Tila Tequila [insert witty alcohol-related joke here]

Does anyone remember Tila Tequila? You know, the lovable Asian leprechaun stripper who failed to find love on the first season of her reality show and, oh phooey, now has to take another – wait for it – Shot at Love. Contestants were surprised last season by the twist that Tila was looking for love whether it came with a wang-a-dang or a va-jay-jay (Technical terms.) but now everyone knows what’s up and it’s going to get freaky, according to NY Daily News:

“Since everyone already knew, I was a lot more guarded and aware of who was there for me and not just trying to be on TV,” said Tequila of the new season. “Their parents also already knew about the premise of the show, so they were a lot crazier, too.
Tequila and the last four remaining contestants in the competition make home visits to the contestants’ parents. “Like, moms were making out, but it was fun!” said Tequila.

Tila just wants to find somebody’s whose “real” this time around. Which is ironic for a chick who pretends to be bi-sexual and had a serious boyfriend during the whole first season. Just sayin’:

“I just want someone who’s chill,” she said. “Not so caught up in this lifestyle. Someone who has their own sense of identity, so they don’t confuse it with mine. When I do my job, I want to come home to another world, an escape with someone else, and do something totally different.”

While “moms were making out” is a staple for any good TV show, I think I’ll pass on this season. Or at least try to. I gotta admit, I did watch Rock of Love 2. I’m sort of a sucker for shows where strippers talk about their feelings and it doesn’t cost me $20 or, that one time, the deed to my house. Curse you, Misty Melons! I should’ve known it wasn’t your first day when you said you grew up during the Depression. But, nooo, someone had to make Jager so goddamn delicious. I’ll bet it was Jesus.

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