Tila Tequila still has nipples

April 15th, 2010 // 149 Comments

Tila Tequila performed her new single “I Fucked the DJ” last night at Greenhouse in New York and it looks like she’s done pretending to adopt children to appease the ghost of Casey Johnson who talks to her at night or some crazy bullshit. Because there is literally no adoption agency on earth that will look at these pictures and go “We really need to bring a child into this equation.” I don’t care how powerful her Smurf magic is.

Photos: WENN

  1. jen

    I thought she was allergic to alcohol

  2. bitch PLEASE

    like this fucking slut didn’t know her shit was showing, i wish someone would drop a mountain on this chinese paris hilton wannabe bitch.

  3. friendlystoner


    if you gonna be racist at least get it right. she was born in singapore which is a thousand miles away from china and i`m pretty sure peeps from singapore and china would tell you aside from the geographical, there are many differences between them.

    i dont really car about her, just your comment spurred me to question what you said, which proved to show your ignorant as well as rascist.

  4. she sucks

    local radio station in south florida totally blew her off on the air yesterday. they had her calling in and lasted all of a couple of questions before they hung up. she sucks!

  5. CutTheCrap

    Fake hair, boob, eye color and persona….ALL FAKE..Are there no un-plastic people left in LA and NYC?? It’s clear she does not like herself at all.

  6. One of the masses

    Wow ….boobs hanging out, tattoos and a pinned up prom dress from the 80′s. That’s class!

  7. ctti

    #3: I hear ya.

    #47: Uh, #3 has a point. Whites are the only people who can be born with blond hair & blue / green eyes. Them & freaks of nature, perhaps. Sure, not all whites are born with those physical attributes. But NO Asian has them, naturally. I live in Singapore & there are far too many Asians here who try too damned hard to look white. Maybe they don’t want to BE white per se but they still try to look it. One of the most popular bloggers here has platinum blond hair, blue contacts, a fake nose that’s been surgically altered to look more Caucasian…& a white husband. Obvious, much? And that’s the sort of role model we want for our Asian kids? See for yourself: http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/ Seriously. “Altering” something about yourself, if limited to highlights in your hair, a pedicure / manicure or a haircut is fine. But going completely blonde & wearing colored contacts all the time when you’re ASIAN? Fuck that shit. Sure, Tila Tequila may have French blood but she still looks too Asian to even convince any semi-intelligent person with her blond hair & colored contacts.

    #52: The bitch is French-Vietnamese. Neither of those is anywhere near “Chinese”. Then again, to someone as ignorant as yourself, all Asians, look alike, don’t they?

  8. bridget

    She’s fucking ridiculous but those shoes are fabulous!


    You know, attention whores like this THING are the parasites of modern society. And they’re fuelled by YOU you damn fools. Yeah just keep saying how “hawt” she is and drooling everywhere. Guess what, this is what she feeds off. Her whole existence is getting wet over “how many people are luvvving her” right this minute.

    In the words of the immortal Paul Anka, “JUST DON’T LOOK.” And guess what, Tila I’mFuckingNobody Nguyen and Paris StupidHerpeticCunt will vanish, JUST LIKE THAT.

    And in the words of the immortal VINCE, YOU JUST GOT SLAP CHOPPED.

  10. Lololr

    how come celebrities with much bigger breasts never get this kind of waldrobe malfunction?

  11. Queenbitch

    Ugh grouse!!!!!! She has serious mental issues!!!
    Pathetic … What did she do to become semi-famous?
    Cheap ass hoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Flight ticket $1

    Hotel Room $1

    Rental Car $1

  13. AER

    At this point, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. The only thing new is the armpit stubble; and even that’s debatable.

  14. Help Me

    She may look like a ho, but I hear she makes damn good cookies.

  15. ashleyb

    OMFG can we say tooo much fake tanning on those legs??? lol honestly i would love to mess around with her if she was decapitated haha sexy body

  16. TI83

    Glad to see Tia finally got to go to her prom.

  17. this girl is s0oo Trashy Don Vuitton

  18. Trashy Trashy Trashy

  19. I wonder if she thinks shes famous

  20. I same how her nipple is pointing toward her limb pit. And nothing looks worst on an asian than blonde hair. I think she should get handicap extensions and a head reduction.

  21. ham

    To the poster saying only Caucasians and “freaks of nature” have light eyes and light hair: guess again. Indians, Xinjiang people in China, people of Kahzakhstan, the Middle East etc. all feature populations with such features. All of us, all human beings are mixed. Don’t be ignorant.

  22. ham

    Also, on trying to look “white”- so what? Who are you to judge these people so harshly? Speaking as a person who keeps her natural eye/hair colour and her original facial features, who doesn’t even wear makeup- does it matter that someone wants to do something to their own face? Even if it is indicative of some sort of cultural envy, they should have procured your understanding, not derision. If the caucasian ideal would stop being touted as the ultimate form of female beauty, maybe these people might reconsider their choices. Also, as someone wise once remarked: the more makeup a woman wears, the less attractive she thinks she is. Same applies for plastic surgery, etc.

  23. Oh. This girl is hot but trashy. I just hope everything goes well with her. lOL

  24. toothepoint

    Her nipple is sitting at 2.30pm on her fake breast. How on earth is that attractive? As for the rest of the package..

  25. Gar

    What a dilemna … i love nipples, and i hate Tila …

    Dang , the hate wins.

  26. grace

    @57 I’m Singaporean too, and I love blonde hair and colored contacts. But dude, I don’t want to look white! It’s an unfair generalization. I loved unnatural hair colors beyond blonde and beyond just blue eyes. In fact it would be more fair to say Singaporean girls aspire to look Japanese. Japanese may have created their look by copying white girls, but their look has changed into a definitively Japanese one, so it’s not longer about trying to be white.

