Tila Tequila is a ‘Messenger from God’

Tila Tequila’s publicist quit yesterday so she decided to mark the occasion last night by tweeting she’s “God’s messenger” sent to warn us of “the end” and, if I’m reading this right, not have lesbian sex with Casey Johnson because she’s an angel, too. I don’t even know:

This is the end of the end. Don’t take your lives for granted because it will all end very soon. Sooner than u think.
Everything you do now is totally irrelevant to what is to come. I am only here to warn you as God’s Messenger and Angel disguised as A Human
God Bless and pray. Pray for all the wrongs you have done to others, pray for all the hurt you have bestowed. Judgement day is coming…
God took the Love of my Life away from me because I promised him that I was only here to do my job. But I fell in Love with Another Angel
So he took her away from me. That was my fault. I broke the rules of being an Angel on Earth as a messenger. We’re not allowed 2 fall in luv
With another Angel. Cuz it will distract me from doing my job of helping the world. The minute I fell in love with another Angel, I stopped.

She then claimed to be abandoning the name Tila Tequila, become an ambassador to Vietnam and quit Twitter forever. Which worked for about two hours until she returned to accept submissions for her new record label. You know, God’s work.

GOD: Did you sign some successful artists today, Tila?
TILA: No, but I smeared Jell-O on my ass while tweeting I’m a dragon.
GOD: …. Well, that’s one way to usher in Armageddon. I guess.

Photos: Flynet