Tila Tequila: ‘Just let me mourn in peace. In this tree. With my tits out.’

January 7th, 2010 // 309 Comments

For someone who’s supposed to be mourning a tragic loss, here’s a freakishly chipper Tila Tequila outside her house today attempting to ward off the paparazzi in the most insincere way possible.

“Please, I just want to mourn in peace.” *giggles*
“I’m practically paralyzed with grief.” *poses*
“There’s really nothing to see here.” *pulls rabbit out of her vagina*


  1. Rob

    WTF?!! Someone shoot her.

  2. Saleem


  3. Saleem

    First. Hah!

  4. timmy the dying boy

    I’d like to officially state that I’m ashamed of sharing the Earth’s meager oxygen supply with this thing.

  5. She’s pathetic. I can’t imagine doing any of this after experiencing a loss of someone I truly cared about. Shameful.

  6. Pete Fruitique

    wow she is awesome.. look at that skin and.. chin! fuckkkkk so hot right now

  7. Janice

    She looks pretty broken up.

    She’s disgusting.

  8. AnnaDraconida

    Her head is kinda big. LOLLIPOPPER!

  9. Amanda

    I know that Casey Johnson wasn’t a saint…but it’s a shame that her name will forever be associated with this ass hat.


  11. keijo

    who cares, i’d hit her anytime

  12. Seth

    Crazy or not, she has a rock’n rack. I wonder if she’ll do the dog for a C-note?

  13. nuno

    so good tila thank you very much

  14. Dave ain't here, man

    I’d hit her too. With a fucking shovel.

  15. nuno

    good tila thank you good

  16. Vinnie the Chin

    Salad tossing supposedly helps in the grieving process.

  17. Rough: shooting from the lip

    Like other countries that wears all black for a year when in sorrow, shes wearing black undergarments for that period of time…We all grieve differently.

  18. pimp

    she’s absolutely pathetic…she needs a dick plunged into her ass…preferably mine…

  19. Jay

    Man oh man, someone choke the shit out of this bitch. She’s a disgrace to not only asian women, but the whole universe. As someone properly stated above, she’s an absolute ‘ass hat’.

  20. Racer X

    She has the body of 12 year old boy with tits.

    /fuckin slore!

  21. Robot

    I would still hit it. THEN beat her with something heavy for not showing remorse for her dead “fiancée.”

  22. StuntMom

    i know what will make her feel better! a fiery car crash!…oh wait..that’ll make ME feel better about her.

  23. Saint_Dante

    Oh, i’d HIT THAT alright– like with a big rock to her massive skull. THAT’S how i’d hit that….attentionslut

  24. Mykl

    Looks like she found a new meal ticket for her media whore lifestyle… um, I mean “celebrity endeavors”.

  25. pure.ticking

    Yeeeah, this girl really show hers true colors…

    SHE is so self-centered bitch! (she surely thinks “fuck it, i want nice pics, smiiilleee!” – yeah excellent…bitch!!

    Everybody would cry for weeks but she is soooo OK! How is that possible? She doesn’t love her at all! Her action is so humiliating for Casey Johnson life story… I don’t know what she was thinking about this girl… engaged ? really? with this bitch? death was better choice. I am so sorry about it!

  26. fonzeyfu

    Repulsive. Maybe the media should boycott the ho – ‘cos they’re giving her what she wants.

  27. Modwild

    She’s always been a fucking skank. Duh.

  28. GeneralEmergency

    Picture #13.

    Caption for the Dog…

    “Please…. end my suffering. She makes me lick…horrible, horrible things. Please?”

  29. PoisonIvyLeague

    Slimy, stanky cooze. She’d fuck a dog if she thought it would get her some publicity.

