Tila Tequila Says Tila Tequila Is Pregnant

April 21st, 2014 // 25 Comments

Now that Tila Tequila‘s done doing InfoWars porn – and actual porn – it’s time to resort to the famewhore spectacle of choice: faking a pregnancy. And if you’re thinking to yourself, wait a minute, didn’t Tila Tequila already try this before? Why, yes, Pete, she did. In fact, not only did Tila pretend to be pregnant back in 2010, she also pretended to have a miscarriage because that’s what pseudo-celebrities with no souls do for attention. You heard me, frecklepuss.

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  1. Dox

    Mmmhmmm… I believe I broke that story a few minutes ago…..

    You’re welcome muffin pants.

  2. edenoutkast

    What happened to that Russian baby she was adopting?

  3. FattyFatty2X4

    I call shenanigans.
    I look like that after a Chipotle.

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    On the list of vapid twats famous for no apparent reason, she is still more amusing than Kim or Kloe.

  5. Deacon Jones

    Hey, can I find her porn for free on any of the big porn sites? Youjizz, etc?

    Im through with that torrent download shit

  6. Well, she didn’t get pregnant from what I saw her doing in her last TWO porn movies, so I’m calling shennanigans.

  7. I know she’s nutty as squirrel shit, but I like this woman. A lot. And that was even before the porn. I have a serious soft spot for sexy Asian chicks.

    • JC

      I think you made a typo. You typed “sexy Asian chicks” instead of “nasty slag who thinks she’s a member of the Aryan Nation in spite of the fact that a bisexual Vietnamese woman would be about as welcome at their meetings as the current Pope.”

    • Deacon Jones

      She do any anal?

      • Yes. She does anal in her latest sex tape. I highly recommend watching it.

        @JC: She is sexy. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t have sex with her if you had the chance.

      • JC

        @Don: Although I’m usually the first person to think people who say, “Oh, I totally wouldn’t bang that [insert celebrity here] because her boobs are only C-cups or she has a mole on her shoulder,” are totally full of shit, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. This is the chick that even the Juggalos found too objectionable for their tastes.

      • Why would I care what Juggalos think about anything? They’re Juggalos, for fuck’s sake.

      • I’m thinking anal was how she got pregnant.

  8. ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

    As I already told Jesus Martinez, there are two important aspects to this story that deserve, nay demand, coverage.

    First, will she be doing preggo porn? I, for one, really hope so. Second, will she be hooking while pregnant? Again, I really hope so. In either case, someone needs to arrange access for me.

  9. It was my girlfriend that knocked me up.

  10. kevolution

    10 bucks she names it Margarita.

  11. Gin&Tonic

    One assumes that she smoked it.

  12. Who in this world knocked her up. was it anybody on Lindsey Lohans list?

  13. If this is true…Of all the people on this planet who should never, ever, ever, be in charge of another human being’s life, it is this chick. I would rather see the Duggars pop out another 5 or 6 before I’d want to see Skankila with a baby. Hopefully this is just another pitiful attempt at relevancy.

  14. Tila Tequila Facbook Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    Bitch can’t even spell “heil” right.

  15. I thought she was a Lesbian. What, did she get knocked up with a turkey baster? And if so, was it hung?

    I, too, think she is cute and really fuckable, except for those damn cereal bowls on her chest.

  16. Really?

    This baby is pure promotional material. When she was trying to get knocked up she was gone from Facebook, etc. Now that “baby” is here she’s back on FB, Twitter, etc acting like she’s the only woman to ever have been pregnant.

    As for those asking if she’d do porn again, she’s claiming to have read the Bible and those are her beliefs, so she’s ignoring her Hitler, 6th Dimension Warlock past and pretending she never said anything like that and has always been God’s servant.

    This just gives her an excuse to act like Kim and Snooki and soon she’ll be posting pictures of how dilated she is trying to get back into the limelight.

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