Tila Tequila Got Banned From Facebook

December 11th, 2013 // 56 Comments
WTF's Happening Here?
Tila Tequila Nazi
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On Monday, the entire Internet remembered Tila Tequila was still a thing that’s out there then quickly learned she’s been spending her time on Facebook trying to start the Fourth Reich whenever she’s not revealing who really killed Paul Walker (Spoiler Alert: It’s Jews.) And apparently Facebook had no idea either because it took until yesterday to ban her and the Hitler’s Big Titty Youth with an InfoWars glaze cake she was baking:

So I find it quite absurd that jewbook bans me for yet another 30 days then warns me that they will delete my page totally if I do not “FOLLOW THEIR RULES AND BE A GOOD GOYIM!” – Jewbook bans me constantly for nothing yet I CONSTANTLY see other profiles posting PORN, and saying much worse things on their pages like “NIGGER” and “FAGGOT” and they even have people posting up pictures on my jewbook page posting racial slurs against other people as well as numerous threats to kill me! Yet, do you see them get banned? NOPE! But the second I write a blog about how I sympathize with Hitler, I immediately get banned for 30 days AND they have removed majority of my posts. So now their jewbook shills and other mainstream media news outlets, which has now spread like wildfire, are saying that I deleted my posts!!!! I smell something fishy and it’s coming from jewbook shills!

In related news, Hitler’s Ghost appeared in Berlin where it gave the following statement: “Today, I, the ghost of Herr Fuhrer, hereby declare the Jew to be a proud and noble race and no longer the subject of conspiracy and bigotry. I also offer my sincerest apologies for this ‘Tila Tequila.’ The gas chambers, the genocide, and what have you were all perfectly fine and in accordance with the day, but I can not haunt this realm in good conscience knowing my work has been taken to this extreme. I mean, what the fuck’s a ‘jewbook?’ Who even knows what she’s talking about? Anyway, Paul Walker was killed by Mayans. You heard it here first. Hitler out.”

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  1. Dox

    This level of Crazy and Stupid mixed together is like…. chocolate and peanut butter. It just doesn’t get any better.

  2. Oh yeah call it Jewbook that’ll get in good with them.

    • Buster Hymen

      I’ll just say this. The two times i’ve been temp banned from Facebook both involved myself being critical of Israel.

  3. JungleRed

    I’m not against Tila bringing back the 4th Reich and oppression and genocide, as long as she start with the Armenians. Specifically the ones who’s first and last names start with the letter K.

  4. Aggie

    Ugh, I don’t want to defend Tila (this is a low point in my life) but she does have a point; Facebook allows all sorts of awful shit to slip by (racism, sexism, homophobia, rape threats, etc.) but then they punish/ban random things like this. Don’t get me wrong, I think they should shut down her page because antisemitism is disgusting, but if they’re gonna do it to her there’s plenty of others that need to go as well. They’ve either gotta do it to everyone or no one, this half way approach doesn’t work.

    • Ever notice that Jew is a funny word. It’s both what Jew’s call themselves, and what anti-semites call them to be insulting.

      How did that happen? “Hey, you there with the money-lending in the temple! what do your people like to be called? Jew? Damn right yer a Jew!”

      • Yeah, because this hasn’t happened with any other slur or group of people.

      • Convex

        Isn’t it the same with the N-word? Blacks use if freely about themselves, but their panties get twisted if whites use it. I suppose you can buy into the “it’s painful for blacks to hear a white use the N-word because of slavery,” but how many blacks in the U.S. today have been slaves?

      • Yy

        Did you even read what was said? Or is this about achieving a daily quota of saying incredibly stupid things?

      • @McFeely – actually you never hear Jews say “I’m a Jew” or “he’s a Jew” anymore, ever since the Nazis. They would say “I’m Jewish” or “he’s Jewish”.

    • JC

      I don’t think that logic holds, though. At any point, somewhere in the world, somebody is committing a crime and getting away with it. Just because somebody, somewhere robs a liquor store and doesn’t get punished doesn’t mean we all get a free pass because somebody else does.

      Also, given that she’s a psuedo-celebrity, there a lot more people seeing her page and, potentially, reporting her. Your average Joe Racist doesn’t have that kind of traffic.

    • It’s all about it being reported. If you post shit and no one sees it, they are not going to remove it because they don’t know it’s there. If you’re a famewhore with a zillion people watching you and post stupid shit and 1000 people report it, you’ve fucked yourself over and need to STFU and deal with it.

    • cc

      I despise Tila, but she is right. You see ‘faggot’ and ‘nigger’ on Facebook all the time. And there are plenty of pages that feature gruesome pictures of animal cruelty that Facebook won’t take down. They are full of shit.

