Tila Tequila doesn’t swing both ways

November 30th, 2007 // 182 Comments

In her MTV reality show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, Tila tries to find love with a man or a woman. The show’s premise is that Tila is bi-sexual, but a source for Page Six is saying she’s totally straight and even has a boyfriend:

“She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all.” Our insider claims that MTV works hard to pretend she’s single and available because she refuses to break up with her boyfriend, “who’s like five years older than her. This is a massive scam . . . That’s why they are not continuing with the show [for a second season], because she won’t dump him.”

And for those of you who think Tila seems pretty cool on the show, surprise, she’s a bitch:

Tequila has also been acting like “a diva” and become a “nightmare to work with,” said the source. “She arrives late and doesn’t talk to any of the contestants between takes. She complains she has too much going on.”

I don’t believe a word of this. If Tila wasn’t really bi-sexual, they’d break it down for me on The Hangover. You know, that cleverly-named investigative journalism show that comes on after A Shot at Love. Each week they interview a different contestant who gives deep, revelatory answers like “I can’t really say, you’ll just have to watch next week’s episode.” And I do!


  1. Donkey Ass

    She’s gross

  2. Spongebob Gangsta


  3. POGO

    first. this bitch is ugly anyways…

  4. Leeshka

    Ugh, she’s got one of those bizarre Kathy Ireland heads that makes me want to put it into a c-clamp and keep on twisting until it just pops.

  5. shes made out w/ one of my friends whose a girl so i dont believe this story

  6. Gene

    What’s with the huge fucking head? She’s a dog.

  7. Stelahh

    who cares…

  8. havoc




    I totally don’t fucking care!

    Nobody/Reality TV/ Psuedo-Celeb/ Whore


  9. PunkA

    Wow. The love child of the little kid from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and some random white chick looks like she got branded by the mad heart eater. And she is average. YAWN.

  10. I practice at the same studio she recorded her first album at.

    She’s very “meh”.. the only reason she’s famous is because she’s a celeb-whore.

  11. RENEE...

    Based on the opening picture I was gonna say, wow, what a pretty little asian bitch. But then I got a load of the other pics and now I wanna say…jeez what an ugly little troll-e, dwarfy, skanky, asian bitch… with a big ol’ giant pumpkin head. Whats up with that? Was she born with the mongo sized head or is it just a mass of hair extensions? You just never know these days…

  12. Igottabemeee

    The lowest common denominator wins again.

  13. MindRiot

    Never heard of her until you ruined it.

  14. MMB

    I like how they are all flippant, like, yeah, she’s made out with girls, because, you know, EVERYONE has…that is so stupid. not everyone has. it is sick to see how warped the people at MTV are, and how out of touch with middle america they are…sure, fake-o bisexuality is now at a nearly epidemic level, but it is still just not EVERYBODY doing it…Lordy Lord I hate MTV…

  15. D. Richards (Feet too. (?)

    Hell, “Diva”? I act like a whore at work. I don’t talk to any of the people I work with and I shit on the floor. So what? I feel bad for Dani. That guy’s the coolest person on that show. Maybe he’ll be able to find love somewhere else, ya’ know?

    I’d like to see Dani balls-deep in Tila’s ass. That would be so fucking hot. Dani’s enormous phallus buried to the hilt in Tila’s throat! Ugh.. I just came.

  16. i hate phonies

    first paris hilton, now her? please let her fade out soon, pleeeaaase!!!

  17. woodhorse

    The Australian Shepard struck the same pose at the national dog show and won. She’s just an odd looking dog.

  18. Nefarious Crotch Kicker

    Is she a midget? Those tattoos are disgusting. Alright, back to ripping away taint hair with duct tape.

  19. Vince Lombardi

    I knew someone who had a head shaped like hers once… but he was wearing a football helmet!

  20. Ok, that whole page 6 article is BS.

    “That’s why they are not continuing with the show [for a second season], because she won’t dump him.”

    Why on earth would you plan a second season of a show thats supposed to end with finding love. Thats like you lose something, you find it, but you continue looking. It makes no sense! Clearly this person was just out to make it into a mag.

