Tila Tequila was never engaged to Casey Johnson

January 10th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Guess I probably should’ve stopped for a minute and realized the source of Tila Tequila’s engagement claims was – whoops – Tila Tequila. (With an assist from Joe Francis.) NY Daily News reports:

Some insiders believe “Girls Gone Wild” pornmeister Joe Francis was the secret architect of the sad spectacle, which they say was designed to hype Tequila’s Francis-financed Web site. Tila’s assistant, Jessica Cohen, insists the video “had nothing to do with ‘Girls Gone Wild.’” Francis’ rep didn’t return calls.

All I need to hear is that Joe Francis had sex with Tila Tequila and we’re seriously looking at the trifecta of horrible decisions:

1. Finance a dating site run by an unholy elf who personally lodges VD in your urethra.
2. Pull a publicity stunt predicated on the fact that said elf has any credibility whatsoever.
3. Stick your penis in it. Even with a condom.

I’m a pretty sure a smarter business decision would’ve been to light a pile of cash on fire right before banging a mountain of rusty scrap metal. There’s really no way Joe Francis wouldn’t have come out ahead on that one. Fiscally and hygienically.

Thanks to Youarereported for his diligent efforts minding the shit-midget fence.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. PixelPerfect92

    Surprise, surprise.

  2. JamesToselandisGay

    I would split her in half with my penis. Other than that, she is a troll and a waste of breathe. RIP Casey.

  3. PixelPerfect92

    Fake lil midget.

  4. timmy the dying boy

    All of this attention to this gnome almost makes me miss Heidi and Spencer. Those two are at least worth laughing at; Tila is just pathetic.

  5. Scdo

    Tila is a slapper


    HAHAHA! # 2 is so right she does look like a TROLL! BITCHES!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~

  7. Oh…Shocker! Really? Tila a Casey wern’t madly in love and running away to another state so they could legally get married…all after one “date”?

  8. She looks so different, I mean look at her face closeup, I think she has to do proper makeup.

  9. a2650415

    What a vapid little cunt. She makes Paris Hilton look like Mother Teresa.

  10. StEvec

    Pumpkin-headed dwarf-ho deserves nothing.

  11. Balls McCoy

    I’m surprised. Someone must’ve read her the memo (because she probably can’t) that she’s supposed to be in mourning. (Tila: “Morning? But it’s afternoon?”) She’s showing great restraint by not smiling to the paps or showing off her titties.

  12. She looks so hot and sexy

  13. Courtyardpigeon

    Okay, they won’t believe you if you keep smiling at the cameras, so cue………………………….sad look…….go!

  14. JoJo

    Her dog is awesome.

  15. Mister Bored

    Please let this be the last of her 15 minutes of fame. PLEASE.

  16. cc

    I’d be hard pressed to spend a day in this city and not find an asian girl about 10x better looking than her.

  17. jose

    I didnt realize they got “engaged” after one date, but these pics are definetly more what Id expect from someone who lost a loved one. She a cute girl thats for sure, happy or sad.

  18. toothepoint

    Fake stories, fake tits, fake engagement, fake reality tv show… is there anything genuine about this broad?

    Or do people enjoy being continually lied to these days?

  19. Thanks for the very nice post. I must say that now a days Tila Tequila is in news due to several reason . She must be behave like mature actor. Though she is very beautiful but she needs proper touch up.

  20. hacksaw

    I’d still hit it.

  21. I’d still hit it….. where’s my shovel

  22. Matrim

    She’s one of the worst people in America. That is all.

    @ 9> “Mother” Teresa was also a horrible person, just thought you should know.

  23. Roc

    @22 Matrim – I hope you enjoy hell. .

  24. martin van buren

    does she make money doing what she does? and… what does she do?

  25. martin van buren

    does she make money doing what she does? and… what does she do?

  26. Really…Tila is not engaged,she is my favorite and when i heard her engaged new s i am depressed and now i will happy that she is single and i have chace to impress her for a date.

  27. Please just expire

    Can someone please off tila “vietcong hooker” tequila? This midget cunt’s continuing to breath is an affront to all humanity.

  28. Kill it before it multiplies

    This twat is a walking sperm receptacle. That’s all she’s good for…

  29. her visor has many little dot~~~~

  30. Nameless

    Is this bitch a dogwalker when she’s not whoring for a webcam or myspace? Every other photo of her, it seems she holding/walking a different damn dog.

  31. Vanquish

    I won’t deny the fact that she’s pretty. I’d love to spread her buttcheeks and slip my penis in her, but that’s about it. She’s such a horrible person without a shred of conscience.


  32. terri

    of course tila would lie about this she is a fame whore

  33. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Who let the dog out??? Who Who Who

  34. looks like an ugly bratz doll

    she is so fucking lame and looks weathered for an azn girl

  35. Gail

    Aaaaannnnndddd yet here everybody is still talking about her. How about IGNORING her completely?? Forget she exists. Negative publicity is still publicity.

  36. Darth

    Is this really true!? Bad,badder,baddest.It’s as bad as taking advantage of the vulnerabilty of old aged disabled people.

  37. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Talk about effects of global whoring..

  38. Gando

    How do we explain that ‘golden’ engagement dress and diamant ring? It looked pretty real to me.

  39. Boogeyman King Dong

    Da fact is that CJ spent time in Tequila gurl’s house only dressed in her undies.That looks pretty much like ‘engagement behaviour’ to me.

  40. Rhialto

    Hmm… My deep psychological knowledge and insights are telling me that there’s,indeed (@39+40),more going on than only a publicity stunt.CJ’s dogs were left by herself in Tequila’s house as well.

  41. J

    Shawn Merriman should have squeezed harder.

  42. J

    Media whore. Attention whore. Famewhore.
    See the connection?
    The 15 minutes is long gone and this
    no-talent fuckwit is still whoring.
    There is absolutely NO depth this miserable
    troll bitch will sink to in order to prolong her
    “celebrity” status.
    Beyond a set of tits, a vagina and a worn out
    pooper and maybe some oral skills, I can’t
    see why anyone would waste their time with
    this dishrag whore.
    Ms Tila…you are not a star. Your whore fame comes
    from being on reality TV (an oxymoron) and showing your
    tits, ass and vag.
    You will NEVER be anything more that fap fodder.
    The next time your mouth opens, a cock should be entering
    or exiting.

  43. “Tila Tequila pretending she hates the paparazzi now”

    lol my first thought when i saw her ‘angry’ look before i clicked the pic.

  44. toothepoint



  45. Superbiggerevil

    Little gook whore with pussy smelling of kimchee….



    So, is everyone still ‘luuuuuving’ her now?

  47. She looks so sad….the girl needs help. Seriously.

  48. Val

    This girls pathetic. Thats all the effort I’ll give to her. Now, more importantly…. Awww, cute doggie!

  49. shil beally

    the tan line stopping just above the wrist is a bit strange :\

  50. Sexually Transmitted Data

    Wasn’t Joe Francis the one who gave Paris Hilton Herpes to begin with?

    I think Francis is probably more diseased than Tequila, but what do I know?

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