Here’s Tim Tebow Getting A Mani/Pedi

April 5th, 2012 // 48 Comments

Above is former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow getting a mani/pedi in West Hollywood on Tuesday.
Below are three beautiful women he chose not to have sex with.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

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  1. I would still say that not sleeping with Taylor Swift is a good move. Nobody wants to be the subject of the next big hit on TRL.

  2. Richard McBeef

    Somebody else must have heard Levine is single.

  3. LJ

    I’m sure this photo will be prominently posted in the Jet’s locker room when Spring Training begins.

  4. “It was just before the Passover Festival. Tebow knew that the hour had come for him to leave this world and go to the Jets. Having loved his own who were in the stands, he loved them to the end.
    “Sima Petra came to Tebow and asked him, ‘Lord, may I wash your feet?’
    “Tebow replied, ‘I do not realize now what you are doing, but later I will understand.
    “‘Then, Lord,’ Sima Petra replied, ‘not just your feet but your hands as well!’ ”

    (The Gospel According to Rex, 13:1-4)

  5. Deacon Jones

    Tebow is a flamer and overrated.

    On a side note, I knew a girl in college that was obviously molested when she was younger. The wrestling house would call her up, she’d come over, take off all her clothes and stand in the middle of the room smiling. They’d proceed to take bong hits then gangbang her in the living room.

    Maria Menounos reminds of that girl.

  6. Clarence Beeks

    Good for him. What’s wrong with a man taking care of his hands and feet? Any woman would appreciate it- feet are gross, and when you don’t take care of them, they are worse. It’s not like he is getting pink sparkly polish, for fuck’s sake.

    Any of you guys who have never had a pedi, they cut your nails, trim your cuticles, SCRUB the dead crap off your feet, and give you a FOOT and LEG MASSAGE. What is so “flaming” about that?

    • Richard McBeef

      straight dudes chew their fingernails off until they bleed and don’t want people touching their feet.

      • YoMamma

        I have to agree. I like a man with working hands not baby soft mani hands.

      • Clarence Beeks

        You don’t like getting your feet rubbed by a woman? If a man has disgusting feet, it is a total deal breaker for me. That, and nasty teeth.

        Plus, raggedy fingernails can do damage to a woman’s “insides”, get it? You’d probably get a lot more dates if you groomed a little more. I am NOT talking about eyebrow waxes, etc….but I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with a man taking care of his hands and feet.

      • Richard McBeef

        ahh come on now. a dude can take care of his hands and feet with a bar of soap and a pair of nail clippers. I don’t see a need to pay some asian lady to fuck with my cuticles.

      • Duane

        Yeah, I have this hot cop named Paul in my local suburb. Big masculine dude…and soon as I saw he had his nails done at a salon, I knew it was time to make my move. Sure enough I had anal sex with him… me on top of course. And he is not gay, he is bisexual. So moral to this story…men getting nails done may not mean gay…but does mean BOTTOM. So this is the bottom line…pedi hands and feet always means BOTTOM, but maybe not gay. It can be a confusing topic. Butt when you think about it, it all makes sense. When Tim comes out of the closet, he will surly be the receiver. I sure would like to be the first and only to top him and make him discover a REAL religious experience..

    • Frank Burns

      If you want to trim your nails, etc., great, just don’t do it at the nail salon:

  7. Frank Burns

    Up next for Tebow: a Brazil wax and a taint-shave. If he thinks he’s prayed to Jesus before, just wait until the technician starts tearing off that wax.

  8. Tim Tebow Manicure Pedicure
    Commented on this photo:

    I thought Jesus hated the gays?

  9. Jack Ketch

    Just thank you SO much for not including Kim Kardashian in that group of 3 beautiful women, thank you SO much. She has as much chance at getting with someone who has standards as hell has of freezing over this instant. I know she has the hots for him (but he’s not black, oh well). Well done, Fish !

