Tila Tequila Should Try Harder Next Time

June 17th, 2010 // 117 Comments

I’ve said all that’s worth saying here. *returns to watching paint dry* Haha! Look at it go!

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN


  1. Commented on this photo:

    shallow super-visible cuts? OMGPAYATTENTIONTOMEEEEEEEEEE!

  2. iola
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    She’s a nut case.

  3. nina

    where is typical????? where??????

    • bar room hero

      No shit, I would like to see Typical’s ‘view’ on TT…

      that should be a laugh.

      Typical slag.

      • Bunny

        “It’s Chou Time” is that slant-eyed Typical. Up a few posts. Apparently I’m an a stupid american hooker who’s wallet is filled with condoms.

      • It's Chou Time

        White girl vagina is not supposed to smell like fish when it is clean, but what would you know?

  4. The Truth

    Hello, our meeting at the network ran late today. Everyone agree’d that if Tila went up a size or two with her implants we would give here another show. Hello

  5. mikesby
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    What an ugly woman.

  6. Tilamarryme

    I’d still tap that, serious!

  7. Typical

    Sorry for the racist commented anyone. I’ve seen the error of my ways. The truth is us Chinese are short weaklings, with average intelligence and very small penises(even on our women) My apologies for any harm.

    • Typical

      I am also sorry that I drive a huge honking SUV and have no regard for any other moterists on the road. I like to run you fat Americans up on the sidewalk. Heeheehee.

  8. yayo
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    little evil dwarf of hell

  9. Lolocaust
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    One more inch and the necropheliac with a fetish for yellow plastic is gonna have the night of his life.

  10. yayo
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    crazy ass dwarf

  11. K.
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    K. She wouldn’t cut that close to her tattoo.

  12. captain america

    maybe she could give BLOWJOBS OUT ON THE STREETS?

  13. joho777
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    Why is this malicious little goblin surfacing again?

  14. RaraAvis
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    Wow – what an attention whore. She needs to put a little more effort into it.

    Oh, wait – no she doesn’t. This was enough for her to get posted, right?

  15. ugh so sick of her
    my name is banned from her comments.

  16. hate this bitch more than ne1. couldn’t look at her twitter page any longer… made me wanna destroy my monitor every time i did

  17. yah first!
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  18. Kat

    Will someone please assassinate this bitch?

  19. hiya
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    You re all miserable no life fat ugly jerks… Do you feel better about yourself insulting this poor disturbed woman that, unfortunately for you, medias kind of care about what she does, unlike you…. Losers !

    What tila is doing to herself is a “Cry for help”….. She really needs someone to take care of her, before it s too late, despite the fact that she got famous for acting like a slut, to you, you prude fat ass losers, she s a human being, just like you and me and you shouldn t be so judgemental what goes around, comes around ! if you mock someone in despair slut or angel, GOD will punish you one day or another ! … Also, if you hate her so much, why are you writing terrible coments about her, spending so much precious time of your precious fulfilling life !!! Aren t you suppose to hate her ? LOL…. Get a life haters !

  20. Commented on this photo:

    What the hell was that supposed to be, suicide by ball pen? I could do a better job with a plastic spork.

  21. luna
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    Anyone else notice that she is basically aiming these scars at the cameras? People who ACTUALLY cut themselves go to great lengths to hide it. She is a twit.

  22. mike

    The asian chick on my street is cuter

  23. Commented on this photo:

    put down the sharpie, you could poke someones eye out

    Commented on this photo:

    i 1st noticed it on her new twitter pic, but now that see it clearer, it looks like she got into a cat fight ??? butt those arent cut marks dumbshits , and a that is a serious problem to prmote in public she should cover i up at the least…

  25. Fati87

    Hmm.. Not that I ever tried, but don’t people cut across the vein, not along? Is she so dumb, she couldn’t even fake an attempted suicide right?

    • I’m pretty sure she was just ‘cutting.’

      OR it’s a combination of lipstick and an extreme desire for pity.

    • doctordrew

      It is relatively easy to stop the bleeding of an incision along the lower arm or hand. Pressure points are easily accessible. I recommend she go for the caortid artery next time.

  26. I’m SO SICK of this bobble headed, USEless, canyon titted, GOOK bitch. She should use a chainsaw NEXT time and just go for her fucking jugular.
    **sits back and waits for the thirsty cocksucker that’s gonna come behind me and give her BIRTH history**

  27. Richport's Ghost

    Will someone please smash this cunt’s face into a table for me?

    Wait a minute, I have nothing against tables. Please don’t inflict this cunt on any innocent tables.

  28. Pia
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    What, you don’t cut yourself and put body glitter on it to make super duper sure that people will notice?

  29. Nat
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    This is not a cut, just scratches.

  30. Kate
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    Who knows whether she did this to get media attention or if she really is hurting enough to resort to this. Either way, don’t you think she’s pretty disturbed? If her last resort to get attention is self-mutilation, don’t you think she actually does need help and not a bunch of people who don’t even know her bashing on her? I’m not a Tila fan but if she really did this just to get attention, there’s still something wrong with her and she should seek help.

  31. supersonic
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    I thought those were track lines. hello druggie…

  32. WhiteGoddess
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    No matter how hard that attention whore tries, she will NEVER be a white girl. Are you paying attention, Typical?

  33. madel
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    she looks better/less annoying with her mouth closed (pic 15 she might actually be pretty)

  34. Commented on this photo:

    What a pussy. Deeper!

  35. me
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    fuckinnnn grose that modafoca bitchhhhh… i totally hate herrr!!

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