UPDATE: Tila Tequila loses her tiny naked shit (Added video)

November 19th, 2009 // 149 Comments

Tila Tequila went on a deranged, naked rant this morning on Ustream which her attorney has since taken down claiming she’s mentally ill from the incident with Shawne Merriman. TMZ reports:

Attorney Cyrus Nownejad tells TMZ he thinks the “domestic violence” incident with Shawne in September may have “pushed her over the edge.”
Nownejad acknowledges something is seriously wrong with Tila and he’s trying to figure out how to get her some help.
Tila just took down her Ustream, showing her dancing nude and talking crazy in front of the camera. She also went off on Shawne and his alleged drug use.

So, wait, Tila Tequila took her clothes off and said a bunch of crazy shit online for attention and this is her “pushed over the edge” by Shawne Merriman? The edge between what? Wednesday and Thursday? C’mon. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to change the headline to “Tila Tequila: Still exactly the way you remember.” For accuracy’s sake.

UPDATE: So apparently one of the videos is still up. Embedded after the jump but it’s pretty wonky considering it’s currently being plastered all over the Internet. Huge thanks to Lizzy.


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  1. Chupacabra

    who’s the blonde dude?

  2. flashnorton

    Good job. You probably won’t admit to it, but thanks for letting me do your job for you. :P

  3. flashnorton

    Good job. You probably won’t admit to it, but thanks for letting me do your job for you. :P

  4. Laura

    NOT Shawne Merrimann. Good thing, because he’s cute.

  5. She ok. She not mentally ill. SHE need a real ni**a

  6. She ok. She not mentally ill. SHE need a real ni**a

  7. She ok. She not mentally ill. SHE need a real ni**a


    Fucking bitch.

  9. Drew

    Is it just me, or was anyone else hoping the gun was going to go off when it was pointed towards her head?

  10. Vanquish

    Errrr, am I seeing this right, 3 hours of this shit?

    She’s annoying as hell and fucking worthless. I’d still rail her all night long though. Kinky midgets are freaky.

  11. Dr Truth

    The best part about this video is her hilariously scene nautical star tattoo on her wrist. That’s always going to be cool. Forever.

  12. She's a braindead attention whoring slut

    This is part of her “LOOK AT ME: I’M THE VICTIM!” attention whore calculated move, to get more money from her rich ex. Now her attorney can say “look at how insane she acted; it MUST be because they got in an arguement & was beaten silly”.

    Funny thing is, this can actually backfire on the slutty attention whore. Since his case is based on him saying she went insane & he had to restrain her from hurting him, herself & others, a video of her acting insane on the internet bolsters his case. Either way, she’s a braindead stupid attention whoring slut; that will never change.

  13. hmm

    why is it taking so long to load? i doubt this is worth waiting for..

  14. Tony

    Wow, that was such a waste of time. No nudity at all! Blech!

  15. Just go away

    Another naked moment from tila SLUTqila. Can’t someone please just OFF this bitch?

  16. Read first, then ask questions.

    @14: Way to read the note just above the video:

    “It’s pretty wonky considering it’s currently being plastered all over the Internet.”

    I know, you wanted to see inflated Asian tits. It happens.

  17. toolboy

    I think Shawne should be given a medal for showing restraint. God Damn she is annoying.

  18. B

    Ok I’m not watching 3 hours of crazy. When’s naked time start? Timestamps, people, I need timestamps!

  19. Megan

    Okay, how long was this thing? I skipped to like 45 mins and she’s talking about haters and Tequila Army or something. So weird. Yes, we are lonely haters. The one thing that would make us so happy is being in your “army” and being the so-called “bomb dot com.” And watching a South Parkesque extraterrestrial strip for us. Yes, please. Sign me up for this extremely fulfilling adventure. I feel sorry for anyone who has lived in an age pre-Tequila, oh, how did they do it?

  20. Quigon Jin

    Didn’t watch the whole thing, but there’s some pretty good stuff between the 1:20:00 and 1:35:00 marks. No nudity, but she’s rubbing herself up pretty good lol.

  21. Ugh, thanks for the warnings, Megan and B. If anyone sits through this long enough to find out whether she actually gets naked (and when), you’ve got far more stamina than me.

  22. oh plz

    I like you, #12

  23. blah


  24. LA

    So, who was the dude? Don’t tell me that was the Superficial Writer? I know it’s not GW – already saw him (although I’m not convinced they’re not the same person).

  25. Eric

    The best part is when she falls off the chair.

  26. turd ferguson

    She’s a chigger.