  10. dooood

    poor guy has to be on the jets…

    hope nobody shows rex any footage of that pedicure

  11. Mike

    He is just getting all dolled up to celebrate Jesus’ murder. I wonder what kind of fantasies spring to life in Tim’s mind as he pictures Jesus dying on the cross. Does it give him a hard on? Does he wonder how big his sky God’s cock is?

  12. Tim Tebow Manicure Pedicure
    Commented on this photo:

    like many religious freaks, it’s all about the insecurity
    and failure to perform sexually
    the worse the flaccid prematurely-ejaculating problem
    the more extreme they wrap themselves up in religion
    and try to control their women since they can’t satisfy
    Tim probably couldn’t keep from spotting his pants
    just being in the room with these girls

    • noma

      Yes, bernard I think you have it “just right.” Can’t imagine a guy that age not even “being curious” to find out what a woman is really like.
      His wedding night will be “amateur night.” Pity the bride.

    • the internets

      So, sexual acumen is the end-all be-all in your world? Sad.

      It’s not like it’s complicated – I’m sure he’ll be up to speed in no time.
      At least it won’t be stale after the first couple of weeks, and she won’t worry about all the skanky ass along the way that may have given him a funk that could be passed on. No baby-mama drama either.

      Enjoy your random humps with possible carriers, who each take a piece of you with them. If others choose not to engage, that’s their prerogative. Maybe someday, you’ll have a bit more respect for yourself.

      • Don’t knock the “random humps” until you try it. You’re full of it. You don’t need to put a ring on a girl’s finger just to get some ass. That’s some old school bullshit. Come back when you decide to join us in the 21st century.



  14. Bo

    He is so gay!

  15. noma

    Did he have a male manicurist? Can’t imagine “Mr. Prissy” having a woman “do” his nails.

  16. Psycobiff

    It’s gay to wear clean clothes too.

  17. Tim Tebow Manicure Pedicure
    Commented on this photo:

    From what I understand, he genuinely tries to live out his convictions–ie no sex outside marriage, which has to be difficult considering all the opportunities he has. As much as you seem to despise Christians, Fish, you seem to despise hypocrites more, and at least he’s trying not to be one. You know?

    • bernard

      you are right, he is a man of conviction—
      obnoxious that he has to “shout his praise from the street corners…”
      the only problem i had with Tebow was that he made Broncos fans
      think they might win another one with his “skill set” (sic)

      • the internets

        Is it him that’s shouting from street corners? Not so much – the media has gone nuts amplifying it. He’s just doing what he does.

        Reggie White, a PREACHER, used to give sermons in the GB locker room. I don’t remember that ever being an issue, much less a story, unless it was a pre-game fluff piece about how quaint life is in Wisconsin. How is this guy so much worse for you people to handle? By “you people,” I mean cantankerous guilt-ridden atheists.

      • There’s no guilt attached to being an atheist. Guilt is your people’s forte.

      • Ben Dover

        I would say coming out before every game an kneeling down in the end zone and praying is shouting from street corners, but yes the press is playing to all the religious kooks

  18. `Helena Handbasket

    This came after the asshole bleaching

  19. Mick

    I would suck every bit of semen outta that dude’s cock….he is sooooo fuckin hawt!

  20. White Bull

    … and then we went to this amaaaazing little bistro in Malibu. Ahh, the croissants were just to die for!

  21. Bo

    He is gay for sure….For some one that has to stop and pray on the football field, I would think he would use all of his free time to be on his knees praying every free moment. Strange you don’t hear much about his praying on his free time. He is another closeted gay republican.

  22. Nicole

    I understand them, be nice to do a pedicure)

  23. Ben Dover

    Would Jesus get a mani pedi?

  24. MM

    Makes me think of the line from the movie ‘Deliverance’, “He’s got real purdy lips!” And an AWFUL LOT of bracelets for a straight guy. Being gay and “born again” has got to be the ultimate definition for “cognitive dissonance”.

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