Tila Tequila still making retarded spectacle out of Casey Johnson’s death

January 7th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips had the unfortunate task of going to Tila Tequila’s house yesterday to retrieve Casey Johnson’s personal items including her dogs. Not surprisingly this resulted in the LAPD showing up after Tila decided to once again milk Casey’s death for all it’s publicity juice. Here’s how she described the showdown on her blog:

My Fiance and I had been living together at my house for about a month now, with all of our dogs! 3 Total, and today these “mean Girls” bombarded MY HOME, to try to take the pups away so they can put them to sleep so they can bury the dogs with Casey. So sad! I had to call the police because they were getting very violent outside of my house and threatening to break in! They kept kicking my door, pounding on it, and even left scratch marks on my windows and texted that they were going to try to break in from the back side!! I was alone, scared and they left me no choice.

E! News reports the cops defused the situation and handed the dogs over to Nicky and Bijou because no one in their right mind would believe they wanted to bury them with Casey Johnson’s body. God only knows what Tila wanted with the dogs and it’d be racist of me to suggest she was going to eat them. But I will insinuate she was going to have sex with them on Ustream because I’m working on being honest with my feelings.

Photos: Flynet

  1. adrienne

    what a dumb bitch

  2. Richard McBeef

    I gives a big shit.

  3. HackSaw

    I’d still hit it.

  4. foon

    the tits dont save it

  5. I Laugh

    Little tranny skank has to go find a job now. No more free.

    Back on your knees, bitch!


    She actually looks good here for the very first time ever. She’s still nuts though.

  7. LOL

    What the fuck is wrong with this bitch.

  8. Really?

    Um, didn’t Tila try to call Casey after their fight because she “had left the dogs at her house”? Now she cares about them when days ago she wanted them the fuck out of her house.

    Is it possible to work up a trade with the afterlife? Tila, Artie Lange, The Gosselins, and Speidi for Heath Ledger. We’ll even through in a Lohan to be named later.

  9. GeneralEmergency

    Are there no criminally oriented carnival owners desperate enough to sneak up behind this E-List celeb-troll and throw a burlap bag over her, drag her off and display her properly as the side-show freak she truly is?

    Short of that, can we at least get her into a zoo, caged in close proximity to the other proto-humans so they can spend their days happily flinging poo at each other?

  10. josh

    I can’t wait until she’s poor. So much for the “my wifes a billionaire” line. I doubt she had time to update her will before she pwnd herself with drugs.

  11. greenluv1322

    I just find it ridiculous how homophobic people are. Tila is a self-made person. It’s the two people living off of a “name” that are wrong Tila’s ? Get a life people.

  12. Hey Solda-Boy. Me fuckee suckee, fy dolla!

  13. JiggaJay

    AND…………..I’d still hit. Degrade the shit out of her…..actually that may be hard to do…..

  14. Valerie

    Anyone else wonder how the girls could have left “scratch marks on the windows?”

  15. NANA

    send the midget back to vietnam!!

  16. Tila is in SHOCK people! Next she’ll be tweeting that she saw Casey out walking those dogs while sipping on a bottle of Jack Daniels and shooting herself up with “medication”.


  17. did some one say nipples?

  18. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Society of narcissists.

  19. Kelly

    she does have nice nipples.

  20. Sport

    hate her.

  21. StuntMom

    Drama Queen to the nth degree; Tila will milk this until she finds a new victim to latch on to. Hopefully, there’s been enough exposure about her maniacal ways that there won’t be another one too soon. She puts the fun in dysFUNction.

  22. StuntMom

    Drama Queen to the nth degree; Tila will milk this until she finds a new victim to latch on to. Hopefully, there’s been enough exposure about her maniacal ways that there won’t be another one too soon. She puts the fun in dysFUNction.

  23. toothepoint

    She is a fucking idiot. Simple as that. She does nothing of any worth in this world and lives for the moment she encounters someone who attracts attention.

  24. Anon

    So in the video she starts crying and then she’s fine a few seconds later. Also there are no tears.

    So very fake.

  25. 5dollasuckiesuckie

    did anyone notice she’s not wearing her engagement ring? did this troll sell it for crack already?

