Tim McGraw gets his ring stolen

August 3rd, 2007 // 113 Comments

Remember the concert over the weekend where some fan grabbed Tim McGraw’s balls and his wife Faith Hill came to his defense? Well at the same concert he apparently lost his ring while shaking hands with some fans. If you look closely, there’s a woman in a blue shirt who accidentally pulls his ring off while shaking his hand, and then starts waving it around in the air to get his attention. But Tim doesn’t notice because he’s too busy accusing another woman of stealing it. But to be fair, he just had his crotch grabbed by some random woman so his head probably wasn’t in the right place. It’s a wonder he was still shaking anyone’s hand, and not kicking them all in the face while running down the stage back to his van to get out of there.


  1. maxim

    hmm… funny:)

  2. ?izn’t that the kinda thing Country Muzic=z all about?

  3. LilKitten

    Thats a way to make your innocent fan feel like crap!

  4. eddie

    Is he lip syncing to his concerts too?

  5. p0nk

    crap, somebody shoot me now, i was thinking something similar to kelli, except with better spelling.

  6. ?I hate Tim McGraw and the rezt of the Whinning hickz..?
    they don’t know how to zing …they whine?

  7. Sportsdvl

    Isn’t it amazing how much trouble the hillbillies Tim and Faith get into in one concert?

  8. Superevil


  9. ??next time hiz zorry azz will leave hiz bling bling at home??

  10. ssdd

    What a joke he is … too bad country bumpkin boy ..get over it.

  11. ?zhit..country muzic zingerz don’t need to lipzynce…anyone can zing?
    that old boring zhit?

  12. FaithHill

    I had seconds thoughts about the ripping that the woman up the other day. I know all you lonely women only want to see how a real man fucks so me and Tim will posting an all anal, all day, all night video so that all you can see he sure do know how to hit my spot. It is gonna cost ya though. Not sure how much yet but believe me you gotta pay to play. More later!

  13. Aubree

    He and Faith need to stop being their fans parents.

    Faith Hill (ie the video of how shocked she was when she didn’t win that award that went to Carrie Underwood—who also needs to die—funny stuff) has an ego out of this world and her husband was a truck driver in a former life.

  14. Sportsdvl

    #5, how about we shoot Kelli and her Z’s instead.

  15. ?even mia=z zorry French canadian bacon azz could be one?
    and thatz zaying alot for her.. the french bread bitch?

  16. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    i love how the fan thought he was gesturing for her to come up on stage like it’s some Bruce Springsteen video circa 1985.

  17. ??only ztupid people lizten to Country Muzic??
    Faith Hill needz to ztay home like the
    little country mommy zhez zuppoze
    to be..American..don’t need either
    one of them??

  18. ?U would have to B crazi to want to zhake ?
    their handz anyway..country people
    don’t even wazh their handz….
    ezpecially men.dirty azzez?

  19. Aubree

    zzz poop
    zzzz spew spew spew

    enough already. Go read a book.

  20. TheRage

    what a d-bag. i hope he sends that fan (if she even is one anymore) a public apology and some freebie loot for being such an ass.

  21. Aubree



  22. havoc

    How about keep your distance from the fans and quit all the touchy feely shit?

  23. ?U fuckerz zay U don’t read my poztz, zo ztfu bitch?
    and zkipbadedooda the fuck over me
    thiz iz not a dictatorzhip and your name
    iz not Caztro…zo U read a fuckin book..

  24. adeliza

    Another obnoxious celebrity couple who over do it on the “we love each other so much” bullshit.
    I wonder if Faith Hill’s face had a run in with a vat of acid if old Timmy would still profess his undying devotion?

  25. Guy

    Whats up with all these retarded comments made by Kelli?

    Let me guess, troll? Fail harder.

  26. ?let me guezz…Aubree lovez Timmy McGrawz hairyazz?
    bitch..U zo want hiz babiez…he don’t want YOUR
    FATTAZZ…he haz babiez..probably little hairy
    monkeyz like him….?

  27. Aubree

    your Vitamin Z enriched vomit is all over the place, hard to miss my dear.

