Tila Tequila apparently has a penis now

Tila Tequila sat down for an interview with King Magazine where she addressed the rumors that she’s not really a bisexual:

What about the people who say you’re not really bisexual–that you’re hetero and just pretending for the show? Care to set the record, uh, straight?
They can suck my dick.

Wait, she has a penis now? Why wasn’t I told of this? Get me the White House. In the meantime, here’s what else Tila had to say. She really wants that third season:

If you’re faking bisexuality, then you’d be one of those Girls Gone Wild girls. I’m not one of those fake ones. I have real emotions for people, whether they’re male or female. So whoever said that shows me that they’re really ignorant, and it makes me cringe. It’s like saying, “Hey, you’re not really Vietnamese, you’re just trying to be.” How do you answer that?

“‘Hey, you’re not really Vietnamese, you’re just trying to be.’ How do you answer that?” Um, are you serious? Did Tila Tequila literally equate proving your ethnicity with proving your bisexuality? You see one of them, ethnicity, is a documented fact. While the other, bisexuality, is a clever marketing tool used by an elf in a bikini.

Fun Fact: Tila brought her own fishbowl for this photo shoot to be taken in. She said, “Bisexuals always come prepared!” Then spent five hours crying for someone to believe her. And that, boys and girls, is where butterflies come from!

Photos: Courtesy of King