    • thefuck?

      This girl, Take a look at this girl, Just look at her pictures:


      I must have reported this page at least 5 times after I caught one of my students looking at this on their facebook.
      Facebook every single time has said NOTHING is bad about this profile… That there is nothing obscene..

      Now, Can someone fucking explain to me how the Fuck someone like Tila Tequila or courtney stodden get banned,
      When this fucking bitch still has her account with Borderline Porn in it? that anyone can see? (Those pics are not even private)

      seriously WHAT THE FUCK is going on with FAcebook?

      • I’m with you. Facebook is sketchy as hell when it comes to what stays and what goes. I’ve seen all kinds of racist and homophobic stuff never get touched, but the replies of those who called out the racists and homophobes got removed and even got a few people temp banned.

        I myself have been temp banned twice, both times for being critical of Israel and its policies.

      • As gross as her profile is, she’s not nude. Not nude = not removed. Also, with Courtney or Tila, there were likely far more people reporting them. Harder to ignore in those cases, sadly.

  5. elephantman

    What an idiot.

  6. Did this crazy bat-nuts chick lick a toad? Suck on a babons ass? What the hell, Hitler was a inbred, psycho, venereal ridden, monkey jerk off. Tila must have wet her undies if she saw what I wrote.

  7. Bane

    I knew she was batshit crazy, but where did all this Jew stuff come from and when?

    lol, damn that’s harsh…but entertaining.

    • I hadn’t heard about this prior to today either. The straws that fame-whores will grasp at in an attempt to retain your attention, and thus their livelihood, are riveting.

  8. “jewbook” “zuckerberg”. Hmmmmm….. just saying!

  9. Tila Tequila Implants Nipple Slip Rollerblading
    Commented on this photo:

    What? Adolf would’ve killed me if he was alive cuz I’m not a blonde, white German? Oh crap, I thought he would’ve loved my boobs.

    • Yy

      I always enjoy when people who clearly don’t understand the full extent of Hilter’s racial hatred jump on the Nazi bandwagon. I was in Mongolia last year and saw people that belong to this group called “Blue Mongolia” and they all run around with shaved heads and swastikas all over themselves. Obviously they missed the whole “Aryan dominance” thing.

      • Agreed. If you’re any type of minority claiming Nazi sympathies and you missed the little detail that they would gladly have eradicated you and your entire race then you should start a new eugenics program by killing yourself first.

      • Well in Russia nazism is pretty popular with the stupid wing of young Russian males. We’re talking about the Russians that hitler and the nazis considered subhuman as hitler clearly spelled out in “mein kampf”. The same Russians that hitler and the nazi vermin intended to enslave and mostly eliminate in a genocide that would’ve made the jewish genocide look like practice event for the real thing (speaking of which btw: the official “Holocaust” never mentions the partially carried out nazi genocide against the slavic Poles, Belorussians, Ukrainians, Russians, Serbians, etc.).

      • malaka

        just a few notes:
        the holocaust was perpetrated not only against jews, but also against gypsies, slavic people, black people, catholics, people with physical or mental disabilities and all political adversaries.
        interestingly enough though; most asians, latin and muslim arabs were passed over.
        the thing is, 100% dominion over the world is pretty much impossible. nazis may very well have desired that. but they knew that the needed to conquer europe first.
        japan was allowed to claim all of asia while much of the muslim world was still recognized as remnants of the ottoman empire and held allegiance to the axis powers.
        the wave of antisemitism that swept over europe and the middle east during the early 20th century was in large part a reaction to the rise of zionism.
        consequently, the fictional and hateful ‘elders of zion’ writings came along and was quickly appropriated and republished by the nazis and shared with arabs and muslims. (unity via a perceived common enemy).
        lastly, what is known as the swastika has actually been a sacred symbol within numerous cultures for hundreds of years. especially in asia.
        i’m not a religious person by any means, but there’s something in the ten commandments that resinates with me.
        don’t worship symbols or graven images. (i’m looking at you christians). because they have no meaning until we give them meaning.

      • “most asians….were passed over”? Try telling that to the 15-20 million Chinese civilians that died during the japanese invasion. Most of them in the most sickening barbaric way the japanese could come up with.

      • Yy

        Blue Mongolia uses the Nazi style of swastika (tilted, red background), not the original Hindu symbol.

  10. schmidtler

    Somewhere, Mel Gibson is sporting a hard on the size of the Hindenburg!

  11. who the fuck follows tila tequila anywhere on anything?

  12. It’s a little known caveat, but Hitler’s master race ideology included the obvious but also allowed that schizophrenic Asian bi-sexual midgets with an IQ below 80 and implants the size of her head were part of the Aryan ideal.

