Tim Tebow Doesn’t Want You To See This Picture

May 21st, 2012 // 36 Comments
Tim Tebow Twitter Rock of Ages
Timmy T's Mani/Pedi Time
Tim Tebow Manicure Pedicure
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Tim Tebow caught Rock of Ages on Broadway over the weekend and was even nice enough to pose with the cast backstage (above) who also tweeted pics of themselves Tebowing. Pretty innocent shit, right? Except tell that to Jesus who visited Tim in a dream shortly thereafter and said, “Jesus Christ, dude, Broadway? Do you even know what a closet is? And, no, it’s not weird I used my own name back there.” TMZ reports:

Neka Zang posted the pic (see above) on her Twitter account at some point last night — and even posted a photo of the whole cast Tebowing.
But the photo with Tebow was gone a short time later … which she explained by tweeting, “Well, Due to Tebow’s “image” I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half dressed ladies. He does know we arn’t real strippers right?”

Neka has since removed the pic and the tweet complaining about Tebow asking her to remove the pic because apparently knowing how the Internet works will doom you straight to fucking hell. So, kudos Tim Tebow’s handlers, for turning what would’ve just been an innocent pic of a famous quarterback thanking a group of performers for a great performance into a John Travolta-esque cover-up. I look forward to the press release informing me that not only does Tim Tebow have no idea where Broadway is, he’s deathly allergic to jazz hands.

Photo: Courtesy of TMZ


  1. Diana

    I liek turtles

  2. Tim Tebow likes Man Ass!

  3. JC

    So I guess Timmy doesn’t understand that once stuff is on the interwebs, it really never goes away, huh?

  4. stacy

    Tebow wishes he would have went to college at Penn State. He would have fit right in with the shower stuff.

  5. Cock Dr

    Tim Tebow is gay and will be pulling shit like this for the rest of his playing career.
    He will emerge from the closet sometime in 2027 to introduce us all to his fiance “Bruce”.

  6. stacy

    What else does he have to do to prove he is gay? Give John Travolta a massage?

  7. The problem is two-fold. The women were women, and Tim Tebow is a Gay Evangelical Christian who likes wrinkled scrotum bags, not large, soft, warm fun bags. Well, that actually makes his problem at least three-fold, but that’s life.

  8. CranAppleSnapple

    Once a carny, always a carny.

  9. your mom

    Everyone knows that once you’re photographed together, you obviously fucked together. Therefore this pic make’s Jesus’ quarter back a flaming whore of gonorrhea. Blasphemy!!

  10. If this sanctimonious asshole was really concerned about protecting his image, he’d block television broadcasts of all his NFL games.

  11. Jesus went on to add, “You couldn’t at least have seen the show where I’m a Superstar, or the one based on the Gospel according to my buddy Matthew? What, did you think ‘Rock of Ages’ had something to do with the hymn?… You did, didn’t you? I know everyone keeps saying you’re gay, but if you’re this clueless about musical theater, I don’t know, maybe you’re straight after all.”

  12. What a waste of fame. If you’re famous, you have to cash that fame in for prime pussy. Mark Zuckerberg pulled the same stupid shit but in a different way. You’ve got billions of dollars and you marry some girl you dated in college when you were just another college nerd. For shame!

    • Marrying the woman who you were dating before you were rich and famous = knowing that she loves you for you and not having to worry that she’s with you only for your money.

      • JPC

        From what I’ve read, he started dating her in 2004 – Which would have been after he had started Facebook (and he was already sort of a campus celebrity before that, with the site he made before Facebook, where he hacked into Harvard’s student photos to make some sort of “Hot or Not”-type site).

        Therefore, it’s still not out of the question that she started dating him BECAUSE he was getting famous and on the way to making a shit ton of money. We’d have to see the pre-nup to truly determine this.

    • Jillia

      Yea, it’s called not being a misogynistic twat bag. Try looking into it sometime…

  13. Frank Burns

    Nice to see Miss Kitty is still Running the Long Branch Saloon.

  14. Deacon Jones

    I hope the fat gold one is a tranny.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      That’s Tammy Fay Baker, and Tebow’s having his seventh circle dream again.

      • Rakesh

        Hey, here’s a thought: inetsad of whining and complaining actually SEND SOME CLIPS i hate all these shanks that say they’re better but they dont send nything in

    • Cock Dr

      I’m assuming that the fat gold one has a hand down Tebow’s pants. That’s what really brings the smiles.

  15. Cher X

    Girls are touching me! Ewwwwww!

  16. rantatonne

    “Jesus Christ, dude, Broadway? Do you even know what a closet is? And, no, it’s not weird I used my own name back there.” as the bookend to another greatly titled Dang ol’ post all on a Monday. I foresee a high scoring week on the hilarity scale, for this website, thank you.

  17. Urvag

    Timmy boy. Didn’t it strike you funny when you asked their names they were: Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler and Liza Manelli. Damn drag queens ain’t in your bible dude!

  18. Smithee

    I think even some of Tebow’s most fanatical fans would realize he was simply posing, and certainly not sleeping with, these drag queens. I doubt many of them care, but the Tebow camp is so obsessed with him having a “pure” image.

    What are Tebow and his PR team going to do, stop anyone taking a photo with him? This is ludicrous and there is no way they can control what is out on the web and/or who wants to take a picture with Tebow.

    Tebow’s people got mad when during the Super Bowl a picture of him posing with Kate Upton was posted on the web. Because, apparently, posing with Kate Upton was “bad” for Tebow’s image according to his people. I mean, seriously?

  19. Rico Jones

    Can’t wait til Tim Tebow comes out of the closet. It will be funny.

  20. Lolno

    Wow, a lot of Tebow is gay shit…Must be a new thing out there. I guess you guys really show how grown and mature you really are. :/

  21. El Jefe

    Dude turned down Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. That is all I need to know about him and his sexual preferences.

    I would have been parading those two around like they were the Heismann and Super Bowl trophies.

  22. He will emerge from the closet sometime in 2027 to introduce us all to his fiance “Bruce”. http://bit.ly/K6PQqq

  23. An obvious closted gay is obvious.

  24. tensigh

    I’m sorry, how does this make him gay? He didn’t go see “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”!

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