Tila Tequila’s girlfriend Courtenay Semel arrested

August 21st, 2008 // 40 Comments

Tila Tequila’s new girlfriend Courtenay Semel found herself in the drunk tank after getting in a fight with security outside a Vegas nightclub. Beforehand, she was having dinner with Kourtney Kardashian who was taping an episode of her reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. So, for the five people who watch the show, you’re in for a night of drunklarity featuring Z-List celebrities. Huzzah! Page Six reports:

Later, Kardashian called it a night and Semel went out to Pure at Caesars with Vegas showman Jeff Beacher – and proceeded to “go nuts,” a spy said. “Courtenay got so drunk she was falling down. Security asked her to leave, but she refused.” Semel finally left, but on her way out there was an altercation with a security guard. “She was arrested and spent the night in jail,” a Semel pal confirmed. “And she lost her phone.”

Some people might be wondering, where was Tila? Oh, she was there alright, but, uh, how do I put this? You see, kids, Tila Tequila is very tiny which allows her to fit “places” that only Mommies and Daddies who love each other should go….

Photos: Splash News

  1. Why is she famous?? Oh right… SuperWhore!

  2. Beckinsale's Saggy Diaper


  3. boredom

    I know I’ll get beat to first but whatever, her Girlfriend’s face is wierd as hell looking. Kind of woodchuck type teeth and all

  4. Barak Obama

    I think I saw Tila working at a TCBY in Westminster. But then again, all gook whores look the same.

  5. somuchbetter

    She looks like sarah silverman.

  6. i cant wait to see that episode!

  7. #5 yeah, only uglier..

  8. Sam

    Why is this shit any news, Tila has the talent of a rock and her bitch is a complete unknown.

  9. Hanafer

    Keep in mind Semel tried to bed Lindsey Lohan before Sam Ronsen finally succeeded.

    Not a bad lesbian – cute, and her Dad co-founded Yahoo.

  10. mimi

    Praying for Amy


    If Semel lost out to the likes of Ronson her tongue must have been in a splint that night. Fuck me – this one’s uglier than shit…but still beats Ronson.

    By the way: Nothin…and I mean nothin’ worse than a drunken fallin’ down rug muncher…

  12. nini

    cheap and vulgar

  13. rough daddy

    2 worthless lesbian whores chasing fame, so what else is new?

  14. rough daddy

    #10 who do you pray to? your local pharmacist? “praying for amy” are you aware there are starving children around the world?

  15. kevTHA

    i hate tila, but i wish i was her. but me. cause i wouldn’t wanna be HER her.

    kna mean?

    and i’d have better taste in chicks!

  16. Roxy

    ewwwwwww look at pic #7 her armpit and finger nails are sooooo desgusting, yuck!

  17. sharpeidude

    “Hey G.I.!!!!! You wan numba one fukki sukki?”

  18. Big Joe

    I’m boycotting this website if there are no photographs of May-Treanor and Walsh in wet, white bathing suits by the E.O.B.!!!! This is an outrage that the gook-whore mini-cunt and her rug muncher are on here and two fine, outstanding citizens of this great country are no where to be found!!! Come on Superficial writer, give your public what they want…hot gold medalists…oh and if you can find a hot pic of Sacramone(sp?) from gymnastics, that would be nice too!!!

  19. Wow, this girl knows all of the most annoying reality show “stars”. When do you think she will star on some lame show?

  20. gobats

    When is this bruttish faced slut gonna release a porn film and make her worthless life worthwile?

  21. Solaera

    Lost her cell phone, huh? Wonder if something really gross will wind up on the internet.

  22. Has anyone actually seen them touch naughty parts, or even kiss? I see them standing close to each other a lot — whee. I don’t buy it.

  23. biteme

    I wish Christina Applegate’s boob cancer on both these worthless cunts. TEAM CANCER!

  24. No doubt about it

    With Tila Tequila as the eye witless no doubt

  25. Obvious

    w0w !
    That Semel chick has quite a set of chompers
    Looks like Mr Ed screwed her momma

  26. ronr

    Nice. Nothing says “class” like a big honking tattoo.

  27. ‘Fish guy, no more stories about a midget Vietnamese pseudo-lesbian with a face like fucking Yoda, but squinting. Even her tat’s are skank. Please, for fuck’s sake! It’s *never* that slow of a news day.

  28. weirdo

    C. Semel is so fucking butt ugly that if you said her face looked like my ass, I’d have to say don’t insult my ass! What a fucking skank.

  29. Kevin


  30. Kevin


  31. Z List. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    that’s friggin’ RICH!!!!

    i guess i’m out of the loop (thank god)
    but that’s the first time i’ve heard that

  32. Z List. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    that’s friggin’ RICH!!!!

    i guess i’m out of the loop (thank god)
    but that’s the first time i’ve heard that

  33. melissa

    they both look like the stepped clean out of a trailer park, there dub’ T, trashy whore. both of them, who in there sain mind poses like that for pictures. I can see why she hangs out with the Kardashinan sluts, keep them all!!!!

  34. Ewww…a lepraskank and a nasty ass drunken lesbo whore…

  35. I’m sorry, but this girl is just the lowest skank in town. She should be on Rock of Love with her male counterpart.

  36. trickydick

    #4 I’m sure you know. But since it’s the only P@$$^ you ever get, stop complaining, you know you like it.

  37. Nella

    You know what’s really funny? That chick doesn’t seem to even like Tila. If she did, she’d actually be touching her – where here, Tila’s leaning half her body over to make them look like a couple. That, and Tila’s hair has gone flat. Haha.

  38. Tila tequilla is just plain busted. I dont care what anyone says about her, she looks like a little puffy fish on steroids. I dont see the attraction.

  39. Courtenay Semel is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY! Guilty of having a head that looks like squashed rotting fruit and a simian face.

    @23 – Hooray! What if cancer only struck useless people?

  40. Tequila and Semel over? Or still in love?

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