Hey, Remember Tila Tequila? She Thinks She’s A Wizard Now

April 26th, 2013 // 57 Comments
Tila Tequila Bikini
WATCH: Tila Tequila Thinks She Can Conjure Electricity

The entire point of Tila Tequila posting this video is to draw attention to Tila Tequila, so yes, I know I fell right into her trap. But after watching this video, not only will you wish I shot your children right in front of your eyes instead, you’ll also realize I was useless to resist because, my god, look at all that POWER. Sparkles are coming out of her fingertips. Sparkles! We should probably sacrifice a goat before she destroys the harvest. To the high priest!

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  1. Is this an “Emperor’s New Clothes” type of thing?

  2. 1. I did not see a damn thing.
    2. She has GOT to be wild as hell in the sack, but would it really be worth sticking it in the crazy to have to deal with this crap?
    “Oh yeah honey, wow, I really see it, that’s amazing. Can we bone now???”

  3. Smapdi

    I’d rather watch that than Jamie Foxx’s Electro in the next Spiderman.

  4. unwizarded

    I dont see anything…. I guess im not a wizard

  5. Zorbitor


  6. Ha Ha Ha, I missed the batshit craziness of Tequila Tequila. Just a special kind of crazy that chick has.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Whoever said Lithium, weed, an internet camera, and all the time in the world wasn’t good for the soul??

  8. o'chunt

    I lost count of how many times I said “No” out loud while watching that.

  9. It’s pretty obvious she wants people to think she’s crazy. If she actually SAW something, she wouldn’t be describing it in such detail because she’d think we could see it as well.

    I’ll be curious to see where she’s going with this. I’m betting she’ll be faking increasingly crazy behavior in the next week or so to try to remind people she’s still alive (which I admit to thinking otherwise).

    The real question is when is her next porn movie coming out?

  10. You saw sparkles? All I saw were crabs crawling out of that suit.

  11. Is she rollerblading in lingere? Gah! Only is California….

  12. meh

    1, She started making videos about the ‘illumaniti’
    2, Soon as that happened she had an aneurism (spelt wrong I know! :p)
    3, Fish, you *fell* into her trap, pretty sure that’s a Freudian slip!

  13. IMPERIUS! There. If she posts twenty naked videos tomorrow, you can thank me.

  14. ruckus

    The Miracle Hooker.

  15. Rookie


    Yeah. And we thought Amanda Bynes was having mental issues.

  16. And Satan said, “Thou hast summoned me, and I have come unto thee, per the puissance of the magics old. And verily, if thou canst draw the most souls unto thy bosom through the unholy power of the MySpace, thou shalt have the power thou claims thou desires, and teats of glory unmatched as well.”

  17. She had an aneurism and I think she may be brain damaged. After the anuerism she disappeared from the public eye, only to resurface talking about the Illuminati and that the government is run by lizard people etc.

    So I’m losing her and Amanda Bynes at the same time. The list of women in Hollywood I actually like is fading fast. This fucking sucks. I hope they both get better.

  18. Little Tongue

    Does it make me crazy if I actually see what she’s talking about?

  19. OOOOH, AHHHHH, ARRRRHHH something is cumming out of my dick– Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles Sparkles…

  20. what the hell has gotten into Fish?

    Earlier this week he was about the pee-queen Kardashian, yesterday it was Hilary Puff, today it’s Tila Tequila. Why the hell is Fish suddenly interested in a bunch of z-listers and has-beens/never-was?

    I thought this place was about hot girls and boobies? Something has changed around here, and it’s not for the better.

  21. comfnumb

    enough with the invisible light show,whip out dem BOOBIES

  22. This chest is old and decayed.

  23. rafeeq


  24. SlapMeforLooking


  25. Utah Gimme Two

    Say what you want, but her sex tape was hands-down the best celebrity sex tape.

  26. D-chi

    I think Tila Tequila is literally the reason I started coming here in the first place. Love this crazy girl.

  27. Dammit! I thought little miss “me so horny, me love you long time” fake titties was dead. Now we’re in for more of her stupid attention whoring… ugh…

  28. Karl

    There are some noticeable fluctuations, but it’s just image noise. Look at any random spot in her room an you’ll see the same effect.


    She belongs in the same group as those who think specks of dusts or moths captured in pictures taken at night are ghosts.

  29. I think she had a little too much tequila before making this video

  30. Did anyone see anything? this chick is bonkers, she needs help! seriously!

  31. W.

    Had she yelled Hadukan…it might’ve worked.

  32. Buzzy

    She should remove those hideous prison tats from her arms. I love tattoos but hers are nasty looking.

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