Tila Tequila still has nipples

April 15th, 2010 // 149 Comments

Tila Tequila performed her new single “I Fucked the DJ” last night at Greenhouse in New York and it looks like she’s done pretending to adopt children to appease the ghost of Casey Johnson who talks to her at night or some crazy bullshit. Because there is literally no adoption agency on earth that will look at these pictures and go “We really need to bring a child into this equation.” I don’t care how powerful her Smurf magic is.

Photos: WENN

  1. Photoshop Police

    so much for the duct tape.

  2. xylus

    Maybe they could give her that Russian boy that got returned?

  3. Jake


    • JBorn

      give them a break, they just want to look different or blend in hollywood
      i could just as well say white guys and girls cut and wax their hair trying too hard to look like the asian celebs, ehhh why bother saying it

    • Scott

      Why do you wana get tanned? its the same thing, People in General want something they dont have.

  4. They point in quite awkward directions… or at least that left one does. It’s like getting the squirrel eye…

  5. BrainBangley

    Is it wrong that I want to bang the s*** out her? She looks sexy as f*** in these pics.

  6. Jim

    That’s a nice tit, actually.

  7. Hank Rearden

    Hip Hop has reached its logical conclusion, with this ridiculous garbage.


  8. DragonKatt

    I’m sure it wasn’t a mistake. ;)

  9. No GayTards

    I would still bone the $hit out of her!

  10. What?

    What’s with the sluttier version of 2007 Paris Hilton? Gross

  11. JPRichardson

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think she is incredibly hot. I would pay a good couple of thousands…

  12. ummmm

    wait… i thought someone said she was pregnant?

  13. Matt-Zilla

    not that bad looking, better than i thought it’d be, but id still like her to fuck off and die

  14. Papa Smurf

    That’s not very smurfy, Slutty Smurf.

  15. Beeotch

    Is it me or does anyone else find this midget/oompa loompa creepy?

  16. havoc

    No mor sucky sucky. You bin here four hour! You go now!


  17. Tek

    I like how her nipple is pointing toward her arm pit. And nothing looks worst on an asian than blonde hair. Just EPIC FAIL all around.

  18. god

    Pic 7. She forgot to put on a fake nail on her ugly right hand index finger.

  19. Gozer

    Who is she and how the hell did she become famous?

  20. rex

    …cute dress though

  21. oooaaahhh

    she’s a real missile twister!

  22. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  23. tard

    “dingo took my baby.”. I don’t get it with the round tits plastic thingy. I think she should get leg extensions and a head reduction. Going to go and put jello into a couple of condoms and try and solve this conundrum.

  24. Mal

    Gross…. armpit stubble.

    And that stupid lopsided left nipple always looks like it’s trying like hell to get away.

  25. Redbull apologist

    Who the fuck drinks Redbull with a straw?

  26. smokin1919

    at least she was wearing underwear….just when you think we have reached the bottom of the “dumbing down of America” we prove we can go further.

  27. CAPS


  28. Skankapaloosa… she is making her rounds… from a set up stripping thing, to Howard Stern to whatever the flip this is.

    So desperate… SO desperate its embarrassing.

  29. Really?

    Sad thing is on this “tour” of hers, everyone from Howard Stern on down is just tossing the easy questions at her or not giving her shit. For a gnome who claimed to be she got pregnant because Casey wanted her to, yet said she was 14 weeks along (she only knew Casey for 7 weeks from Hello to burial) and all the other billions of lies she says each day, everyone just seems to be letting her slide on the fact that she’s a drugged out low-life.

    But keep wanting to bang her folks, maybe you can be on the next commercial for Herpecol.

  30. Nameless

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….her doctor screwed up sewing her nipple back on at the right spot. That’s just wonky.

  31. small asian penis

    #10 nailed it.
    Ummmm. What was that noise? Her voice is filtered so much, it sounds like a toy/Casio/karaoke machine effect. This song is total crap, really a pile of poo.

