Tila Tequila Got Banned From Facebook

On Monday, the entire Internet remembered Tila Tequila was still a thing that’s out there then quickly learned she’s been spending her time on Facebook trying to start the Fourth Reich whenever she’s not revealing who really killed Paul Walker (Spoiler Alert: It’s Jews.) And apparently Facebook had no idea either because it took until yesterday to ban her and the Hitler’s Big Titty Youth with an InfoWars glaze cake she was baking:

So I find it quite absurd that jewbook bans me for yet another 30 days then warns me that they will delete my page totally if I do not “FOLLOW THEIR RULES AND BE A GOOD GOYIM!” – Jewbook bans me constantly for nothing yet I CONSTANTLY see other profiles posting PORN, and saying much worse things on their pages like “NIGGER” and “FAGGOT” and they even have people posting up pictures on my jewbook page posting racial slurs against other people as well as numerous threats to kill me! Yet, do you see them get banned? NOPE! But the second I write a blog about how I sympathize with Hitler, I immediately get banned for 30 days AND they have removed majority of my posts. So now their jewbook shills and other mainstream media news outlets, which has now spread like wildfire, are saying that I deleted my posts!!!! I smell something fishy and it’s coming from jewbook shills!

In related news, Hitler’s Ghost appeared in Berlin where it gave the following statement: “Today, I, the ghost of Herr Fuhrer, hereby declare the Jew to be a proud and noble race and no longer the subject of conspiracy and bigotry. I also offer my sincerest apologies for this ‘Tila Tequila.’ The gas chambers, the genocide, and what have you were all perfectly fine and in accordance with the day, but I can not haunt this realm in good conscience knowing my work has been taken to this extreme. I mean, what the fuck’s a ‘jewbook?’ Who even knows what she’s talking about? Anyway, Paul Walker was killed by Mayans. You heard it here first. Hitler out.”

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