Tila Tequila’s breasts don’t look out of place

April 2nd, 2009 // 85 Comments

Here’s Tila Tequila outside of Sunset One last night demonstrating how much she hates clothes but loves breasts. *sigh* It’s like we’re the same person. Except I don’t know where the pot of gold is.


  1. g_girl

    first, skanks

  2. ilikemen

    i cry when i masturbate

  3. tila tequila

    these really expensive giant plastic whore bags totally distract from my sideways vagina, right?

  4. Karen

    Ok, enough with the fake lesbians. If you’re so mentally unstable that you can’t locate a sexual preference, it doesn’t mean you’re bisexual. It means you’re a loser.

  5. Tony

    Wow! I’d love to break a tooth on one of those!

  6. She is a walking Petri dish.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Nah, it means you’re a REALLY bid slut.

    Open up, motherfucker

  8. Ang

    Apparently somebody only had 2 dollah.

  9. Dan

    Sorry but that’s gross.. why does she even bother with a bra?? Those bags of silicon aren’t moving any where.. just stick some tape over your nipples and call it a day.

  10. dude_on

    Proof once again that you can put tits on damn near anything and make it better. Fake tits are easily the best thing science has produced since microwave burritos.

  11. Jay

    Who goes out in nothing but lingerie and a jacket? Actually, nvm…don’t answer that…

  12. This Banckock booberella got a superb body minus the inflatables…Id kiss Paris Hilton before i kiss this spit swapper.





  15. If Vince Shomio likes to kiss, he should seek this chic…

  16. Newcastle

    How anyone can be attracted to that is beyond me.

  17. JSpicoli

    What a slunt

  18. 10hard

    The bruise on her thigh is real hot…

  19. amanda

    i dont remember those things being quite so large…

  20. Brian

    Please, get her and Octomom and shoot them both in the face.

  21. Max Planck

    Excuse me but could you bend over the side of my boat…I don’t want to damage it against the dock.

  22. Monkey's Bone

    They have an air valve underneath. She just pulls into a local 7-11 and drops a quarter in the ole air machine, and *presto* – Monster-Boobs

  23. britney's weave

    “Except I don’t know where the pot of gold is.”

    good one, fish. :-D

  24. Ted from L

    Do you know what would look really good with those clown tits? Huge floppy red shoes.

  25. She is filthy, but I would like to play with those fun bags.

  26. Crappola

    mmm… boobz… but ‘er face!! Agh.

  27. Dave

    Where is daisy at? Perfect spot for a “fake……shadows are all wrong” comment.

  28. jt

    i love em this real.

  29. Mama Pinkus

    I’d like to thank the previous posters – been feeling a bit down lately and reading these witty-isms has me laughing my ass off. Well done!!!

  30. Lain

    Did she get a new set of implants? She admitted they were fake before. But these look bigger and more bolted-on!

  31. She should just bite the bullet and do porn… oh wait…

  32. Roxi

    its obvious she has gotten bigger implants and i wonder how far would she go the next time? those are almost as big as her midget body, geeeeeeeeez :X

  33. Apes in the White House

    you can see the sickle cells just oozing out of this monkey lover. She probably voted for Obomma.

  34. California Red

    this chick is a never was. Let her fade into oblivion.

  35. Fati

    Those are one of the most obviously fake boobjobs I’ve everseen. Does any celebrity still has natural boobs? That’s so pathetic.

  36. Turd Ferguson

    I’ll take small realies over big fakies anyday.
    Those things just look silly.

  37. Amy

    Those have to be, without a doubt, the most horribly fake-looking breasts I’ve ever seen. I should know, I’ve got fake breasts. I mean, I’m broke as a joke and I could afford more realistic looking shit than that.

  38. havoc

    Her fifteen minutes were up a loooooong time ago….



  39. Anus Licker

    I’d stil poke her in the bung hole!

  40. ashton

    ugly ass leprechaun

  41. Tom

    I would hit that…again.

  42. “Tila Tequila’s breasts don’t look out of place”

    They wouldn’t look out of place in a quarry.

  43. JPRichardson

    Lovely little tight body. Boobs are a big no-no, but the rest is fine. I would so much hit that…

  44. rambo

    I once killed one of those in Khe Sanh, back in 1968, when hunting in the area was legal… I fucked it then shot it in the face.

  45. Asstronaut

    They can put a man on the moon, but they can’t make fake boobs with natural looking cleavage? What is science FOR anyway?

  46. Gar

    am i the only one who find her less attractive than an ugly green pink dotted martian ?

  47. farty mcshitface

    47, no you aren’t. this lousy attention whore is over her 15 minute limit and using up someone else’s credit fo another 15. she is hideous inside and out. i wouldn’t fuck her even if i lost a bet.

  48. kels

    ching chong ding dong… me love you long time….2 dolla make me holla…she’s looks like a beast from the east! yuckers!

  49. kels

    ching chong ding dong… me love you long time….2 dolla make me holla…she’s looks like a beast from the east! yuckers!

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