Tila Tequila understands music

May 13th, 2010 // 120 Comments

Proving you never forget what you learn on the pole, Tila Tequila performed at her album release party at The Congo Room last night, but not before showing up as Leprechaun Whore-Hole Lady GaGa. Except the only thing “shocking” about these photos is that a real crow didn’t swoop in and try to force itself on Tila using its dominant size and strength. They’ll eat dead animals, but won’t touch Tila Tequila. I’ll let you read between the lines on that one. (Gonorrhea.)

Photos: WENN

  1. blah


  2. Jimbo

    Implant scar, do not want

  3. john f

    one of the most hideous gals out there
    so bloody desperate for attention
    why doesn’t she just go totally nude on the red carpet
    with those ugly distorted goiters that have been glued into her chest
    she looks like a tranny
    has a terrible body
    she thinks buying tits is going to make her hot and sexy
    god skanky skank skank
    vile gal
    no talent
    boy her mourning period for her lover last about three seconds

    sick gal
    no talent no looks no brains nada

  4. farles chew


  5. Richard McBeef

    @2 – if the implant scar is the only thing stopping you there is something seriously wrong.

  6. darin

    colored contacts, platinum blonde hair..um, what next? can’t asian sticks just stick to the natural look and not have to resort to trying to look white. it’s one thing to dye your hair a certain color, but when you go blonde with colored contacts, it’s just a lame attempt to mask your asian features. two words: self-hate.

  7. darin

    colored contacts, platinum blonde hair..um, what next? can’t asian sticks just stick to the natural look and not have to resort to trying to look white. it’s one thing to dye your hair a certain color, but when you go blonde with colored contacts, it’s just a lame attempt to mask your asian features. two words: self-hate.

  8. mambo

    playing her album release party with her legs spread and her nipples out? bitch needs to just give it up already and get into hardcore porn…pronto!

  9. Wow… she is shorter than Lindsey Lohan’s career…

  10. pimp

    i’d let her eat my ass…

  11. I consider myself a very liberal person. Most people who know me well, would say I’m a little too into self expression. Under the umbrella of self expression through any form of art there are very few things that can get under my skin and exploiting your sexuality maybe on the top of my list. Nicki Minaj, the present day shadow of lil Kim, unique style, good deliver, superficially confident and by today’s rap standards pretty hot.
    All of this can be artistically appreciated but what I have a hard time appreciating is when my ten year old cousin now assumes it’s Cool to be bisexual. And although I understand and fully support lesbians, homosexuality and bisexual lifestyles .

  12. Tial Hater

    Damn that is one classy ass lady! LMAO!!! She looks like a skinned vulture in heat! WTF? lol

  13. I think that she may be channelling Taylor Momsen.

  14. Taylor Momsen is that you?!

  15. havoc

    I’m not sure how you can be washed up before you even start, but somehow this chick just did it…..


  16. Monkey Wang

    I’d do her in the butt

  17. lils

    isn’t she supposed to be pregnant?

  18. This little piggy


  19. Pussy Galore

    #17 I was thinking the same thing! She’s supposed to be about 6 months along…

  20. bar room hero

    This is one busted looking slag.

    What does she do? What is the appeal?

  21. cc

    She’s got a fucking album? Who the hell thought that was a worthwhile investment? Even in this day and age it astonishes me that this famewhore still keeps cropping up.

  22. mer

    What the fuck is that??

  23. Bunny

    #11 Really? Put a sock in it

    She’s sooooooooooooooo ugly, so nasty and so disease ridden. I wouldn’t let her lick me after a 1/2 pint of Patron.

  24. woowiddywoo

    i like her coldsore. it brings out her nipples.

  25. fappyfap

    Why exactly did we need the stars – to prevent us from seeing double sided duct tape?

  26. Tek

    Why won’t this tranny midget just DIE already? And WTF? Whose bright idea was it to give her a record deal?! The ONLY possible way this THING could’ve gotten a record deal is if she let all the execs of the record company run the train on her!

  27. chris

    i find it interesting watching ladies with fake tits walking around showing them off like they are real. how shollow they must be

  28. Isn’t it time for this vapid cunt to end up in the back part of a van with no windows? Preferably one that’s driving out to a remote part of a huge national forest?

  29. Mr. Nice Guy

    Not a fan, but if I found her at a club like this I would be all over her. She looks Fing Hot.

  30. Courageous

    Two words: Oxygen. Thief.

  31. HeyHey

    Everyone keeps asking where her baby is. Are you all that naive? She’s an attention whore without any boundaries. When Casey Kasem (or whatever her name was) died, famewhore Tila latched on for the attention and tried for the homerun with the baby angle. Naturally, she “lost” the baby a few weeks later. How sad and convenient.

  32. Randal

    Tila has been busting mysterious moves since she magically appeared on the scene. Miss T you have the look and the action to throw a few curves the likes of which the industry has never before seen. Stunning catwoman outfits and shapely vixen body working in tandem. A long term fixture in the firmament for sure.

  33. Deacon Jones

    Hey man, I’m turned on, but that’s not saying much.

  34. DragonKatt

    She looks like one of those anime figurines….

  35. Pussy Galore

    #31 Naive??? No.
    Our comments were drenched in sarcasm. Apparently, that flew right over your head.

  36. Pussy Galore

    #31 It’s good to see that you are so in tune with Tila Tequila’s every move. Thanks for bring all of us up to speed. Pffft!

  37. Pussy Galore

    ………..Thanks for bringing all of us up to speed.

  38. t

    one of the white feather pictures has nipple that you didnt star out. like legitimate nipple, none of that pasty bullsht

  39. Andrew

    bahahahaha do you fail when it comes to star use? yes, yes you do.

  40. ctti

    @6: I completely agree.

    @12: Haha! So true.

  41. Why does she look so old?? I mean considering she’s not even 30 she shouldn’t look like she just sent two kids off to college…

  42. She looks like an extra in a mad max film

  43. leeann

    she must seriously hate herself

  44. Silencio

    Guys, she actually sings better than Heidi Montag. I mean, raps better. I mean speaks better? Yeah, she’s a trainwreck (no pun intended #26). But I would put her before Speidi on the celeb-list to throw in the garbage.

  45. Frito


  46. Ranger Rob

    I am amazed it speaks, let alone sings.

  47. All of these photos need stars on her face.

  48. Rasputins Liver


    Uhhh……implant scars….and the implants/fake boobs that go with them.

    What a major hardon killer. Besides, it’s this dumbass famewhore bitch. She alone is a stiffy killer.

    No fapping with this one.


  49. Sophie

    #30 “Two words: Oxygen. Thief.”

    Totally agree… can we kill her? I think that if Lilo can go free from jail we can kill her.
    And if anyone doesn’t blame OJ Simpson for murder, once again… we can kill her and maybe someone will be saying “Thank you”
    And if there isn’t anyone blaming Polanski for been a mtf rapist… WE CAN KILL HER!

  50. Matrim

    You know, despite my general hatred for talentless fuckwits, I can’t help but have a soft spot for anyone with the nerve to go out in public dressed in a raven carcass and nothing else. Granted, if I were her I’d be just as proud of my skill as a hunter, and would wear it’s wings as a trophy too.

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