  28. Amber

    Hes such a jackass. Some of my friends from his hometown claim him and Faith are the biggest cokeheads! i effin belive it.

  29. ellllllllllllllllllll

    his cockring was stolen? wow. didn’t know tim mcgraw had a prince albert.

  30. KelliLookslikeCarrotTopsUglySister

    hey Kelli…are you without a life? Man if I were a hot young babe like you say that you are I would be all over the place and not sitting on a pc every day on a site like this making mindless comments, written like neo-hyroglyphic toilet paper wipe. See everyone…my poop!
    I am from the south (Florida) and if you said that shit down here a good ole girl would knock dem yeller teeths of yerin out yo mouth, mangingo-fuckin’ sloppy slitted skank bitch whore. Get lost and go outside and yeah, read a book or 2 or 3 or more.
    I love you

  31. ?thoze 2 hillbillyz need to make a movie..about the life and timez?
    of inbred hillbillyz and how the kidz do each other while
    ztupid mommy and daddy go zing their idiot zongz
    probably b more interezting than that zhit they
    call muzic?

  32. at least everyone can sign kelli up for some nice email spam eh?

    surfergirls07@yahoo.com ?


    here comes the pr0n

  33. CarrotTop

    hey bitch whatcha got against southerners whore. c’mon down here and talk that shti and you will get some cheap plastic surgery. I guess you must like the brothers, eh?

  34. Doomhammer

    If I were bald and fucking that old wrinkled Faith Hill worn out pussy, Id be pissed off too.

  35. z


  36. ??30?? Dude, I would never live in Zouth Florida…
    what R U fuckin nuttz??
    Itz a fuckin Jungle down there….
    next time leave you screen name, chickenazzhole
    and yea, I wazn’t even on here yezterday..but your
    zorry azz waz…fuck bookz..itz zummer…it fuckin rained
    4 dayz now…

    U need to get fucked for real and zkip over me, bitch?

  37. whatever

    Are you sure you don’t have that backwards? I heard a woman grabbed his ring and took one of his balls.

  38. adeliza

    #25 Guy-
    You pretty much answered your own question.
    She/he/it is retarded.
    Ignore the fool.

  39. 666Kelli666

    Oh and one more thing. I hope you o.d. on v.d.

  40. lambman

    Country music fans = ALL CLASS, ALL THE TIME

  41. KelliLookslikeCarrotTopsUglySister

    Hey maggot cooter, I aint afraid of anyone so get that straight, whore. haha I bet you age fast with that nasty pink orange-head skin problem. Hurry up and hook up with a nice mulatto fast and shit out some nappy babies while you can.

  42. jus'stupid

    Yeah, whatever, they take it all the way to the bank. Tim is a whiny wuss, and Fith is a jealous bitch, but they get paid by us, and laugh at us all the way to their big house, and nice toys.

  43. whatever

    Why the fuck would that idiot wear a ring at a concert where he’s going to shake so many hands? It could have just slipped off. Then he goes and blames a fan who has no fucking idea what he’s talking about. Stupid little bitch deserved to lose his ring.

    Maybe next concert some woman will grab his dick and rip off his cock ring. Fucking loser.

  44. 32====htt://123.com/=myanme…

    Y don’t U go zuck on zome large chocolate dickz….
    according to your url…your damn good at it…bitch……
    and yea,,,I don’t open ztrang emailz, ztupidfuck..

  45. myanme

    you wont have to ope them when you have 500 free porn emails a day showing up in your box


  46. Kelli's Giant Mandingo

    You may not open strange e-mails but ya sure fire gots dem legs open for strange cocks and d-does, doncha? ;0-8

  47. jus'stupid

    KElli is a 7 holer. All jiz, all the time

  48. zend all U want fuckerz…itz already deleted…
    46….if your going to zuck chocolate dick
    at leazt let the guy look good and b young
    funny how u go for all of thoze gray haired old dickz…whore.

  49. J

    Once upon a comment ago, a little boy named Richport came on and told zzzzKellizzzzz that she needed to learn to work a rifle with her toe and make one last correction. ha ha ha ha ha. Still laughing at that one…………
    her stupid-ass comments were old days ago……..

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