Tila Tequila Had ‘Human Poop’ Thrown at Her. While Topless.

Because midget stripper outfits cost extra to make, Tila Tequila is continuing to milk her “attack” at The Gathering of the Juggalos for all it’s worth which is a tragedy because I’m actually starting to think these clowns are alright. Haha! They throw poop. E! News reports:

“Everyone started booing,” she describes, “and I was like, ‘Alright, this is a violent and tough crowd,’ so I went out there just to try and have fun…But immediately before I got up there, things were being thrown, there was so much stuff being thrown, besides just beer bottles.”
Tequila says she kept tripping over things, and at one point, she “looked down and saw human poop.”
She tells E!, pointing to a bandage on her face, that she saw the guy who threw a big rock at her, causing the injury.
“These weren’t fans or people that are like, ‘Let’s embarrass her and boo her off stage,’ but looking at these people, or monsters, whatever they are, they looked very angry and violent,” Tequila says.
And now, she says, after being stitched up and told to stay out of the sun for a year, her attorney is on the case.
“He’s taking care of that and we have all of our witnesses together, and I’m hoping this is the last Juggalos gathering they’ll ever have,” Tequila says. “Because it’s been such an underground type of concert and I’m glad that I could bring this to mainstream and expose them for what they do to people and women and that it’s not OK.

Wait. They attacked a woman? When did that happen? Anyway, what Tila has conveniently left out of her rants is the fact she was topless during the entire “performance” (NSFW photos here.) which was literally nothing but her yelling “I don’t give a fuck, I ain’t goin’ nowhere” for five minutes straight. I don’t know about you, but just the mere thought of that already has me tucking a newspaper under my arm. Can you excuse me for a minute?

Photo: Splash News