Tila Tequila Should Try Harder Next Time

June 17th, 2010 // 117 Comments

I’ve said all that’s worth saying here. *returns to watching paint dry* Haha! Look at it go!

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN


  1. Bob Saget
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    Anyone that cuts themselves a loser. How does cutting up your own flesh after not feeling good about yourself make anything better? Its the most retarded thing ever.

  2. tilaboob
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  3. Anon

    What the hell is going on with her left forearm?

  4. leah
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    in some pictures, it really looks like marker.
    i don’t even know what to think about this. cutting is serious…and she’s using this as a publicity stunt. someone…please…put a shock collar on this bitch and cage her up!

  5. meh
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    assuming she couldn’t talk, and I didn’t ever have to see her again, I would probably still nail shit out of her and her perky fake midget boobs.

  6. Bob
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  7. FrankNfrtr

    And here on this website we are always promised that Asian woman are the CLASSIEST, most INTELLIGENT, MODEST & DESIRABLE of all women everywhere. So this is somewhat shocking……a bleached blonde midget Asian scratched up like she just fucked her way out of a tiger cage.

    • Ida

      Why do you even have to mention her race and relate her to all other Asians as if all Asians are the same?

      When you look at Lindsay Lohan, do you assume that all red heads are crack addicted whores or that all blondes are as dumb and slutty as Paris Hilton??

  8. heywood jablowme

    #! – seriously? You need to ask. that is what she should try harder at dude. those are cuts from failed or half-hearted suicide attempts.

    • Jo

      Half-hearted isn’t the word….honestly, it looks like she used a hairbrush.

      If it truly had been a suicide attempt, however failed or half-hearted, I doubt she’d be parading the evidence around with the sleeves of her shirt rolled up and the posing shenanigans. What a wench….

  9. Commented on this photo:

    Who is this chick?

  10. The Donger
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    I think we should all chip in and buy her a nice new sharp set of cutlery….just sayin

  11. Dre
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    Next time, use a razor blade and do us all a favor.

  12. necro_wafer

    One of her “multiple personalities” attacked her a couple of weeks ago. She posted it on her blog and everything! OMG so exciting!

    Then when someone called the cops and found nothing wrong, she deleted everything.

    Because she’s a twat.

  13. WhiskeyDust

    Maybe she’ll get it right next time she tries.

    Waste of skin.

  14. Todd

    Jesus, oh Jesus, please let her cut deeper next time.

    • M'kay Whatever

      If only, if only.

      She’s starting to annoy the fuck out of me.
      I added her on MySpace and she post at LEAST 6 different posts about the same stupid shit EVERY day.
      Seriously, noone cares about Perez anymore.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Her forearm looks like my dick after I tried fucking my neighbor’s cat in 9th grade

  16. Bunny

    Oh my GOD!

    IT’S TYPICAL!!!!!! Wow, she’s really sunk low. Next she’ll be “sexing up blacks” or other “simians”.

    LOL- ahhhhh the glee. Thanks Superfish. A little reward for all the shit of hers we’ve had to listen to…..

    • It's Chou Time

      Dumb American mental child. Who after the age of 12 calls themself Bunny? Tila is Vietnamese. She is the product of your war machine ruining another Asian nation. And so this is what you get.
      Don’t forget, she is laughing her way to the bank and when her “15 minutes” is up she will be rich. Not so dumb!
      What’s in your wallet Bunny (other than condoms in case you meet someone on the long and boring bus ride home, I know a girl like you has to earn a living the hard way)?

      • Bunny


      • WhiteGoddess

        Typical, you’re not fooling anyone. Tila is so desperate to be white, just look at her. Why do you think all the popular animes and mangas have WHITE girls as the main characters? Because asians (especially Japs) want nothing more than to be us. All straight men want a fair-skinned, full-chested angular face with light hair. None of you have those features, therefore you are less desirable and well that sucks for you.

  17. Pussy Galore
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    What? Did she get into a fight with a kitten??
    At least she goes up the tracks and not across. Maybe next time she can go a little deeper or better yet, wash her mouth out with a revolver.

  18. mitchhaase.wordpress.com
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    Looks like her cat doesn’t care for her much.

    I haven’t jerked off yet today because I was up half the night after drinking a pot of coffee at 11PM. I thought it was decaf but those damn mexicans at the corner grocery store must be switching the beans around again. I ought to go down there and knock those little fuckers around for doing this to me. Now my sleep and masturbation schedule is going to be off for the next few days.



    • Soley

      Loser. Get a real life, jackoff. Love it how dipshits like you say crap ONLINE but would probably piss themselves before saying anything in real life. Pricelessly pathetic.

  19. I believe she posted pictures of her arms bleeding via twitter a week or so ago. Such high concentration of pathetic shouldn’t be allowed to have internet access.

  20. Observer
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    Bah, what an attention whore! Those are maroon colored marker lines…. she is pathetic…

  21. Melissa

    Fuck this bitch. Seriously. Throw her ass off a cliff or something.

  22. HeyHey
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    She’s even more pathetic than Spencer & Hooters.

    “Yep, today I’m a cutter one step away from suicide. What’s that? A famous gay woman died? Um, she was my secret lover and I’m carrying her baby that will mysteriously have a miscarriage next week. The week after that, I plan to have multiple personality disorder — 5 of them! The week after that I’ll say I’m Elvis reincarnated… and so on, and so on… LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!!”

  23. ally
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    Maybe she has a playful cat…

  24. busy
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    HOT i wanna lick her arm

  25. Eric
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    Strangers who cut themselves don’t affect me at all except for the bulge in my pants.

  26. She may be a retarded leprechaun, but I love those big fake tits….

  27. no way
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    so close

  28. Matrim
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    Bah, those are just scratches. My sister had better scars than that by the time she was 14. Those things will be gone in two weeks, tops.

  29. Jelly Hater

    Wasn’t she one of the most downloaded girls of the internet at one time? Even her giant plastic breasts can’t save her now. (Unless she uses them as floatation devices, then maybe they can save her from drowning or something)

  30. absinthe
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    Let’s not forget that she’s also still wearing that monster engagement ring from her dead “fiance.”

  31. Trousers
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    Look at Me Look at Me

  32. Commented on this photo:

    Yea, definitely just scratches at the least. Yeepers…I can’t believe she is faking that.

  33. Leta
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    Ok…she obviously wants people to see these…WTF? Why put sparkles on them? That bitch is all sorts of crazy.

  34. bert_johnson

    At least she is cutting the right way!

  35. HackSaw

    I’d hammer this elf.

  36. mafme
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    Just like so much else about this woman, those cuts are fake. Ohhh they might be scrapes, but look at how they zigzag. It looks like she might have done that with a ballpoint pen or a stick and just scratched herself up good. she didn’t do this with a blade.

  37. stinky mcpoop

    I hear they’re giving her her own He-Man/Thunder Cats action figure:

    Tee-Ra Taki-Ra!


  38. injekter
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    DONT CARE….. i would F that all day long and tomorrow too

  39. boring

    What now typical?

  40. Racer X



  41. chuck d


  42. bar room hero

    I think she is a fucking alien…

  43. sana

    i thought it was an autograph or something!

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