agree with how he sees things. Going from Bush and swinging as far left as the most liberal Senator in the Senate is a huge swing. Can’t we get someone a little more in the middle who can be somewhat moderate? Someone who can be strong on foreign policy, yet be willing to work and talk with others? I’d like a president who will stop spending us into the toilet, too. I think Obama wants to throw money at all of our problems to make them go away. We can’t afford it – we’re BROKE! Liberal tax and spend methods will crush us.
    If Obama wins, which I think he will, I hope he does great. I hope he turns things around and becomes the greatest president in history, because that would be best for our country. I would hope if McCain wins, the people who have ripped me on this site would feel the same way, although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  21. OCD


    I made approximately $269,000 last year from the sales of my software product and software support. I am voting for Obama and have no problem getting taxed at a higher rate. The people that make less than me deserve to get a better tax break when Obama gets elected.

  22. Right Fury

    @ geo

    I rest my case. you dismiss the truth. You still haven’t even tried to deny one thing in my post.

    @ Linda
    LOL, you fucking pasted that from a pro obama site. sheep. I own a bridge in brooklyn, wanna buy it?

    That BULLSHIT you posted is damage control, spin. Wake up.

    It’s a sad day for US when you let your hatred for republicans cloud your judgement. Whats funny is most repubs never liked McCain anyway because he was too left. It’s almost like, you guys were so damn disappointed when bush stole the election that even if saddam hussein was a democrat, you’d have voted for him. SHIT, I bet you would.

  23. Right Fury


    THAT my friends is socialism

    I make 2,600, 48 bajillion dollars from producing widgets

    and I DO mind.

    Why don’t YOU pay more money and leave mine alone.

  24. Gore


    You are the misguided fool buying into all the Republican lies. So Obama happened to be on the same committee as Ayers and so were other prominent people; big deal. I once lived next door to a crack house and gave one of the crack addicts a ride to the hospital; does this make me a crack dealer? I am an Independent and voted for Reagan and the richest people got the highest tax rate under the Regan administration. This is all Obama wants to do; have the tax rate like it was during Reagan administration.

  25. pete

    The problem is that you can’t look at everything as a percentage. You can’t start counting at zero income and start analyzing taxes from that point. It costs a certain amount for individuals and families to live, just to break even. Most people don’t ever get substantially above that point. Ranting about people who pay no federal income tax is nonsensical, because if you tax them, you drive them below the break even point and create a need for assistance. OF COURSE the tax burden should fall more heavily on people who earn far above the cost of living break even point. The goal of tax levels should be to fund necessary governmental programs, not create additional need for them.

    You want more fairness? Raise the exemption level and then set a flat rate above that, with no bullshit loopholes or deductions or any other tax break that lobbyists always manage to secure for their clients. That’s as fair as we could possibly get. But every time the tax code gets simplified, it gets shot to hell with hole put in by members of congress – who get cheered when they advertise their success to the people it helps. We only boo the other guy’s representative. In the end, voters are selfish. Politicians simply try to capitalize on that to have a successful career. The end result is bad government.

  26. Ghandi


    You sound like a greedy asshole that spends a lot of money on luxury items to feel better about himself. The world needs more humanitarians, not greedy selfish bastards like you!

  27. KeepingItReal

    I think Ayers’ ideology and his participation in the 60s as a violent activist are repugnant. Today, Ayers is a distinguished professor at University of Illinois; received the Citizen of the Year Award from the city of Chicago in 1995; and serves on the board of the Woods Fund for Chicago, an anti-poverty, philanthropic organization that focuses its efforts on bringing opportunities to disadvantaged. He works with Democrats and Republicans alike in many aspects of his field of education, and the work he does for the disadvantaged in Chicago. Do Palin/McCain suggest that the city of Chicago, the University, its students, and the Foundation be shunned, ridiculed and smeared for associating with a “terrorist”?

  28. George

    Palin has sound philosophy and is a reasonably intelligent individual.

    She’s also soon to join a very elite class of GILFs.

  29. @ 28 – Are you aware of a concept called “trickle down economics”? It is a very real blueprint that shows that when you “stick it to corporate/rich America” they don’t have as much capitol to use for expansion/benefits/HIRING, which means our unemployment rate rises as a direct result? I bet that tax break will help a bunch when you don’t have a job because your company has to cut costs…
    @ JJ – HELL YEAH!

  30. meh


    Our kids will have to save us. We’re obviously too selfish to do anything except fuck things up. Did you know this is the first generation of Americans who have less education than their parents? We stopped sacrificing long ago, and it shows.

  31. One a side note – If Bob Barr had an ice-cube’s chance in hell of winning, I’d vote for him, he makes more sense than all of the other candidates, but alas, I’ll settle for the McCain/PitbullPalin ticket. Either way, I’m just elated Hillary’s scary ass isn’t on the ticket.

  32. Sensible

    # 80

    your “Did you know this is the first generation of Americans who have less education than their parents?” statement is exactly right.

    And from reading the majority of these posts, no additional proof is necessary..

  33. JJ

    #67 – Ask the USSR how socialism is working for them. Oh, wait…Nevermind! Stop one of the boats coming ashore in Florida full of folks trying to get out of Cuba. Ask them – they’ll tell you all about the joys of socialism.

    #75 – Well said. You have your stuff together. I would vote for you. A flat tax that starts at a certain level with no loopholes would be great. I wouldn’t mind the Fairtax either – a federal sales tax that would eliminate income taxes and the IRS. Hit Tiger Woods when he buys another 155-foot, $22 million yacht.

