Tila Tequila starts her fake miscarriage

Tila Tequila began the sensitive process of pretending to have a miscarriage on Twitter today:

- I just woke up in the middle of the night cuz im having these intense sharp pains in my belly. it hurts so much that Im crying wtf
– Trust me. I HATE AMBULANCE! They call all the paparazzi’s & its so invasive & everyone all up in my business. I dont like that. at all.
– I REFUSE to go to the hospital. I did last time and look what happened? Media EXPLOITS all of my pains and serious accidents. NOT OK

After shoveling out her midget shit-pile of insanity, Tila immediately switched gears and announced the joyous news that she’s going to adopt a baby boy from Russia. Who needs you, fake dying in my womb baby?

- ATTENTION EVERYONE! I have been APPROVED to adopt my own baby boy 2-3 years old from RUSSIA!!!! I will be his Mommy by the end of the year!!
– Im so happy! My Son Jayden is waiting 4 me in Russia! Im going there for 21 days to spend time with him & love him so he knows im his mommy!

I know I shouldn’t be giving Elfdar, Queen of Lies the attention that fuels her retard batteries, but I’m posting this in hopes a woman who went through a real miscarriage will eventually find Tila and punt her into an eagle’s talons.

Because I love America.

Photos: WENN