One of my favorite things to do is scroll through Facebook and see what’s on the minds of “real Americans.” Good, salt-of-the-earth folks who recognize a threat to our freedom when they see it. Threats like Tim McGraw having the nerve to perform for Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit organization dedicated to the Commie liberal agenda of stopping children from being shot dead at school by advancing mental health, community involvement, and firearm safety initiatives. Which is already way too many big words, so let’s just call it a “gun control fundraiser” – or “anti-constitution concert” – because clearly any conversation about not making guns go “bang” is goddamn treason and exactly what Obama wants so he can break into your house and rape your family because atheism. If guns were meant to be talked about, Jesus would’ve gave them mouths. Real ones, not the one you made by putting lipstick around the muzzle and shoving your dick into it because nothing beats some all-American, cold steel docking, but good effort.

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