    This was spelled out in the last treatise prior to his suicide titled “Mein Kampfuckit”.

  13. harriscandit

    Ugg just release another sex tape and stop with the whole talking thing.

  14. Thank you MTV for giving fame and a platform to another psycho fame seeking idiot. Special thanks go to all the idiots who watch the Kardashians and those who are fans of the “Muhammad Ali” whanbee troll Kanye West.

  15. Can we move on from this obsession with Hitler? I have a theory that Americans are still obsessed with because it’s the last war they won where there was no moral ambiguity as to who the bad guy was.

    They still had their moral superiority back then, they only pretend to have it now.

    • You left out that there was no ambiguity that imperialist japanese were baddies.

    • You’re right in some sense. It was the last war where there were clear delineations between good vs. evil. Also, we were reacting to aggression rather than being the aggressor.

      You probably could’ve made that argument for the post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan. We largely had the world’s support and were reacting to aggression, but then the Cheney White House invaded Iraq for no reason whatsoever and destroyed any good will the national tragedy had engendered.

      • Oh they had a reason, a good one too, for them anyway, it was called oil. Between the oil money and the multi-billion dollar government contracts they got for their buddies that we of course paid for, they had very good reasons. If there did not have things like pesky term limits, I am 100% sure we would also be in Iran today.

      • Though no one gives a shit anymore, and most people are just waiting for his heart to explode to throw a party like the Ewoks at the end of Return of the Jedi, Cheney is still advocating an invasion of Iran.

    • Bob

      Americans didn’t win WW2, the Allies did (and Americans were rather late in entering it).

  16. gross

    She only did it for the attention you all are giving her. There is the youtube video “Hitler finds out Tila Tequila is a Nazi” and the video is nothing but insults about her and she commented on it “hahaha, i posted this on my blog”

    She wrote “I’m the 2nd highest search on Google” ignoring that it’s just people laughing and hating on her. It’s all about her name being mentioned, each and every time you bring it up. Let it die and hopefully she’ll go with it.

  17. Hmm, call yourself a Nazi and Hitler on a site owned and operated by Jews and then get banned, who would have thought?

    I will give her some credit though, she is not all wrong. Sites like Yahoo for example seem to have no problem with the trailer park demographic that inhabit their message boards to say the most vile and racist things on there, particularly about black and Hispanic people and especially about The President, even threats. I don’t have a Facebook account, but I am guessing it is very similar over there also.

    Who knows if she is legitimately Kanye crazy or if she is just desperate to keep her name in the public and make money somehow? She should just be ignored like she has been for the last few years.

    • malaka

      might have something to do with the fact that small minded bigots are a dime a dozen and there’s no way to deal with all of them.
      also, the greatest fallacies are built around truth.
      there is no such thing as pure evil.
      negative cannot exist without positive.

  18. whatever

    I’m just surprised she can write…

  19. coljack

    I think I speak for everyone who watched Shot At Love when I say how embarrassed I am to admit that I was wrong when I said: “This is the absolute worst.”

  20. splatford

    oh sweety..lets the grown ups do the thinking you just keep showing your tits and we will try to find someone to fuck your brains back in ..mmkay

  21. DebbyDoody

    Facebook NEVER banned her, just like it didn’t ban her previously for 30 days. This is all fake. She deactivates her shit for as long as she can (usually not the full 30 days as promised) and then complains about it being a conspiracy.

    Bitch should just kill herself already.

  22. Ironballs McGillicutty

    Ya know, everytime you posted about this obnoxious tittied gremlin being some kind of nazi I just always thought it was hyperbole.

    I guess I never looked past the TITS! TITS! TITS! TITS!

  23. Hitler

    5/10 would bang.

    5/10 would kill.

  24. Bob

    Insane, drugged out…or she’s so desperate for publicity (and money) that she no longer cares how many bridges she burns?

  25. Tila Tequila Implants Nipple Slip Rollerblading
    Commented on this photo:

    Just wanted to point out her writs guards are on the wrong hands and upsidedown.

  26. isa insane

    Schizophrenia is a bitch…heard shit like this pouring out of friends mouths when they where off their meds..shit they would never say when they were medicated…it isnt about intelligence it is very fucked up chemical imbalance…chick needs some real fucking help but is just going to end up another homeless mentally ill person….all the while people enjoy their superiority complex and ignore the real problem….she needs help..

    • Bob

      Yeah, I know someone that’s schizophrenic who went of his meds for a few weeks. By the second week, he was spewing racist nonsense on Facebook.

  27. Tila Tequila Implants Nipple Slip Rollerblading
    Commented on this photo:

    Anyway I can get the body, without the brain? I’d use it for a while.

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