  30. Obviously she has some serious issues. And it’s sad, clearly casey had some substance abuse problems as well, and they lived together. it is possible tila is using as well. also she has no one, and i think she needs paparazzi and twitter fans to talk to for that reason. I am not calling her a drug addict, because i dont know her personally. But it looks to me two very dysfunctional people met and fell in love.if it was real or not none of us can say for sure. But I hope this is a wake up call to paris, nikki bejou and all these other girls running around drinking and using drugs. you are not invincible because you have money. do something positive with your fame. And if you really cared about casey then you would acknowledge she was with tila, and stop blaming her for her passing. The facts are this, tila was not there around the time of her death, and even if tila was partying non stop with casey, no one held a gun to casey’s head. In no defense of tila at all, but all it takes is a few clicks on google to see pictures of all of you partying with her at one time or another. So if u want to publicly ‘stone’ tila then take a look in the mirror and be accountable yourselves. i agree tilas actions have been strange to say the least, and it doesn’t seem as though she is too distraught over the loss of her ‘fiance’. I believe she has serious emotional issues. but if you want to show some respect for the loss of your friend and family member then do whats right and stop arguing, no one deserves this and you should be remembering her life and mourning in peace. stop adding fuel to the fire. it’s making you all look ridiculous.

  31. emma

    WTH?! I thought she was so upset? That hole you’re digging, Tila, is getting deeper and deeper– and hopefully your 15 minutes will be up soon, you need help—–I am now convinced that your are CRAZY!

  32. judith

    i am completely disgusted. this is her “mourning”? SMH

  33. Zee Brat

    This is amaz– She’s ama– I’m amazed! She’s fucking ridiculous.

  34. She's a nasty bitch

    Oh yeah; she’s DEFINITELY in mourning, as she poses for the camera & smiles like a whore getting paid. I so hate this cunt.

    Someone please shoot this attention whoring vietcong hooker. One in the head should do it…

  35. fame whore hater

    love how during her grieving process she was able to APPLY FAKE EYELASHES!!!! I cant wait till she ends up broke and friendless like she deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Snatch flashing soon

    She’s the asian slutney spears. Crazy as batshit; unable to understand simple things like “when you’re in mourning you’re supposed to be sad”. I expect snatch flashing & head shaving soon from this nasty twat…

  37. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    How does anyone, male, female, or hermaphrodite, find this freakish, ghoulish, pus filled Chinese Leprechaun sexy enough to touch? much less let her lick your p-p place. Thank God the police took the dogs from her, who knows what kind of horrible sexual abuse they would have suffered before becoming Puppy Fried Riced or Moo Goo Dog Pan

  38. V


    …that is until her and Sam Cassell return to their home planet.

  39. Walter

    She is now wearing her official mourning black bra. I wonder how long her tits will be in mourning.

  40. Steve

    She and Tiger should get together.

  41. californiaflame

    God this whore is fucking revolting. RE. VOL. TING.

    Her level of whoreish pathetic-ness has officially surpassed all others. Someone break into this bitch’s house and put her out of our misery. Please.

  42. californiaflame


    Superficial dude rocks.

  43. Afonso

    What the hell is that? Is that a house? She looks like she lives in a trailer park…

  44. Paul Marco

    Why is it that everytime I see her I look back at my TV because I think “Full Metal Jacket” is playing on SPIKE TV.

  45. cc

    Little known fact that some leprechauns lead you to a pot of dung at the other end of the rainbow.

  46. be careful,dont drop from the tree, baby

  47. what a waste of perfectly good implants.

  48. you noe ROBOT to say id hit it,but then kill her or hit her over her head for not show remorse for her so called fiancee is cruel funny in a way but cruel funny the part of I’D hit it but then hit her etc.oh god you guys are loco
    RIP but i want to know did TILA try to help her AVOID/STAY OFF DRUG and alcohol
    if not then i blame her too sad a heiress rich future still at her 30S and old enough to know to stay OFF and out of a negative bad life,but yet NO ONE was able to sav
    ]her either way sad,and she can’t sagve herself either so more sadder,wow.

  49. Automated Response


  50. rob I AGREE
    lmfao and i agree on TIGER,is better for her lmfao she is disgusting chick,
    her but her EGO she is disgustin loser. no real life,thought she was hot please
    who can’t try TO BE SEXY not hard but REAL BEAUTY IS MORE HEIGHT MORE
    OF A EXOTIC BEAUTIFUL type look,sultry model tall lovely voluptous i prefer she is regular wit no hips lmfao no butt no teta that is real,she fake breast nothin is real lmfao,ONLY LAMES AND DESPERATE men think she is all that or desperate women,us REAL men know better .



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