Timothy Dalton Might Be The New Alfred

There’s a special place in my heart for the Timothy Dalton Bond movies, so finding out he’ll be a more badass Alfred in Batman Vs. Superman sounds amazing as long as he describes things as the “soize of a tang-ah-reen.” Cosmic Book News has the scoop again, so it’s time to admit Zack Snyder has taken up blogging which truly is the life of kings. *throws bowl of grapes at Photo Boy’s head* Thank you! These were delicious!

We are told it is by no means official, but Snyder, and to an extent David Goyer, have ideas for the major supporting cast members already. We are told Timothy Dalton is being looked at for a different take on Alfred Pennyworth as an example of something that is being thrown about.

ALFRED: *cocks machine gun* Need me to come along, sir? These Jokers can be trouble.
BRUCE: Pahk the fahking cah with your Chahlene lahbstahs and da gawdamn Sahx you fahking queeah wickid pissa Jokah Southie sahn of a bitch.
ALFRED: … I bloody told your mother not to drink while she was pregnant.
BRUCE: I’m the fahkin Batman, retahd. NOMAAAAHHHHH!

Photo: Getty