Tila Tequila: ‘Casey Johnson wanted me to have her daughter’

January 13th, 2010 // 68 Comments

Despite solid suspicions that Tila Tequila’s engagement to Casey Johnson was a Joe Francis-produced publicity stunt, she’s somehow landing interviews with People and now Extra where Tila announced she’s going to launch a custody battle for Casey Johnson’s daughter. Oh, good:

Casey Johnson’s fiancee Tila Tequila tells “Extra” she will seek custody of Johnson’s adopted daughter Ava.
Johnson’s mother has custody of Ava and Tequila says that’s not what Casey wanted.
“Her last wish was to have Ava, have me have Ava,” she revealed. The former reality TV star says she will file papers to adopt.

Granted Casey Johnson is the result of her mother’s parenting, there’s no way any judge in America will hand custody of a child over to Tila Tequila. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but Britney Spears would have a better chance at adoption. She’d be under court order to provide Ava with a football helmet and a handgun, but you get my point.

Photos: Splash News

  1. keijo

    yeah right

  2. John

    It’s hard to look more coked out than Johnson does in that picture. Someone really should do something about these train wrecks just buying babies. Maybe we could stage a series of deaths designed to look like a combination of diabetes and drug overdoses?

  3. Vinnie the Chin

    She’s trying to get a piece of the Johnson fortune. Since she uses their products to give out handjobs probably felt it was time to own part of the business.

  4. LPB

    This reminds me of an old joke from the Army; the punch line is “I’m not THAT fucked up!”

  5. amanda

    anybody else think she looks like courtney love in these pics? scary…

  6. Kevin Baconator

    Tila Tequila = Ugly Whore

  7. Dogless

    Is histrionic personality disorder contagious?

  8. Dr Fill


    Just stop.

    Enough with Tia Tequila.

    This site is called “the superficial,” not “idiots on parade.”

    We are supposed to be looking at idiots, yes, but FAMOUS and HOT idiots. You know, people who are famous because they are superficial.

    Tia Tequila is (a) not famous, and (b) not only not hot, but SCARY.

    Just because someone is on TV once doesn’t make them famous. We could all view http://www.cnn.com or http://www.foxnews.com or any of 500 other sites that put people on TV who say or do stupid things. “Balloon Boy” and his idiot family come to mind.

    They ain’t famous; they’re notorious.

    Can we PLEASE ignore these imbeciles, and focus again on FAMOUS and HOT idiots only?

  9. God of Thunder

    These two look like the kids who need our support in the “Jerry Lewis” telethon. Only uglier.

  10. Tila, are your 1-hour massages still $100 with $20 tip for release?

  11. T-Dawg 30

    She says ‘last wish’ as if she knew Casey Johnson was going to die. That’s terrible.

  12. Dirk Diggler

    As vapid and vacant as Casey Johnson was, why couldn’t the good lord have spared her and taken Tila “E.T.” Tequilla instead. Useless cunt.

  13. joho777

    Does this mean that every famewhore who ever had a one-night stand with Casey Johnson, or shared a needle with her, is going to try to claim Casey’s adopted kid?

    Why is People (and Superficial) still giving this skank publicity??

    Yes, we all are fascinated by the shallow and brainless, but Tila Tequila exceeds the limit for being absolutely worthless and uninteresting.

  14. jokers wild

    I’m so sick of seeing this tiny whore’s foul face in the media that is encouraging the cun+’s absolute insanity by printing it that I can’t even stomach ridiculing her anymore. Who the frack cares about her. If a single member is interesting in whether she lives or dies and enjoys watching her whore herself and those around her, I’ll retract my statement.

  15. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Im gonna repeat pretty much what #11 said: Its not like this chick had a disease and was lying on a deathbed and had TIME to proclaim she wanted Tila to raise her daughter as a last wish. This chick -effed on drugs or not- did not bthink she was gonna die at 30.

    It is so sad that Tila has sunk her hooks in and isnt gonna let go. “I want her dogs. I want her baby. I want free shampoo and Q-Tips from my in-laws for the rest of my life !”

  16. cbuzz

    Attention Whoring at a new time low. All of this is jibba-jabba unless Casey seriously (doubt it) left a legal document granting Tila sole custody.

    I am not one who uses violence to seek a solution BUT in this case someone PLEEZE duct-tape this AZN whore and toss her in the deepest part of the ocean….same spot Megatron was tossed into from the 1st transformer movie

  17. Jimmy

    It’s one thing to be a gross, disgusting and diminutive bisexual whore, but being incredibly stupid and self-important reduces this creature to a an even lower sub-life form.

  18. twellve

    how could it be her ‘last wish’ unless she was there at the time of Casey’s death to hear her final words?

    tila’s even dumber/crazier than she looks.

  19. someguyguy

    Tila has nice perky nipples. That is all I can say as I have vowed to not say anything mean about the little people.

  20. Yumi

    When do you think the ALIEN INSECT SPECIES that stranded Tila here on planet Earth will come back and get her sorry a**.

  21. Jade

    Ok if Tila was so in love with Casey etc why did it take the maid to find her dead after SEVERAL days of being dead? If the love of my life didn’t answer calls or texts after just one day I would be frantic looking for him. Especially if that person had diabetes. I mean wouldn’t you atleast have family or even the cops go check on her? Tila needs just stfu and respect Casey and her family. Someone needs to take that bitches twitter account away for real.

  22. Bored

    hmmmm…Tila did say “last wish” as number 11 pointed out…this proves one thing…that little munchkin killed her!

  23. CaptainObvious

    These pictures remind me of Weekend At Bernie’s… The chick already looks dead… I think the little troll was just propping her up.


