Tila Tequila launches things

October 24th, 2008 // 60 Comments

Tila Tequila hosted the grand opening of Tacos & Tequila in Vegas where she grabbed a bunch of boobs because she’s totally bi-sexual, you guys. I almost missed these pics, and who can blame me, when the person with the most “star power” in them is Carrot Top. I mean, shit, Criss Angel was even there making it painfully obvious the owners want to run this thing into the ground and use it as a tax write-off. Unless they sat around thinking “How can we really douche this place up? I’m talking people walk in here, and the first thing they say is ‘Hey, do you smell vinegar?’”


  1. havoc

    No mor yanky my wanky. The Donger need food!


  2. joey joejoe

    god shes fugly.

  3. You can totally start to see nipple, but who cares when she looks like E.T.

  4. mamadough

    well, she’s not launching cock rockets.

  5. You can totally see some nipple, but who cares when she looks like E.T.

  6. Who

    I love how everybody says all these chicks are ugly and skanks, and 99% including myself would hit it. And hit it well.

  7. ams

    How did you miss her nipple?

  8. Special

    She is really sexy. seems that she is very hot on —–Bigblackconnect.com——- that is a free dating club. she must go there to find someone. i also saw her hot pics and videos on that web. unless you watch it, you won’t know how…she is.

  9. jay jay

    total nipple slip in that first pic

  10. britismyidol

    that is totally a nipple in the first pic, well part of one at least…

  11. d

    that nipple slip you are all talking about is a shadow. its too high on her boob to be her nipple

  12. britismyidol

    that is totally a nipple in the first pic, well part of one at least…

  13. britismyidol

    that is totally a nipple in the first pic, well part of one at least…

  14. No it's not

    C’mon…she’s shown her tits enough that you should be able to recognize her nipples. That’s just a shadow from one of the little frilly bits on the cup of her bodice.

  15. Max Planck

    If you guys are excited about a part of a shadow of a part of a possible nipple slip from this skank…you need to get out more.

  16. OUCH

    11 – on normal humans – yes it’s too high. on elves with botches surgery – totally possible.

    in this case, do think it’s a shadow.

  17. Mr. Sleepyhead

    Skanktamonious beeatch

  18. Lee

    God, I hate Criss Angel. When will he dissapear? Sweet hat though…haha

  19. midget leprechaun = delicious tacos

  20. Jumpin_J

    I got a shot of love… in my pants! High-yo!!!!!! Thank you, thank you.

  21. phartizan

    So whose taco do you get at Tacos & Tequila?

  22. Mcfeely Smackup

    Know what she really needs to skank herself up good?

    nothing. the random collection of tattoos, breast implants, and dressing/acting like a whore is more than sufficient.

    that being said, wtf is up with the shirtless dudes? Seriously, why are they there? What possibly positive effect were they supposed to bring?

  23. simplicity

    why is she famous?

  24. karen

    “wtf is up with the shirtless dudes? Seriously, why are they there? What possibly positive effect were they supposed to bring?”

    somebody got a very disturbing, surprise half-chubber…

  25. ChuckleHead

    Is she getting fat?

  26. SaucyTango

    So they pulled in a couple other local whores to help launch the restaurant. I find it interesting that she got to grab their boobs, but they didn’t get to grab hers. Bisexuality flow both ways honey.

  27. Gary Busey

    She is probably the hottest lil Bi-leprachaun i’ve seen – lay off her – i’d hit that pot of gold…speakin of pot….

  28. #28 – give it to me all over my face, baby!!!

  29. TS

    I was trying to figure out who she reminded me of and #3 you hit the nail right on the head. It’s E.T. Dead ringer.

  30. Mcfeely Smackup

    She’s as bisexual as an earthworm (too subtle? look it up).

    She’s never dated a woman in her life before, after, or even during this show.

  31. Chauncey Gardner

    I bumped into Carrot Top at Orlando International Airport a few weeks ago. Nice guy, but he sure doesn’t try hard to “blend in”.

  32. Her antics sure put a break on my asian fetish….

  33. Torie

    Er, Nip action much?

  34. Vince Lombardi

    A perfect opportunity for a decent human being to toss one live grenade wasted. Think of all the jurors in the world that would have given a standing ovation at the trial.

  35. EAW


  36. norton

    Wouldn’t it behoove the midget to at least have her nails done before making an appearance?

  37. Kodos

    No talent, midget gook bitch.

  38. p0nk

    Tacos & Douchenozzles

  39. The Bisexual

    How many low lifes showed up to this thing? Cris Angel….Carrot Top…Tila…it’s a freak show!!

  40. john

    chris angel and carrot top at your party. EPIC FAIL.

  41. TJ

    #38, right on.

    What’s pathetic is that she dumped her first reality show “love pick” immediately after taping so she could start her 2nd series.

    What a freakin’ messed up Flip whore.

  42. dude

    Since when is being a piece of club slut trash enough to be a celebrity>?

  43. monkeyfightclub

    I’d like to take a black light to that restaraunt to see what’s doing.

  44. is that anthony keidis in the green hat?


  45. lola richie

    It is so funny that everyone calls her a midget.. I have the same body and EVERYONE thinks I am hot! all of my husband’s friends tell him all the time. You guys are a bunch of Haters. That is the only thing she has going for her though

  46. Joe

    Nasty chipped nails! lol!

  47. I totally see nipple in the first picture.

  48. Sgt. C. Foxtrot


    She’s not Korean, for one.
    For two? For two, you deserve a hot poker up your ass.
    WUT? I hear your dad does that one for you. :D

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