Tila Tequila launches things

October 24th, 2008 // 60 Comments

Tila Tequila hosted the grand opening of Tacos & Tequila in Vegas where she grabbed a bunch of boobs because she’s totally bi-sexual, you guys. I almost missed these pics, and who can blame me, when the person with the most “star power” in them is Carrot Top. I mean, shit, Criss Angel was even there making it painfully obvious the owners want to run this thing into the ground and use it as a tax write-off. Unless they sat around thinking “How can we really douche this place up? I’m talking people walk in here, and the first thing they say is ‘Hey, do you smell vinegar?’”


  1. #42 don’t you know most of those types of reality shows work like that?

  2. Rabbit

    She is harsh looking… but Hell, I’d hit it twice!

  3. indrani

    That is MAD NIPPLE there! That’s no shadow. Look at it!!!! And it’s high on her breast b/c her breasts are FAKE. SO they don’t droop, they sit high. That is absolutely, most definitely a NIPPLE, and a far more obvious ones that most posted and blurred out there.

  4. be sure: PRESIDENT BUSH TOO, folks!!

  5. TJ

    Hey Retards!
    That is totally NOT a piece of her nip. Get a grip and take care of business. She is attractive and short. Although she is not showing a piece of boob (This time.)

  6. Kodos


    Hey dummy, she is of Vietnamese decent.

    Korean has nothing to do with it. Learn your slurs, jackass.

    And you call yourself Sgt.?

    Stick it up your own ass.

  7. Kahlee

    @56 read #50 post again CAREFULLY.

  8. Kahlee

    btw of course thats not nipple! But then again I wouldn’t exspect the male readers of the superficial to have a very accurate idea of the female anatomy. If you’ve ever seen a real breast there is no way you could think that.

  9. andy

    she’s shown her tits enough that you should be able to recognize her nipples. That’s just a shadow from one of the little frilly bits on the cup of her bodice. It is said she is dating friends on a sports daing site ===mysportsdate.com— Her sexy photos are found there,

  10. SD

    Those half naked dudes are from “Thunder from Down Under” that plays nightly at the Excalibur. Too bad they didn’t get the cute ones to show up.

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