  34. JD


    lol! Trickle down economics obviously does not work. 20 percent of Americans live in the poverty level and there is a huge gap between middle class and the 5 percent of the rich elite. Are you talking about Corporate America cutting costs so the elite chiefs get bigger compensation or the small businesses that make up most of America?

    Your comment is an old scare tatic the Republicans like to use about losing jobs.

  35. So, do you believe that handing out money to people who aren’t working will solve the problem?
    Trickle down may be an oldie, but it’s also TRUE.

  36. Dr. John Thomas


    The economoy was in a recession in 1932 when FDR was elected, courtesy of Hoover’s raising taxes and protectionist trade policy. It was FDR’s governmental intrusion that worsened the economy, creating the depression and extendeding its’ duration. Had FDR simply repealed the tax increase and protectionist trade policies, the economy would have recovered within roughly two years. Instead, he gave us a decade long depression and created government programs that set the ground work for many of the worthless programs we have today- and many of the $800 billion in new programs Obama is peddling.

  37. fact

    Doesn’t matter what your opinion is about liberal policies. You’re going to live under them for the next 4 years. About 25% of you will stay as frothing at the mouth as you are now, declaring that the very fabric of America is being destroyed. The other 75% will say “This is ok, I guess, I dunno” and go watch more TV.

  38. Lil


    Hoover increased taxes for all Americans and Obama wants to increase taxes for only 5 percent of Americans.

    The McCain campaign has taken to denigrating some of Obama’s tax proposals as “welfare” rather than tax cuts. And it continues to mislead about who would see a tax increase.

    A new McCain-Palin Web ad characterizes Obama’s proposed refundable tax credits as “welfare.” But McCain himself proposes refundable tax credits, too, as part of his health care plan, and calls them “reform.”

    The ad also says “hard-working families” and “seniors” would pay higher taxes. But – need we say this again? – that would be true only for the affluent few, not for the many.

  39. Wes

    To 86 –

    Hey Doc;

    Nope. Here’s what really happened:

    The Great Depression actually got its start with the prosperity decade of the 20′s. The vast difference between the rich and the poor widened, and enormous tax cuts given to the wealthy; the workers got a very small share of this wealth due to their low wages. People were encouraged to buy on credit, and buy into the stock market on margin. The bubble expanded until it burst. Although a few recessions had hit prior to the Great Depression it wasn’t until the Stock Market crash in 1929, that the Great Depression finally took hold. FDR took office in the spring of 1933. The federal programs he initiated helped restore the GNP to its former levels, but he refused to let government spending run at the deficit levels that would have been required to end the depression. It wasn’t until WWII, when deficit spending began, and the employment of defense workers, and drafting of soldiers, did the depression end.

    Nice try, tho.

  40. Anonymous

    I belive Poll Valuted is quite frightened, realizing McCain and Palin are circling the drain. Too bad, little guy. Obscurity is on the horizon for them, and it’s not a moment too soon.

  41. Anonymous

    I’m not “sharing my wealth” with all the lazy liberals out there. Also, if you think unemployment is high, just wait till Obama taxes corporations another 1%.

  42. Bernard

    Why do many liberals wish death upon people who are not voting for McCain and Palin?

    Why do they want peace while saying things like..”For real? McCain? Go die. I hope you choke on something you piece of shit”


  43. Bernard

    are voting*

    now i sound like a dumbass


  44. Ol'Red

    Calm down #92 #93


  45. Emily


    O B A M A 0 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Sumr

    To Bernard;

    Actually, it’s the other way around. Judging from the posts I’ve read here, and in other places, and the outbursts at Palin rallies, it seem that the neo-cons — not all Republicans, just the fringe neos — are crying out the real hatred. There are a number of liberals posting here that have been quite civil. But that’s what happens when you lump half of the country into one “crying death” category. It’s quite absurd, and just as dangerous.

  47. Tired

    Emily … it’s easy to understand why you’d vote Democrat … you’re fucking stupid. There are better reasons to vote Democrat, but you’re just plain too stupid to vote PERIOD

  48. Anonymous


    All I can say is Wow. I bet that you’ll be the first in line for free handouts. You are a leech of society.

  49. Tired

    #88 … if you believe that Obama will only raise taxes on 5% of the taxpayers, you’re living in a dream world. Clinton made the same promise and then raised taxes on EVERYONE.

    IMO, the Republican party needs to return to its core values of smaller government, more state rights, and greater personal freedom and get off the social issues. The Dems need to get off their socialist agenda and get back to working for the people rather than themselves. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he said “If you have a government large enough to give you everything you want, you have a government large enough to take everything you have.”

    Obama raised over $150M in September in donations … what can’t those same people donate the same amount of money to actually do something worthwhile, like help the homeless, feed the sick, and other charitable events rather than tax others to do the same thing?

  50. Christina

    #10- You are an idiot. Tina Fey stars in, writes and produces 30 Rock, which is probably the best received show on TV, and she had a huge hit a few years ago with Mean Girls. Tina Fey doesn’t need someone to help her career. She’s doing just fine.

    Anyway. Tina is crazy. She’s at LEAST 10 times better looking than Palin. Palin probably wishes she could look more like Tina.

    I guess it doesn’t matter, because in a couple of weeks Palin will be out of the spotlight and can go back to being a corrupt governor… and the world will make sense again.

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