Tila Tequila Will Advertise Her Phone Sex Line With Racism Now

Right off the bat, this is the first tweet that’s pinned to the top of Tila Tequila’s Twitter page, which is the entire point of all the shit-awful racism you’re about to read. It’s all about this:

If you hate not being the victim of credit card fraud, go ahead and give that a whirl. It’ll be fun.

And now here are just a small sample of the white power tweets Asian porn star Tila Tequila start firing off after being called out for using the word “nigger”again – because somebody heard that crazy batshit Twitter rants are in right now. Or that Donald Trump still needs a running mate. Probably both.

Also, maybe let’s stop calling these little episodes “the best thing ever.” Just throwing that out there.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, at one point Tila Tequila also threatened to shoot up a movie theater, but somehow had that wherewithal to delete the tweet. Not that it matters because it’s not like this a country where a maniac midget has unfettered access to guns. There’s nothing to worry about.

tila tequila gun

Fuuuuuck… dammit…

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