Tila Tequila ditches Uncle Fester, back to chicks

April 24th, 2009 // 60 Comments

Apparently it’s Return to the Vagina Day on The Superficial. (Frankly, I never quit the stuff.) This time around it’s Tila Tequila who was dating Billy Corgan but that non-surprisingly sent her right back to the lady bosom. Then again, I’m impressed she didn’t swear off humans altogether. If pics popped up of Tila humping a giraffe at a nightclub, I’d just nod my head as if to say “You earned it, lady. You earned it.”


  1. timmy the dying boy


  2. NipTuck

    and I care…..never.

  3. Timmy the alive boy

    She is so fake.

  4. Rankor

    BUTTER face. she looks like an alien.

  5. lame ass’ right boot is ripped in the back. holler

  6. timmy the dying boy

    And, God, I wish I knew why this waste of oxygen is famous.

    Sorry, I would have mentioned this earlier, but I’m a really slow typist.

  7. Objection sustained

    I don’t get it either.

  8. Objection sustained

    I would like to add, for the record, that Asian chicks look extremely weird with blonde hair.

  9. Ummm WTF? She was dating Billy Corgan? Ewwwww!!

  10. sam

    Fuck you all, i think she’s hot…You F’ing haters..

  11. kels

    when will all asians learn to accept their uglyness? they all seem to try hard to suppress their asian(ness). be proud of your round flat heads and chinky eyes.

  12. kels

    when will all asians learn to accept their uglyness? they all seem to try hard to suppress their asian(ness). be proud of your round flat heads and chinky eyes.

  13. Photoshop Police

    is there some fake lesbian calendar of events cycle that these people are using?

    break up, get back together, fight, drink, do blow, fight, break up, go straight for 2 weeks, make up with your gf, fight, etc.

  14. Enorme Nuez

    What is this woman famous for? Having the most MySpace friends? Seriously why is this news? Three questions, one answer: “Being a whore.”

  15. jjdaddyo

    Me love her long time.
    Bet I am the first person to make that joke, ever!

  16. Grobpilot

    #10: Why use the work “fuck”, but don’t spell out “fucking”? Most likely, you’re just a bit confused (much like being confused about your sexuality).

  17. JPRichardson

    I would pay $100 bucks to see those two doing nasty things to each other. Probably even $110.

  18. JPRichardson

    She has a very hot body, anyway.

  19. #17: $111 going once…

  20. Fuck U

    If I could put a plastic bag over the bitchs’ face…I’d hit it.

  21. Darth

    She looks familiar,but who or what is this creature?

  22. Gando

    Is this a cross between a Bonobo and two coconuts?

  23. Rhialto

    Where’s Darth? And who’s that chick?

  24. Ohhhhh Tila, she’ll do ANYTHING to keep her remaining 5 seconds of fame going.


  25. Darth

    I don’t remember her anymore but i’d remember her dog! Whoof!

  26. Nero

    where did the dog left its tooth print?

  27. paul

    when are tila tequila and lindsay lohan gonna hook up and a make a tape? i wanna see that more than the david letterman wants to see LC’s

  28. Chris

    Something is fishy about this….

  29. paul

    i forgot to say i was kidding about wanting to watch a tila/lindsay sex tape…there would be more boobs and ribs there than at a white trash bbq

  30. Idiots galore

    Hey #12 Kels

    When will racists and bigots learn that generalizing is a tell-tale sign of being poorly educated? And when will you people learn that racism actually puts racial interactions back into the social narrative? The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Way to go, Slave. Go ahead and fester in your resentment; you’re so busy trying to prove your superiority that you get nothing done.

    Why don’t you grow some, move out of your little town, and travel the world a bit? Might do you some good…

    Tila is disgusting.

  31. Joejam2845

    Jeze this chick is Popular I never heard of her!

  32. Rex

    She’s famous because someone wrote a script that got her a lot of myspace friends. Good timing and good programming.

  33. Mr. Obvious


    Fake boobs….yes.

    Knows her way in the bedroom…probably.

    = Mostly do-able.

  34. k



  36. Joe

    There are definitely plenty of gay men that women find attractive. Well, some women – mostly the ones who are afraid of sex. They find the softness of the gay men attractive. Zac Efron, for example – young girls who are interested in guys but deathly anxious about actually having intercourse find him irresistible because he’s so non-threatening.

    But lesbians…no such luck. The real ones, at least, are unattractive to begin with, and lesbian because they were abused, so they think their own bodies are ugly and take pains to make them uglier (example: Ronson). Fake ones like Tila and Lindsay are just annoying. If all of them – real and fake – were killed this night, there would be nearly zero loss to hetero guys in terms of pokeworthy holes.

  37. salawhite

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  38. Darth


  39. BobbyKnobby

    I want to punch this gook cunt in her round face.

  40. I thought Asians are suppose to be small, cute, natural, innocent looking and naughty in their own respective little ways…This girl sponge human fluids like rice wine…

  41. i thought they had some tv show where she was supposed to find her true love

  42. salawhite

    Recently I found a very hot club — SeekingTall . c o m — just for sexy tall gals and guys to find their cupid. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your love.

  43. So you are automatically dating whomever is standing closest to you when your picture is taken? Interesting…

  44. Frees My tivo up

    WAIT! so is this a spoiler? DId she NOT find love on the MTV reality show?? I’m right on the last episode.

  45. smarg

    She is one really ugly slopehead. Eew.

  46. yo

    hot body, wierd face.

  47. que dre

    Orientals so like to emphasize their eyes and point out to westerners that they’ve got a double-lidded eye architecture.

  48. Well, the month has an “R” in it which means it’s the right time for eating shellfish.

  49. rtp

    Tila cochina?

  50. lovekicks

    who cares if she’s asian or not.
    she’s ugly, big whoop. not all asians are.
    you racists disgust me.

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