Tila Tequila starts her fake miscarriage

February 15th, 2010 // 67 Comments

Tila Tequila began the sensitive process of pretending to have a miscarriage on Twitter today:

- I just woke up in the middle of the night cuz im having these intense sharp pains in my belly. it hurts so much that Im crying wtf
- Trust me. I HATE AMBULANCE! They call all the paparazzi’s & its so invasive & everyone all up in my business. I dont like that. at all.
- I REFUSE to go to the hospital. I did last time and look what happened? Media EXPLOITS all of my pains and serious accidents. NOT OK

After shoveling out her midget shit-pile of insanity, Tila immediately switched gears and announced the joyous news that she’s going to adopt a baby boy from Russia. Who needs you, fake dying in my womb baby?

- ATTENTION EVERYONE! I have been APPROVED to adopt my own baby boy 2-3 years old from RUSSIA!!!! I will be his Mommy by the end of the year!!
- Im so happy! My Son Jayden is waiting 4 me in Russia! Im going there for 21 days to spend time with him & love him so he knows im his mommy!

I know I shouldn’t be giving Elfdar, Queen of Lies the attention that fuels her retard batteries, but I’m posting this in hopes a woman who went through a real miscarriage will eventually find Tila and punt her into an eagle’s talons.

Because I love America.

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  1. debagger


  2. gil64


  3. Someone needs to push this whore off a cliff, and do it quickly…I’d pay good money to watch this bitch roll down a hill……face first

  4. PLEASE for the love of god, stop covering her. Seriously. It’s sad. If you don’t have better material than this then it’s not worth it.

  5. brian


  6. ashleigh

    So let me get this straight, she’s giving this adopted child the name of her dead baby? Because I’m pretty sure she was pregnant when she was like 17 & named that baby Jayden.. what a wack job

  7. Stupid Tila

    Ok.. really… Who the fuck is responsible for opening up this pandoras box of midget retardation?!

    I really need to start watching what links I click from now on.

  8. Angelina

    What an awful excuse of a human being.

  9. discontent


  10. GeneralEmergency

    Ok…Miscarriage today. Adoption tomorrow.

    The “Adoption Miscarriage” is very likely planned for Wednesday.

    Somewhere, there is an Arby’s missing some counter help.

  11. Britney

    He Fish, you missed a LMAO pic of Britney and boyfriend from this weekend. Going into target braless and the boyfriend looks like an incredible redneck.

  12. anon

    don’t worry, she’ll be good and killed (kidnapped maybe?) in Russia.

  13. HollywoodRed

    Jayden? Typical. Jayden is the name every retarded slut in North America names their baby, boy or girl, cuz they think they’re being original.

    Proof: my small town has had about 3 girls in the last year give birthday before 20 and name their babies Jayden. Jayden is the new Ashley or Britney, but with all the future career options of a Destiny (porn star/stripper).

  14. fuck it, keep covering her, i have a feeling her twitter account is gonna be used to chronicle her complete crash and burn, literal crash and burn hopefully

  15. Anemone

    Umm ok… doesn’t it take weeks to get approval for adoption? Announcing adoption right after miscarriage is such bullshit.

    A person of her mental retardedness wouldn’t even get adoption approval.

  16. Lean Mean Machine

    What I like about Asian chicks is that they do not get fat like black and white sluts. This young woman is simply ravishing! Not an ounce of fat on her! Not to mention Asian goddesses are not hairy and do not have the vaginal odor of a white woman. I have been with hundreds of women and trust me, nothing stinks worse than caucason gash. Honestly Asians are both beautiful and hygienic which is a win/win!!!!

    I just luv her!!!

  17. Jade

    Hey#16…..go find yourself a mental case Asian like Tila and lock yourself in a room with her until she goes bat shit and kills you both. You are an idiot…..

  18. Slaappy

    That shrunkin voodoo head is going to scare the shit out of that Russian

  19. dude

    Y’know who’s loving this shit? Tila and her publicist. And also the haggard Fish, for taking enuff money from them to constantly run these half page ads for Tila.

  20. Jade's Dietician

    Wow #17 you sound offended! The shoe fits…the ugly stepsister!

  21. PissedToFuck

    I never comment but seriously WTF?! I always thought she was a stupid bitch whore but this is beyond wrong, fuck her I hope her ridiculous lies come back to bite her on her fucking midget ass!

  22. Jade

    @20 your an idiot also………

  23. Die, vietcong hooker, die!

    Please stop posting comments by this mentally retarded vietcong hooker. It only encourages her to act out & in a more retarded manner.

    Can’t someone please just shoot this bitch in the head? She can’t die fast enough, as far as I’m concerned…

  24. Leopold Peterson

    Somebody kill this whore before she fucks up a kid. Nobody this mentally ill should be approved for adoption. She needs to be wrapped tightly in barbed wire and rolled down a long, long hill.

