Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin wish death upon each other

- Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin have started openly feuding on the set of 30 Rock. In related news, I just settled a bet with myself to see if I could post the most boring gossip item ever. I win! [Star]

– Heidi & Spencer’s now admittedly fake courthouse wedding was an elaborate ploy to promote their upcoming real wedding. It’s almost like somebody wrote these events down on pieces of paper and provided lines for those involved to say at the appropriate time. I think there’s a word for that: Bullshit. [E! Online]

- Michael Jackson is not in dire need of a lung transplant. Unless it’s at a children’s hospital, then he’ll take two. [Us]

- Kate Winslet’s husband director Sam Mendes had a hard time watching filming her love scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road. Apparently, the actor kept banging her head against the kitchen cabinets. So, wait there’s something wrong with that? I should probably write this down. “Easy on cabinetry. Egg beater still kosher…” [Page Six]

Photos: WENN