Tim Tebow Doesn’t Want You To See This Picture

Tim Tebow caught Rock of Ages on Broadway over the weekend and was even nice enough to pose with the cast backstage (above) who also tweeted pics of themselves Tebowing. Pretty innocent shit, right? Except tell that to Jesus who visited Tim in a dream shortly thereafter and said, “Jesus Christ, dude, Broadway? Do you even know what a closet is? And, no, it’s not weird I used my own name back there.” TMZ reports:

Neka Zang posted the pic (see above) on her Twitter account at some point last night — and even posted a photo of the whole cast Tebowing.
But the photo with Tebow was gone a short time later … which she explained by tweeting, “Well, Due to Tebow’s “image” I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half dressed ladies. He does know we arn’t real strippers right?”

Neka has since removed the pic and the tweet complaining about Tebow asking her to remove the pic because apparently knowing how the Internet works will doom you straight to fucking hell. So, kudos Tim Tebow’s handlers, for turning what would’ve just been an innocent pic of a famous quarterback thanking a group of performers for a great performance into a John Travolta-esque cover-up. I look forward to the press release informing me that not only does Tim Tebow have no idea where Broadway is, he’s deathly allergic to jazz hands.

Photo: Courtesy of TMZ