Tila Tequila case dismissed, no charges for Shawn Merriman

September 11th, 2009 // 77 Comments

San Diego Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis will not be filing charges against Shawne Merriman of the Chargers. He was placed under citizen’s arrest by Tila Tequila after he allegedly choked her and refused to let her to leave his apartment Sunday. Apparently no one bought it.. ESPN reports:

Dumanis decided not to charge Merriman after her office spent three days reviewing reports from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.
“After a thorough review of the investigation into the Sept. 6, 2009, incident at the Poway home of Shawne Merriman, our office has determined there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that any crime was committed,” Dumanis said in a statement. “This case is now closed. No further comment will be made.”

Naturally, Tila fired back via her lawyer who called the decision “reckless” and is threatening a civil suit, according to a statement issued to TMZ:

“Tila Tequila is the victim of a violent crime. The San Diego District attorney’s decision not to press charges against Shawne Merriman for the battering of Tila Tequila demonstrates an unconscionable negligence in the discharging of their public duties. We strongly feel that justice has not been served in this matter.
Obviously, The San Diego Charger’s NFL franchise brings millions of dollars in revenue to the city of San Diego, and it seems clear that other interests are being served by the DA’s office than the upholding of the law. A young woman was violently beaten and choked, and the physical evidence is both overwhelming and disturbing. Tila’s account of the events has remained consistent from the beginning, while Merriman’s story has changed repeatedly.
Just because the DA has made this reckless decision doesn’t mean that justice will not be served in this case. No one is above the law. Tila Tequila will immediately begin pursuing civil charges against Mr. Merriman and she will have her day in court.”

Fortunately for Shawne Merriman, Tila can only file suit with the Lollipop Guild whose jurisdiction doesn’t extend beyond GumDrop Mountain.

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  1. loser

    Dwarf bowling!

  2. Milo

    Good, this bitch is retarded.


  3. haha, no chargers from the DA. They know shes a lying whore.

    If Merriman really wanted to hurt her, he couldve done alot worse. He’s a 265lb probowl LBR, and shes 90lbs of slut. He couldve really done damaged if he wanted to, but didnt.

    According to other sources, the bitch got naked and threatened to fuck other doods because Merriman was going to go to another room with 2 other girls. Then she tried to leave the premisis drunk and possibly drive harming others, and they tried to stop her. How classy of her

    I also like in her pics she decided not to smile, and wear a strategically chosen shirt to show the faint grip marks on her arms. Nice by her and her lawyer of painting her as a victim

    What happened to the judgement day she was proposing to post on Tuesday? I thought we were supposed to see pictures? I bet she thought she could get some myspace geek to photoshop steroids in a room and she could use it as evidence. Her lawyer probably told her that wouldnt hold up in court and had to cuss her out to prevent her from looking even more dumb.

    It looks like shes getting what she wants though….attention

  4. jp

    Bi-sexual ——— whore trying to gouge money from an NFL player.


  5. Chipot

    I will be rooting for the Chargers to win the Super Bowl and Merriman to win the SB MVP so Tila can feel even more like crap than she does now.

  6. Roger

    Ah yes, justice. Living the life of a useless attention-grabbing midget whore has finally come home to roost.

    Tia: Your stupid fake name, fake tits, insessant media whoring and generally low-budget porn image you love to shop around has become your character witness.

    If you dress, act and make money off of being a whore, then expect to get treated like one.

  7. Duke Nukem

    Yeah, she looks like she was really roughed up…*cricket* *cricket*

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  9. Frank

    Man, I want to f*ck that bitch stupid…wait, looks like someone beat me to it

  10. It’s not that she’s a Vietnamese bisexual midget with silicone fun sacks, ’cause I’ve got nothing against Vietnamese, bisexuals, midgets or fun sacks of any kind. Well, maybe midgets, they creep me out.

    No, it’s that she’s an UGLY Vietnamese bisexual midget with silicone fun sacks. For fuck’s sake, if you want to pimp some whore as a celebrity and put her on TV, shouldn’t she at least have average looks? Is that too fucking much to ask, MTV?

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  12. Marrion Barry

    …in other news; the Lollipop Guild and the unincorporated pricipality known as GumDrop Mountain has initiated deportation prceedings against Tila Tequila, colloquially known as the Wicked Witch of the West .

  13. ha

    I didn’t read anything about this story because it’s so useless, but I must say, she’s super cute.

  14. Herman


    bitch still has it coming

  15. Heidi's used tampon

    This page needs more Randal.

  16. Athena

    Guess I was wrong. I still hate your country.

  17. Athena

    Guess I was wrong. I still hate your country.

  18. ha

    I’ll stand in for Randal here.

    Tila, your creativity in marketing yourself as a slutty little whore has led to so much success! You certainly know how to sleep with people for money! Don’t lose your radiance, and keep up with the plastic surgery!