    Anyway XX’s husband approached her first, before that her bfs were all chinese, so she’s not some sarong party girl.
    Hater much?

  27. I love how nobody will never care about her shitty music.

    That said, she’s alright.

  28. NEVER saw the appeal here. She is flat-out weird looking. Sorry people.

  29. Hair not working. These may be the least flattering pics I’ve seen of her.

    Still, I’m not opposed to her being naked 24/7. She looks like a video game.

  30. Mano Nomicon

    Casey Johnson is SO better off dead!

  31. turd da third

    Its just a dumb ho trying to find a gravytrain to ride

  32. captain america

    most americans try to “DECENT” now?
    most “Cheating” is born this way, LOSERS!!

  33. Gando

    Talking about Heidi Montag’s surgeries. . . What about this one?!

  34. Helena Handbasket

    Fish, this is the last straw. I’ve put up with a billion pictures of bikini bods, even if I don’t know the “celebrities” in question. But now, after seeing this little twit’s tits, i hereby DEMAND that you start paying equal time to the himbos. For God’s sake, Ryan Phillipe is newly single and flashing his beautiful abs all over Hollywood and ‘nere a peep from you!!! Get busy and start posting some beef and less of this kind of stinky tuna.

  35. Nero

    Hmm… Eye surgery;check.She has got Brad Pitt’s jawline,just a lucky coincidence? Silicon breast implants;check.Her butt is pretty meaty for a fragile girl like her..

  36. bimbamboing

    American beauty standards . .

  37. It's all about Rough

    She needs to put up those tampon string/late night sessions back up on her website. That’s the only way she’ll get back into my good grace.

  38. Darth

    Is this Lady GaGa or is this Miss T?

  39. cellphone

    It’s time for her to get her butt on national television again.Reality,presenting..?

  40. Starmaker


    She doesn’t like doing reality series because they’d treat her like a product.I mean,what else do you expect in this industry?

  41. What a way to begin the weekend! Tila Tequila boob shots are always on my to-do list! Thxxx from the crew at 2kids1sandbox.info !

  42. OH man! I am so high on pain meds! http://bit.ly/breyF2

  43. Ego

    I’d hit it, then have sex with it.

  44. Richard34

    That’s funny (not advertising), I ofigel
    ???????? ??? ????? ??????

  45. bitch PLEASE

    @ 53 AND 57..

    if you gonna be racist at least get it right. she was born in singapore which is a thousand miles away from china and i`m pretty sure peeps from singapore and china would tell you aside from the geographical, there are many differences between them.

    i dont really car about her, just your comment spurred me to question what you said, which proved to show your ignorant as well as rascist.

    FIRST off…i don’t give a motherfucker WHERE this WHORE comes from, i wouldn’t give a damn if she spilled out of YOUR mother’s ass, and for YOU to know exactly where she came from let’s me know you’re obviously OBSESSED with the her, and you probably go thru her fucking trash cans at night just to be able to run and tell your ONLINE FRIENDS that you own a “piece of her”.

    SECONDLY..it’s NOT car..i assume you MEANT “care”, so THAT tells ME that apparently you were either so offended about what i said (probably because you yourself are a fresh off the fising boat, no talent, burdon on america GOOK, like HER, or possibly just a fat lazy, bloated mf, that’s fingers are so swollen they fail to hit the correct key, OR maybe it’s YOU that is the truly IGNORANT ONE. oops?

    #52: The bitch is French-Vietnamese. Neither of those is anywhere near “Chinese”. Then again, to someone as ignorant as yourself, all Asians, look alike, don’t they?

    ….i suggest that YOU get together with #53 so that you two obsessed DUMB FUCKS, can actually figure out WHERE your “idol” is from. ONE says she’s from one place and the other claims she’s from another place. looks to me that it’s YOU TWO that are the “ignorant” ones. and to be honest…I DON’T give a fat rat’s arse if all asians do look alike, just as long as they fry my fish CORRECTLY…and i also think it’s quite FUNNY when people like YOU TWO come on here “defending” these fake wannabe celebrities, as if you people actually “break bread” with these people. just so YOU know and you can stop living in your “tila tequila” dream world, this bitch wouldn’t give you the time of day should she see you on the street. hell she’d probably just think you were to obsessed fat dingy mf’s..same as i do….but then again, i’m pretty sure YOU TWO would probably lick her rank passed around ALL of hollywood ass, should she let you.

    so before you EVER come on HERE trying to correct ME or ANYONE else..be sure YOUR SHIT is TOGETHER FIRST….

  46. Icky Vicky

    My god she is repulsive…

  47. Tila was born in Singapore. Her family quickly emigrated to a few places then eventually ended up moving to a small town in Texas. Then when Nguyen started middle school, she developed a “tomboy” attitude and got into a lot of fights

  48. friendlystoner


    hahahaha hit a nerve did i?

    1) i`m not obsessed with her, i just thought you comment was racist, then googled to confirm that you are and racist and ignorant.

    2)jokes about mums is the standard immaturity you`d find on the playground at school

    3)i dont live in america and i`m defo not off some “fishing boat” so thankyou again for admitted you are racist and ignorant as well as presumptuous.

    4)dont “care” if i miss a letter from a word when posting a comment on a website, its not like i`m writing a front page article in broadsheet news paper.
    i could got though your comments and easily pick out some typos if i wish but i`m not that petty.

    5)you`ve clearly got emotional issues, probabley due to diminnished capacity. i`m not angry about what you said, i feel sorry for and for those around you who have to look after you.

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