  25. SATAN

    lol i love how everyone in the country wants her to die. i hope multiple stabbings are in her future.

  26. Pancho

    Is this POS able to adopt a kid? Who aproved that?

  27. i say keep covering her. better people find out about her here than to bring traffic to her twitter or website…

    *loading her website right now* god i love a train wreck

  28. blah

    this chick is gonna be the best mom ever FTW

  29. Billy


  30. Sadie

    For the record, her “sons” name was Jayden. She was “pregnant” when she was 17, annd her ex boyfriend “beat” her with a 2×4, or some shit like that, she she miscarried. Supposedly. She named her blood clot, erm, fetus, Jayden.

    Also, the other day she supposedly biffed it and hit her head. She made a comment on her twitter that she was drugged up on pain killers and sedatives. Anyone who has been pregnant knows you can’t even take Tylenol when you’re pregnant, never mind prescription pain killers. So, really, if she actually did miscarry, it’s her own fault. But, no doctor would have given her pain killers if she really was.

    This chick is just so full of shit. Karma will get her one day..

  31. Cardinal Ximenez

    I bet she got a spam email that said “You have been approved to adopt special Russian child today” and she believes it. Just send $200 via Western Union today!

    Is she honestly saying the kid in Russia is named Jayden? Trust me, there is no child in Russia named Jayden. Thats like saying there is a 8 year old kid in Fargo named Osama Bin Laden. Of course she knows nothing of Russian culture, naming conventions, etc.

    Seriously, when is she going to off herself for that final bit of fame?

  32. Dank24


    Who the hell talks like that? Oh right, a 4 year old. I swear this chick has the brain capacity of a toothpick. I hope to god this adoption thing isnt for real. God have mercy on that poor kid. Britney’s kids have a better chance of a well adjusted life.

  33. bbmaggee

    This bitch actually makes me miss the days when the fame whore we talked about most was Paris Hilton.

    Also, everytime I see a pic of her all I can think of is that South Park episode where Cartman gets knocked unconscious and wakes up a vietnamese hooker…

    sucky sucky for a bucky? Me love you rong time!!

  34. Interesting

    These guys predicted her “fake miscarriage” Check out the last sentence of the story, just above the comment section.


    I hope that bitch gets locked up soon.

  35. chelsea

    no one will OK her to be a legal mother… especially in an adoption. girl needs to check into crazyville.

  36. Solaera

    Ugh. Who cares. This trick is nothing but a filthy liar.

  37. JH

    Please stop posting anything about her. She is a freak.

  38. Fati87

    If this bitch actually steps foot in Russia, I really hope she gets wacked by a skinhead in Moscow. Cause you know… We are not as accepting of visible minority slut midgets as America is.

  39. Mikka

    isn’t the little psico from the orphan also from russia? we’ll be lucky?

  40. youth&beautybrigade

    leave it to tila tequila’s incessant need for attention to completely trivialize the anguish and frustration of families who sadly DO experience miscarriages.

  41. nobody

    This is a test

  42. Adderall makes me gay!

    MWA HAA HAA HAA, THOSE FOOOOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ‘Lightning & thunder boom, as the screech of bats and
    the flapping of their wings is heard’ ‘And then ……..

  43. I've got a crush on the GW

    She is a train wreck you just can’t stop hating. For god’s sake, this terrible excuse for a human being needs to learn to tell the truth for once in her damned life. Everyone saw this miscarriage BS coming a mile away and she still went for it.

    Seriously, this woman (if you can call her that) is a waste of space.

  44. Linestepper

    I thought I read not long ago that it quit Twitter. And now clearly it didn’t. WHY? Why tease me with a ray, a glimmer of hope and then cut my achilles tendon and chase me with a pitchfork you boyish looking festering hunk of human wasteland!! …I’m sorry, that was wrong of me, utterly wrong. It’s not human.

  45. I’m wondering how many people are involved with the whole Tila Tequila schtick. I mean, it can’t just be her sitting by herself all the time and spinning these yarns with predictable ease. Yes, she is insane but who is behind the scenes participating in this really scary piece of performance art? It is simply not possible for her to be doing this by herself.

  46. Gin

    I did like her from the beginning of the myspace craze but now she is freaken annoying!!! making a comment about every shiet that happens to her!! shut up and stop talking like you’re in middle school, biatch! Dayem!

  47. collin

    why do you keep posting shit about her man? shes a complete joke. Let her just fade away.

  48. collin

    why do you keep posting shit about her man? shes a complete joke. Let her just fade away.

  49. She is crazy.

  50. 3Danthegurl

    I haven’t listened to her in person long enough to say for sure of course, but she exhibits all of the qualities of Histrionic Personality Disorder overlapping with perhaps some characteristics of Dependent Personality Disorder. Sad. We are actually feeding every symptom by discussing her in detail.

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