  27. jrb

    love all her coke breaks. Not to mention the jaw grinding. Cuuuuute.

  28. I like her she looks hot i wouldnt mind at all

  29. holy fucking boring ass shit, batman! it’s like 15 minutes of nonsense for every 30 seconds of psudo stripping. the most entertaining part is that this is basically a girl sitting alone at home talking at a computer screen, asking it if it wants the lights on or off. hahahahahahaha, crazy lady. thank god I’m at work wasting someone else’s time watching this shit.

  30. dings

    sluts got the iq of a toaster oven

  31. Taz

    I’d fuck her brains out er…

  32. dings

    wait my bad a toaster oven can count and has a vocabulary of over three words

  33. gamben0

    Please someone, just put this world out of it’s misery and kill this dumb bitch.

  34. I have a soft spot for coked out ladies.

  35. SATAN

    Why are asians always such insecure losers like this one?

  36. B

    “sluts got the iq of a toaster oven”

    I actually laughed out loud at that. Nice.

    Someone has to have copied the nudie video, since this one apparently doesn’t have any of that. And, let’s be honest, that’s her only remotely worthwhile attribute: she’s kinda hot in a stupid coked out skanky stripper sort of way. As in, she’s probably wild and crazy in bed, but goddamn she needs to leave approximately 30-45 seconds after I’m done. And no talking during the sexy time.

    Oh, and my interest in the nudie vid completely disappears the moment I find out she’s been nude before. I only know her from this site, but I’m assuming she’s not actually done anything nude before. If she has, I’ll just go look at that and forget about the goddamn 17 hour insanity-fest that is this video.

  37. Devin

    Did no one notice that her pointer fingernail is broken off? Thats a little embarassing.

  38. Macho man

    sooo, when does she show her bewbs and butts? how is this nsfw considering she isn’t naked.

    3 hours and not one bewb.

  39. Anonymouse

    That gun isn’t real. There’s a part around when she starts “stripping” near the 20-22 minute mark where she points the gun at the camera and you can actually see a smaller barrel inside the barrel of the gun.

    It’s fake. It’s an Airsoft replica. I own several real guns and several good Airsoft replicas and that is most definitely an Airsoft gun.

  40. Anon

    This whackjob b!tch needs to STFU and just strip. It’s all she is good for…

  41. Anonymouse

    Here’s the exact frames you can see the dual-barrels:

    20:45 – First view
    20:55 – best views
    20:56 – best views

    Go to any Airsoft retailer and ask to see, for instance, a Smith & Wesson Sigma .40mm replica – look right down the barrel. You’ll see it.

  42. Em

    WTF. God, this bitch is lame and pathetic. She says she doesn’t care what people think and she is stripping for herself. Who the hell strips for herself? She’ll off herself soon. Guaranteed.

  43. Kiki

    Eeek! After 1:25:00 you can see the heavy scars under her breasts from the implants…..gag.

  44. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Good ol’ Tila, a class act all the way. It’s a shame she didn’t live earlier; Audrey Hepburn could have learned a lot from her.

  45. She's nasty

    I started watching this, skipped forward to about the middle, and there she is, stark naked with her tampon string hanging out. What a disgusting, nasty, pathetic famewhoring mess. She’s clearly delusional, as she claims “I’m a lesbian! I was born naked!” Really? I think her boyfriend would be really pissed off to hear that.

    She needs to be locked up quickly. Can you say “5150″?

  46. Rossco

    Around 1 (that’s hour) 25 min she actually gets topless… But she’s rapping, and it’s annoying as hell. Volume off, turn something else on, and it’s still wankable, ha

  47. who dat

    The best part is when she tries to pose on the chair and it tips over backwards. This is right at the beginning. The rest is a mentally ill woman taking drugs, drinking and ranting. Not worth the watch.

  48. F*ckRandal

    Fish I fucking hate you…Here I am sitting at work, bored out of my fucking mind checking out the local craigslist adult services action for shits and giggles when I see a notification for this post…I love asian bitches, and titties at work so naturally I wait the hour for the video to load…

    So after starting this shit at like 4:30 and hoping to get one little jerk before I have to leave work…here I am like 20 minutes later…this bitch has been yapping about god knows what, my dick is still hard and I sent my secretary home already cause I was counting on the aforementioned jerk…

    Long story short, Im gonna have a boner that Im gonna knock into ppl on the crowded train ride home, I got a headache from listening to this bitch yap and its time to go home…so no titties…no jerk…no nothing!

    At least put a fucking warning that its like 30 mins before you see anything!

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