  32. alex

    Gutter trash whore.

  33. Kristin


  34. I hate this bitch

    Oh please. Nothing this brain dead attention whore bitch does is accidental. She’s pulling a slutney spears here; next thing you know, she’ll be snatch flashing…

  35. abby

    the condom (pic 2) is a classy look

  36. m.

    I love crazy women (Britney whazzzup?!), but Tila is a just too much…

  37. Haywood Jablowmie

    Just so the class can sing along (follow the bouncing balls)

    I fucked the DJ his dick was real big
    spun me right round like a rocket and he killed it
    i took it in like a champ im a real chick
    u know who the fuck i am thats some real shit
    and i talk a lot of scrill bitch motherfuckas
    be catchin feelings but i dont feel shit

    cream in my middle like an oreo
    i just wanna rock ride cock like a rodeo
    drop like ? you can check my portfolio
    make my pussy pop like i done with e-44
    dudes on my jock like hey where shorty go
    she over there in the booth u know how it go

    chorus [2x] this DJ is fuckin hot he got it goin on
    and he just dont stop what u wanna do? i wanna fuck the DJ!
    what you wanna do? i wanna fuck the DJ!

    yea i wanna get naked every single time he spins this damn record
    motherfucka by me 1 2 steppin i put the pussy on him raw no protection
    and he love it when i get on top triple x style everybody watch me fuck the DJ


  38. mchole

    Pic #2: Is that a condom in her dress? One boob is hanging out and in front of the other one is a small, square, plastic package. I suppose it could be something else, but considering who this is… it seems likely.

  39. well lthen

    I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt on the nipple thing and just guess that it’s like the little pointers on Wheel of Fortune, where they eventually just stop the wheel from spinning and point at a prize amount. Her tit started spinning like the kid’s head in Exorcist and eventually stuck against the side of her dress, pointing at the next victim of her evil leprechaun magic.

  40. Lila

    This chick is just gross…not only that, but I can not stand when chicks are total whores for men, then when they get a few drinks in them, or in her case drugs, become lesbians…get rid of her allready!!

  41. pooter

    She needs a strawberry parfait facial

  42. Rank-A-Skank

    Enough to turn a man gay…..

  43. Charlie

    ‘Maybe they could give her that Russian boy that got returned? ‘

    You…just made my day lol

  44. joho777

    Ha-ha! Tila is a goblin, exactly right!

    What is even funnier (or sadder) is the poor mutts who say that they think Tila is sexy or cute. What a major STD train wreck.

    I remember what her bodyguards call her, “the demented midget.”

  45. Idiot!

    This just goes to show what a pathological liar & attention suckup she is. Also, in the arena of “on your knees to suck and spit” streetwalking whores, she be da most classy of dem all!

  46. Dn

    Vampire kill this bitch!

  47. leid-d

    I drink redbull with a straw so FUCK OFF!

    Soooo if non-white bleaches her hair and wears colored contacts..then she’s trying to be white?
    so ALL non-whites MUST be bleached-blonde with eye colors other than brown?

    SO all you whities….lemme ask you this. If you were BORN with black hair, brown eyes…….you wouldn’t be tempted for a change at some point in your life because you are SICK of the way you were born?
    Are you TELLING me that #3 you SHITHEAD that you haven’t altered ANYTHING about yourself or have thought about it at least?
    Oh I’m sorry Jake, the only thing you wish you could alter is your SMALL ASS PENIS.

    Yup, she’s gross alright……..but hey, there are worse kinds out there.

  48. bell

    I agree with jake..Whats with the fucking asians trying to be white all the time..I went to a 95% asian school and soooo many of them were obviously trying to be white..

  49. RebelMinion

    That’s the weirdest leprechaun I have ever seen.

  50. friendlystoner

    dont care if she is crazy, she is hot and i would hit that all day long.

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