  26. lololololol

    i know tila tequila is an attention whore but exploiting casey johnson’s death and feuding with her family about it is an all new low for her. she really needs to stop tweeting about it and making a media spectacle of this if she wants to show she really cares about her fiancé’s passing.

  27. zooey

    she is the most vile, narcissistic whore in Hollywood and that is not an easy distinction to achieve!! i hate even writing the words because no doubt tia googles herself daily and will read this thinking i’ve just paid her a compliment.

  28. John

    @12 … Homophobic? Wha? Did anyone even mention the lesbian part until you?

  29. nena

    If Tila care so much for Casey- HOW is it she only ‘tried’ to call her after their fight? Casey had no electricy, water & a delapitated home- IF you love someone how do you let them go live in a home like that- esp with out checking up on them after a fight AND on such a special holiday like NYE??!!
    This skank could not have cared or loved this horrible mess of a ‘socialite’. As much as I dislike spoiled people- Casey seemed like a lost child & probably a nice gal if off drugs- and If I had been engaged to her, loved her and wanted what was best for her- I would have been corresponding ( or trying to) with her family and HELPING to get her into rehab. NOt dragging her around partying, making out for paps, and I NEVER would have let NYE go by , with out physically checking up on her- no matter how bad the fight. Tila is a fame whore and should be barred from all media.

  30. jeffrey

    She said break in from the back side…lololo!!!!

  31. Kimberly

    “Fiance” refers to a man…

  32. spaceyQQQ

    Selfish whore. Tila Tequila needs to die!!!!!!!!

  33. zellar

    What a skank.

  34. Jammy

    Holy Shit!
    Look at those tits!
    I guess I never noticed ‘em before ’cause she’s such an asshole……

  35. LPB

    What kind of a spectacle could a retard make …EXCEPT a “retarded spectacle”?

  36. Robot

    Well if they really planed on burying the dog with Casey that’s just fucked up and Tila was right, BUT i just don’t believe Tila, i mean she says they left scratches on her window now unless those peoples nails are made of diamonds then i don’t think that they could do that.

  37. Noel Luria

    Once the shark dies, the pilot fish needs to detach and find another ride. Toxosymbiosis.

  38. korean jew

    fuck you superficial writer, our dog eating customs belong solely to the koreans, and tila tequlia isnt one of us! faggot

  39. Noel Luria

    Do I see coke zits?

  40. Rough: shooting from the lip

    She keep coming out the house like that, I might find it in my heart to forgive all her wackiness… *I hate myself*

  41. jose

    LOVE bralessness, especially with a sheer white t-shirt. This chick is officially hot and her crazyness just makes her sexier. Speaking of bralessness, i miss Britney Tits.

  42. SATAN

    ……anyone else wondering how they were able to “leave scratch marks on my windows” ?? who are these bitches, Wolverine?

    cuz if they are i hope they shred this bitch’s tits off.

  43. sara

    Notice that Tila’s flower is on her right ear.

    Flower on the right or left?

    It really doesn’t matter what kind of flower it is, whether it’s hibiscus, plumeria, or any other. The flower behind the right is for someone who is looking for a mate and the flower behind the left is for someone who is taken. The reason for the distinction is that the heart is closer to the left side, hence your heart is taken if the flower is worn on the left. An easy way to remember is to think of a wedding ring!

    She’s already looking for a mate? fuckin midget

  44. she look like a thief wearing a flower on her head

  45. she look like a thief wearing a flower on her head

  46. Marie

    Where was Tila when her “wife” was laying there dead in her house for “several days” if they were supposedly living together at Tila’s house? Did she not check on her, being a diabetic and a drug addict? I don’t get it.

  47. livingjetlag

    @44 I’m not sure the flower thing works, here. She must not know about it. I look at poor little Tila, and I know she’s all broken up. I mean, those are obviously the nipples of extreme grief.

  48. Hilarious

    @43 LMFAO on the Wolverine line, well played Sir…

    I do hate this cunt, but I would still titty fuck her and then make her asshole look like the Holland Tunnel.

  49. Tila is a real drama queen, I agree. She doesn’t look attractive in the attire. Like the tattoo on her hand though.

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