Tila Tequila still making retarded spectacle out of Casey Johnson’s death

Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips had the unfortunate task of going to Tila Tequila’s house yesterday to retrieve Casey Johnson’s personal items including her dogs. Not surprisingly this resulted in the LAPD showing up after Tila decided to once again milk Casey’s death for all it’s publicity juice. Here’s how she described the showdown on her blog:

My Fiance and I had been living together at my house for about a month now, with all of our dogs! 3 Total, and today these “mean Girls” bombarded MY HOME, to try to take the pups away so they can put them to sleep so they can bury the dogs with Casey. So sad! I had to call the police because they were getting very violent outside of my house and threatening to break in! They kept kicking my door, pounding on it, and even left scratch marks on my windows and texted that they were going to try to break in from the back side!! I was alone, scared and they left me no choice.

E! News reports the cops defused the situation and handed the dogs over to Nicky and Bijou because no one in their right mind would believe they wanted to bury them with Casey Johnson’s body. God only knows what Tila wanted with the dogs and it’d be racist of me to suggest she was going to eat them. But I will insinuate she was going to have sex with them on Ustream because I’m working on being honest with my feelings.

Photos: Flynet