  19. gondola driver

    Hopefully the other women will learn from this. We don’t need frivoulous lawsuits wasting our courts time over some petty shit. She didn’t look that hurt at all. I could understand if ishe was living with him and he was doing it all the time. But yeah, some people just like to whine a lot.

  20. Spunky Monkey

    Will someone please punch this gook in the head a few times?

    Between her plastic tits and her round face, I don’t know what to despise more.

    “Hey GI, sucky sucky? Me ruv you rong time!”

    Too bad we pulled out of Vietnam, if we’d stayed & finished the job, maybe this little whore wouldn’t be banging half of the professional athletes in the country.

  21. Daryl G.

    Good deal. I guess this means that we probably won’t hear too much about her, other than in relation to this story, from now on.

    Whores like this usually save the “he hit me!” excuse until five seconds before everyone stops caring a shit.

    But yes, all this really does is make it a lot harder for girls that are in “gray areas” of physical abuse to come forward. I’m not saying it’s right to hit anyone in general, but if you weigh 90 pounds and those bruises are the worst of your injuries, you should really just leave the situation/relationship and consider yourself lucky.

    Acting the way did should really be saved for Tina Turner and whoever Kevin Costner married. I’m not really sure about the details of the Rhianna situation, which leads me to believe it was not nearly as terrible as Ike Turner’s whatnots.

  22. gondola driver

    She could still put those bruises to good use. I would totally buy a GQ or a FHM magazine to check her out all banged up.


    Taking a page out of Ms. California’s book…. star fading, so what should I do? I know, file a law suit! Look, she’s got some bruises, but she hammed up playing the victim so much that it’s just not believable, and all evidence (bartender, waiters/waitresses, witnesses at his house, hospital records, police) point to her being full of shit in EVERYTHING SHE SAID. Go ahead and root for the Raiders, midget! Those fans will do much worse things to you than you’re alleging Shawne did…

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  25. Vanquish

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  26. she always looks so awful… May be just a perseption..

  27. Next time Shawn, carefully place her in a shoebox with some air holes in it, and put a brick on top so she can’t get out.

  28. Daryl G.

    Hey, Superficial writer.

    Looks like you were just as pathetic as the guys that you’re insulting on this site.

    You defended THAT? I know you won’t respond to this, and I know that your website will not fail because of this incident, but if you read this, then you know that you’re pathetic.

    You got played by a woman you’ve never met. If you have met her, then you just got played even further because you’ve made optical contact with someone.

    Like I said, STICK TO TRYING TO BE FUNNY. Trying to be “nice” or “understanding” will not get you inside of girls like Tila an quicker. All you have to do, for that, is show that Mr. Lincoln approves, and you can do that while she’s on a dance floor.

    Sucks that you had to pick the most ridiculous event to jump behind.

    No wonder you’re heading toward a divorce….

  29. Dr. Nappy

    Err.. huh?

    So now you’re trying to make it personal with TSW?



  30. Athena

    I like to douche because my vag is hairy and smelly.

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  32. Annie Loves Anal

    Well said 10. Shit, you can walk down the gutters surrounding camp Casey in South Korea and find about 99% of the prostitutes are hotter than that ugly piece of shit skank. That includes the porkers.

  33. caught off guard

    Where’d those titties come from?

  34. oh dear...

    I have the same dress! got it at a discount store in Canada for $8. NOW I’m embarrassed.

  35. Nero

    No charges??! That comes as a total surprise to me.

  36. Darth

    Even after you pointed yesterday to the only reliable but silent witnesses.Her bruises. . .

  37. aeronurse

    Tila Tequila (what a stupid name) looks like an alien (not illegal, but outer space)

  38. Gando

    The angels in heaven are sad.It will be a cloudy day in LA today.

  39. Rhialto

    It will be foggy too.

  40. Superballz

    Can she please re-choke herself until he stops breathing this time?

  41. Galtacticus

    I’d think she did experienced him as very much intimidating/frightening.If he’s a true disciplined gentleman he should offer his humble apologizes for that.

  42. Nero

    It’s takes a true great man to apologize for the shit.

  43. Nameless

    This stupid bitch is going to get popped drunk driving in the near future which will fully vindicate Merrimen.

  44. Jamie's Uterus

    With tits like that how come should doesn’t fall over more? Her center of balance is way off. I would think she would face plant to the street more often?

  45. Racoon

    Am I the only one who noticed that her left nipple is showing?

  46. Athena

    A true gentleman would apologize if he offended something other than what is essentially a fuck toy marinated in alcohol.

  47. Gistine

    Dumb, ugly useless twat. And what is with the Paris Hilton contacts?

    I would gladly beat her fucking ass anyday!

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