  21. Mick

    Like we all didn’t know this already. MTV is known for the “fake reality” show.
    PLUS, Her boyfriend must be a real douche to not care his tiny whore is running around making out with everyone.

  22. I really hate it when…. Oh fuck it. this bitch is not worth finishing my thought.

  23. veggi

    It looks like she did swing both ways. With a baseball bat. To her head..

  24. Mick

    I agree with 16.
    I’m a female who has never made out with a girl because you know, I like men not women.

  25. ScuttlingCrab

    I was married for 20 years. But I watched a lot of MTV and it taught me to stop being conservative and do what I really want to do. You only live once, you know? So now I have a harem of manga-reading half-black, half-Japanese triplets who can pin their legs behind their ears. It’s fun.

  26. Ceeli

    D. Richards… Dani is a GIRL! And she is awesome!

    MMB… you are right… not EVERYONE makes out with girls… like gay guys and ME!

    However… the show rocks! And WHY would she do a second season if she finds love on the first? DUMB!

  27. HurryUp,15Minutes,HurryUp!

    “She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all.”

    As all girls have?!? Not me. Anyway, one look at her would scare any lesbian straight.

    Shame on her for using the name of a fine liquid refreshment in vain.

  28. llllllllll


  29. Princess

    “She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all.”
    I am a girl, and I have never made out with, or even kissed a girl.
    this show was retarded and a ratings stunt from the start. who didn’t see that? They would have to be a total retard…but then, they would be watching Mtv…the answer is in the question.

  30. Fehklar

    Ugh… She is not attractive at all.

    She is trashy and ghetto to my eye.

    I have actually watched the show for about 5-6 minutes.

    Sorry folks, but this is a Grade A, top of the line, piece of shit excuse for a human.

    I hope she dies of bone cancer.


  31. vaggo

    Damn, I hope this isn’t true. I’d love to do her, maybe a three-way with my bf.

  32. woodhorse

    26: I never made out with a woman either but for $100,000 I could think of at least 10 women who I would try to make my bitch. Does that make me a prostitute? I don’t think so. It’s not like I’m not choosy. And not cheap either. 100 thou a year buys a lot of beer as the saying goes.

  33. You know why alot of women say they’re bi-sexual? Because it sounds and is as horny as hell!! When a guy says he’s a fucking bi-sexual, it’s disgusting, sick and a FAGGOT….AND HE IS!!
    Which guy doesn’t dream of his girlfriend licking the pussie of her friend. And you’re the “asshole” who lies between them, HOT!!

  34. whatever

    Just lookng at her I can tell she’s an annoying little bitch.

  35. veggi

    34. a LOT of beer! could last us at least a month!

    36- agreed.

    but you know who isn’t annoying? the guy in the ad for the underwear model. Nope. Not annoying at all..

  36. yea

    Who’s this constipated looking fugly chick?

  37. I made out with a girl one time. That’s how I know I’m not bisexual. Tri-sexual, maybe–I’ll give most things a try at least once. So maybe she did the same deal, just kept trying over and over to be absolutely sure…

  38. It there a new post yet?? Or will Woodhorse start handing out that beer??

  39. roastbeef

    she needs to clear up that acne!!!

  40. tp

    i hate asians

  41. Shallo Val

    whore. vietnamese whore. With a corny whore tattoo.

    whore. Ugh, I’m getting tired oft his tired shit…

  42. Shallo Val

    Although it’s nice to see we are ALL (and I looked) on the same page of how ugly and “meh” and boring , and nothing she is. I’m so glad I stopped the cable. It’s apparent I’m not missing ANYTHING!

  43. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    #28? No fucking shit, champ..

  44. meee

    this better not be true. i fucking love this show. although she looks like a scary, wide, japanime character.

  45. Ted from LA

    You can tell that the frying pan that hit her in the face had a lot of grease in it.

  46. Eric

    Why is this dyke famous again?

  47. awesome stuff

    I like that tattoo, i got that same one from a box of Cookie Crisp.

  48. Mike

    She reminds me of the character “Jerry Blank” from Strangers With Candy.

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