Tila Tequila thinks pregnant women carry around dolls

January 29th, 2010 // 72 Comments

After giving the paparazzi her exact GPS location because she’s very tiny, a baby doll-toting Tila Tequila went shopping at Kitson for Kids yesterday where she pretended her uterus isn’t the fucking Dead Zone. That said, if there should be a fetus in there thus negating the existence of God, child services better be attaching these pics to a requisition form for a tank. Seriously, you people dropped the ball with Britney, now’s it’s time to get right.

Photos: WENN

  1. George Burdell


  2. fatguyinalittleshirt

    she is seriously mental.

  3. Gigs

    She should be shot in the head

  4. Richard McBeef

    fingers crossed for stillbirth.

  5. Fugg Dudley

    She’s just an attention whore like Heidi Montag.

  6. WTF

    Is no one noticing that this girl needs a serious intervention? There is something very wrong with this girl.

  7. Scott

    Seriously, she is a person that really, truly needs help. She is not right in the head, and if she has any friends, I hope that they will do something to help her before the obvious, tragic end to this story.

  8. Tragic?

    @7: Tragic? I think you mean HILARIOUS.

  9. Really?

    She just pulled a Leno. Her brother and his wife wanted to use her as a surrogate, she says okay, then a quick, just kidding, I’d rather make my own baby in honor of my still warm dead fiance.

  10. Haywood Jablowmie

    7 as had been said here many times, the crazy ones are the best fucks. The only thing tragic about her is that she isn’t gyrating on my dick now, and she brought me an iPad as a present to thank me for a good screwing.

  11. whatever

    anyone seen the movie goya’s ghosts? she reminds me to the cracked-up natalie portman character after she’s released from the spanish inquisition.

  12. Fai

    Oddly enough, I’m more comforted seeing these pics than I would be if she was posing with an actual infant.

  13. JPRichardson

    She looks like a (gorgeous) come-to-life anime. I am OK with that. She’s incredibly cute. The perfect sex toy.

  14. CubsFan

    Why do you keep posting things about her? The only reason people like her still exist is because of sites like this. I love this site, think you are a hilarious writer, just quit wasting time on people like this. I really don’t think anyone cares to hear anything about her, she’s a waste of life.

  15. Darth

    This is what happens folks! When you overuse your vib!

  16. Nero

    What vib is the proud father?

  17. HLM

    Wow…In picture #7 that’s a very appropriate purse to carry anywhere…especially a children’s store.
    I guess you only actually get the 5150 in California if you’re a real celebrity??

  18. misterfister

    And don’t forget my eggroll this time bitch!

  19. misterfister

    And don’t forget my egg roll this time bitch!!

  20. McBiff

    Look at me I’m an attention whore!!!

  21. bb

    who is the fucking idiot with the goggles and ignorant black hat? what a god damn douche bag!

  22. sunshine

    Pic #7 – my feelings exactly

  23. Lu

    Please stop covering her. She reeks!

  24. blahblah

    Did she dye her hair? Because if she’s really pregnant I don’t think she would have dyed her hair. At least you’re not supposed to, anyway.

  25. Stef

    All that make up wearing is causing her skin to breakout. Gross.

  26. Dean

    Best part of this….look at Malibu’s most wanted on her right in the background of pic 8. Personal shopper? Bodyguard? Stylist?

  27. she will be mother soon?

  28. jose

    Shes so darn cute n fun. I likes this girl.

  29. #26: Tell that to Christina Aguilera.

  30. OsakaSushi

    You are a shame to Georgia Tech.

  31. Plagiarist

    God, Zeus, Thor, Shiva -if anyone of you exists; kill this bitch.

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  34. J

    Tila is a Fucktard.
    Calling her a retard is insulting to actual retards.
    She has a franchise on being a fucktard attention whore
    and should partner with Snooki for a suicide pact.

  35. WizardofIB

    Who the fuck is that clown walking next to her??

  36. She is just another bimmmbo gaining fame by being a whorish freak, YAWN, God, would someone do something worth while , just to humor the general bored public.

  37. yuck

    God damn I wish this stupid whore would just go ahead and od already.

    EEEW. Tila, break time over. Your next customer’s waiting for you at the happy ending massage parlor.

  38. abby

    1. Pregnant women go to the OB after 3 months into a pregnancy. As 50% of pregnancies don’t make it further. They are just too busy to see everyone who gets a positive result on a pregnancy test.
    2. Doctors and medical professionals aren’t concerned with non-medical detail. While I am sure they would gladly refer “Tila” to psychiatric help, but they certainly not acting as middle-man with “The Game”.
    3. Human gestation is 10 months not 9.
    4. You’re a pig, get some respect.

  39. Scratcher

    I hear she poops in the shower and heels it down the drain.

  40. Pal

    “Human gestation is 10 months not 9.”

    Check your facts. A baby is at term 37 to 41 weeks after the mother’s last menstruation (so, roughly 9 months, not 10).

  41. Kill the hooker!

    This vietcong hooker needs to shove her twitter up her twatter. I absolutely hate this attention whore with a vengeance; the twat will do ANYTHING to get noticed, including lying that she’s pregnant. Which brings up another point; we MUST prevent her from procreating. Can’t someone just kill her already, then deedee mao?

  42. She's the vietcong slutney spears

    Vietcong hooker. Haha; good one!

    Jesus. Now the whore is playing the “I’m a braindead idiot like britney” card. Wearing an obviously fake wig & doing stupid shit in public. At least she’s not wearing a pink wig.

    I feel a snatch flashing, car attacking photographic moment fast approaching…

  43. HELP HER


  44. she is kinda sexy.

  45. betsy

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  46. dancy

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  47. man, i thought i only felt this way. bravo. she has no entertainment value but yet she exist. so california.

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