Tim Robbins is a terrible bartender

tim_robbins_bartender.jpgTim Robbins was seen pouring drinks at Back Room on Norfolk Street the other night and was reportedly doing a terrible job.

Robbins, who is said to own a piece of the joint, was serving cocktails in teacups and saucers and could barely keep up with the thirsty throngs. “There was a huge line to get drinks from him,” our witness e-mails us. “He’d make some drinks, then he’d go outside and have a smoke. Then he’d come back in and hang out in the service pass.” Robbins’ dark mood didn’t seem to help matters: When one patron asked if he was having a “good night,” the cranky thesp shot back, “No.”

Then again, Tim Robbins was in Shawshank Redemption so that gives him the right to do pretty much anything he wants and still be okay in my book. He could pee in a pot and start serving it as warm tea and I’d just give him a pat on the back and say, “That’s some mighty fine looking tea, Tim. Mighty fine indeed.”