    How was Johnson able to get her hands on a kid? This is the first I’m even hearing that she had a kid. Weird. She’s like Courtney Love with more money.

  25. Skiddles

    Maybe Casey did because she is as insane and careless as you are Tila.. that is why God said NO. HA

  26. Look. Cuntsy Johnson has been persona non grata for a long time in that family.

    What does that clueless gook think she’s gonna get from the family fortune? Maybe a couple fortune cookies? A happy ending? Sucky sucky?

  27. SheMakesMeSick

    It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that this Tequila whore is using the death for her famewhoring and it’s absolutely dispicable. But then, people like her don’t care except for the attention. The press should stand together and just ignore her until she goes away or kills herself in the ultimate act of famewhore sacrifice.

  28. collin

    why do you keep posting stuff of Tila Tequila??? No one Cares. Shes a lame attention whore and the only reason she’s still relevant is because YOU BLOGGERS keep posting stuff of her taking advantage of a dead girl, getting arrested, and getting fucked up on drugs. WHO CARES ANYMORE.

  29. collin

    why do you keep posting stuff of Tila Tequila??? No one Cares. Shes a lame attention whore and the only reason she’s still relevant is because YOU BLOGGERS keep posting stuff of her taking advantage of a dead girl, getting arrested, and getting fucked up on drugs. WHO CARES ANYMORE.

  30. collin

    why do you keep posting stuff of Tila Tequila??? No one Cares. Shes a lame attention whore and the only reason she’s still relevant is because YOU BLOGGERS keep posting stuff of her taking advantage of a dead girl, getting arrested, and getting fucked up on drugs. WHO CARES ANYMORE.

  31. Jesus Juice

    Who forgot to take out the trash?

  32. toothepoint

    I can just see a judge handing over a child trusted to the care of a multi-billion dollar family to… this foolish woman.

  33. undahpresha

    Cunt. Whore. Bag.

  34. emmie123

    well first of all…everyone needs to shut the f**k up because..no one really knows the true inside story of casey..I would say that tila is wrong for claiming too much stuff of casey and nicky and bijou is a bitch enough to act like bitches and come over with such thick face and cold hearted hoes to tila like that…its so stupid..its true what tila say..”money cant buy class”..because the people like nicky and bijou who burns cash like nothing..treats average and poor people like trash. but they dont even realize that if they were in a average stage, they would be at least a little more opened minded…we all might like and dislike these peoples, but we cant take sides really…just because tila represent her self in a hoe way or a whore way…thats really not our problem and our body..so everyone needs to lay off of her too..

  35. Someone please off her

    Just amazing. I was wondering how tila “vietcong hooker blowjob specialist” nguyen would find a way to use her dead “wifey” to get more publicity after she died, but this leg spread cunt found a way. I SO hate this whore.

    PLEASE: someone, anyone, put a round into this bitch’s head. Her continuing to breathe is like nails on a chalkboard…

  36. fsten79

    could she looked any more fucked up in this picture?

  37. Gluck

    You’re doing this dumb broad a favor by constantly providing us with updates on her worthless existence.

  38. Echan's wife

    http://www.tilanguyen.info/ look where this bitch came from… gangs, prostitution, drugs… fuck her!

  39. La Manchuba

    I love this site; the writer does an awesome job. But even that twat Perez Hilton isn’t giving Tila “Midgettrollwhore” Tequila this much coverage. And you’re so much better than that douche Perez. Please! No more Tila!

  40. Keithypoo

    Look at this picture. Who wouldn’t think that bitch was on drugs? Just sayin’. This is a first, but Courtney Love (old school) looks like a goddess next to this chick (new school who can’t keep their f*cking coke habit under control) and her tan monkey that won’t leave her shoulder. But man, I love those big fake monkey boobs.

  41. Dannyboy

    Agreed, please stop posting Tila. Love the site, hate this shrew.

  42. Farthammer

    The Olsen twins look like shit.

  43. Seriously, the only answer is porn. The only way to shut her up is to stick a c0ck in her mouth and a black dick in her @ss.

    Her only redeaming quality would be taking Peter North sized loads on her silicone fun bags.

  44. Yeah...right

    Wow…I’ve never seen a more obvious grab for money in my life

  45. missywiss

    Yeah, this whole Tila thing isn’t even scandelous. It’s a no-brainer this wee little attention seeking whore isn’t going to get a dime from the death of Casey. She should STFU and if she has any sense whatsoever, go back to her stripper pole and stay out of the limelight. The only reason she keeps going on is sites like these are giving her the attention. I love this site, but really, this bitch does not deserve to be written about and the general public should not have to be exposed to this merciless, talentless, vampid little spider. There’s so many others to pick on!

  46. Jesus

    While you are wishing death on this young woman turn your eyes to Hati and beyold a hundred thousand dead children for you to laugh at.

    You who have it coming.

    Big time.

    Your pal,


  47. jose

    I think shes interesting n sexy n fun. I for one hope The Superfical does NOT stop posting Tila stuff :)

  48. LOL

    LMAO@ #46 for pretending the dying resurrecting godman of Christian mythology. Get a grip! Jesus never condemned anyone in that old book misread(the bible).

  49. marie e.

    Look how out of it Casey looks. Does this look like a person who is capable of making decisions regarding a small child? Tila is in it for the money and the fame, not for the wellbeing of Ava anyway. The only good thing about this is that, even if she were to take this to court, no self respecting judge would consider this. She will get laughed out of that courtroom

  50. blah

    I wouldn’t trust her with a Chia Pet, give it a rest. Back to Munchkin Land.

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