Tila Tequila: I saved gay marriage!

Tila Tequila packs a whole lot of ego in her Asian Leprechaun body. She’s claiming her MTV show A Shot at Love opened the doors to gay marriage in California, according to Us Magazine:

“It is because of me — I definitely think [my show] has helped the movement. Before it came out, everyone was still a little apprehensive about [same sex relationships],” she said. “Then they realized, ‘Wow, everyone is really into this stuff, and it is fine.’ The next thing you know, [gay marriage] is legal.”

Somewhere, Ellen DeGeneres just bought a fishing net. No one usurps her “Everyone’s Favorite Lesbian” throne. She didn’t tell Rosie to “be herself” on The View for this to happen. Now, where’s her 4-wheeler with the midget harpoon gun…

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