Tila Tequila is seeing Casey Johnson’s ghost now

January 5th, 2010 // 48 Comments

And Tila Tequila continues to beat the dead horse formerly known as Casey Johnson:

I can’t stop these haunting visions of her and I. We made such a lovely couple, only beginning to spend the rest of our lives together…

If Casey Johnson truly is haunting Tila Tequila, I’m going to go out on a limb and assumed it’d be saying things along the lines of “Stop Twittering about me, troll with implants” or “Guess what. You still have herpes in the afterlife, so I’ll be over here knocking shit over in your kitchen while you’re trying to sleep.”

NOTE: Fox411 shoots down Tila’s bullshit claim that Casey was in a coma last night in case anyone needed more proof that Tila’s the world’s shadiest Smurf-ostitute.

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  1. HackSaw

    Elfin magic at work.

  2. dgi

    wtf is wrong wit tila?

  3. danny

    Thanks. The only pseudo-celeb I care less about than Tila Tequila is Casey Johnson & Johnson. (Although I love margaritas and frequently use baby oil.)

  4. Csh907

    Ok so I am super confused… when did the leprechaun get engaged to this chick? Wasn’t she already dating that big black dude that beat her ass this summer? I can’t keep up… she must be in some sort of super secret competition with Hayden Panettiere for the title of “World’s Greatest Midget Whore.”

  5. Csh907

    Ok so I am super confused… when did the leprechaun get engaged to this chick? Wasn’t she already dating that big black dude that beat her ass this summer? I can’t keep up… she must be in some sort of super secret competition with Hayden Panettiere for the title of “World’s Greatest Midget Whore.”

  6. J

    In Tila’s world not Twittering = coma.

  7. Jim

    A shame. Opponents of gay marriage were all set to change their views because of those two.

  8. Kelley

    What an intelligent, useful-looking creature … everyone will forget about this by next week.

  9. Carmen

    I’m having haunting visions of a heiresses’ nice, teacup sized breasts falling towards me, and my mouth is watering.

  10. Duh

    “Haunting visions” doesn’t mean she’s seeing ghosts.

  11. Kim

    Wow – pic #3. All that money, and she couldn’t buy a respectable body height. Must suck to be super rich, yet trapped in a pint sized body.

  12. Tila just keeps getting more and more pathetic.

  13. Name (required):

    Another talentless “hollywood whore” dead.
    Who gives a fuck?
    More of them need to die.
    If your claim to fame is that daddy left you a bunch of money, I have no sympathy for you at all.

  14. dude

    that’s a dude.
    Tila found everything she wanted…a chick with a dick.

    “Smurfostitute” made me laugh milk up thru my nose all over my probation officer.

  15. Delgo

    Lets tweet about someone who died yesterday.

  16. POW

    Another ugly good for nothing bites the dust. Man, she could have at least used some of that money to see a plastic surgeon about that face. Now I’m going to have nightmares.

  17. Bosco

    Oh God why couldn’t you have taken Tila? WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!

  18. blah

    Looks like the pot at the end of Tila’s Rainbow is full of Fail.

  19. Fred

    Tila is fucking insane…

  20. jubjub

    The wrong broad died; it should have been the Asian one with the giant fake knockers.

  21. Kate Gosselin

    #20; do you mean Jon Gosselin?

  22. Jade

    Next thing you know crazy ass Tila will say she is pregnant with Casey’s baby. Something that could only be possible to a loon like Tila. What a freak, please someone take that girls Twitter account away from her.

  23. Miked

    Who is this dead whore?

  24. enough

    enough with posting of this vapid tila whore. anybody dying is sad enough irregardless of the cause or age. I used to enjoy this site’s humor but lately all you focus on is wishful pseudo celebs. bring back the original superficial!

  25. Armando

    I’m sorry to offend but imagine how much grace there could be in the world if skanks like Tila where just shot the moment they decided they’re 15 minutes were not enough.

  26. God of Thunder

    Poor girl. Such an ugly individual.

    #23. Miked. Your guess is as good as mine.

  27. Boogeyman King Dong

    Da case of miss T and da flying vib?!

  28. samael

    She looks like another coked-out anorexic. Sorry she’s dead but someone had to see this coming.

  29. Deirdre B Pride

    The bytch is on some serious shyt.

  30. Yeah...right

    Truly…if Tila cared for Casey she would be mourning in private and not milking it for all the publicity. It’s just plain disrespectful.

  31. truth doctor

    lol “just beginning to spend the rest of our lives together”. Oh god, the irony!

  32. Fred Garvin

    I can’t keep up with all the Amtrak numbers, so many wrecks occurring on a weekly basis

  33. dffdf

    tila is just sad that her cash cow died before the knot was tied

  34. Tila is obsessed with some Tequila i guess to see such ghosts.

  35. Tila is a psycho. I wouldn’t be surprised if she killed her just so she could get more stuff to write on twitter.

  36. cc

    With any luck, we’ll all be seeing Tila’s ghost soon.

  37. Annie Loves Anal

    I’m sorry, but Americans are out of work (over 10 percent unemployment) and losing everything, simply because douche bags like Johnson & Johnson couldn’t watch their books and maybe ease up on the corporate bonuses, and we are supposed to feel sorry that this useless twat drowned in her own vomit? Give me a break. At least Tila is trying to make a buck off the whole thing, because don’t think those corporate shit bags wouldn’t if they didn’t have millions already!

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate that little Cambodian greased up troll, but common, at least she’s displaying a little preliterate work ethic and mixing shit up. Power to the people!

  38. Trick

    Ok America this is what happens when you fuck with Vietnam. They kicked your ass in the war and just when you think shit is cool between you two they land their knockout punch.

    Tila was their master plan after all. Bred in captivity in a secret facility in Nha Trang, she was smuggled in the ass of a courier pigeon to infect you lot with her retarded behavior and Herpes (obviously).

  39. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Weird coincidence: Did anybody see ROBOT CHICKEN this morning? It was the one where they make fun of Tilas dating show. Anyhow, Tila “falls in love” with one of the contestants (whose name she keeps pronouncing wrong) and he dies and then Tila is standing there screaming “Oh no! My true love is dead! Now I will have to find someone NEW to love ! So watch me in the next season of SHOT OF LOVE!” Damn. That was prophetic!

  40. oh a enthusiastical kiss to who?? to me hehe

  41. Tila'sNewSqueeze

    I love it when people who have everything and every opportunity given to them by life and the genetic lottery still somehow manage to fuck up their lives. Good riddance to Casey Johnson. Darwin Award nominee for sure.

  42. D-chi

    Tila may be kinda crazy, but the whole thing is just so sad.

  43. #38. Funny. What a sad life.

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  45. she must be in some sort of super secret competition with Hayden Panettiere for the title of “World’s Greatest Midget Whore.

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