Tila Tequila Became Every Asinine Corner Of The Internet Yesterday

Tila Tequila ranted about flat earth theories on Twitter yesterday, and I use the term “theories” as loosely as possible here so that it allows for “fuck-brain drivel” and “the abortion of scientific thought” to be included. It was a remarkable run of nonsensical bullshit that people reacted to with amazement, because they couldn’t wrap their minds around how she didn’t have better things to do like try to revive Nazism, or have HIV sheened into her bloodstream. If you hate yourself enough, you can check out the soul-swallowingly large selection of her tweets here. I’ll embed my personal favorite/thing that will make me laugh hardest as I watch a nuke rocket towards my face:

So, in the spirit of the rock solid scientific method that is looking out a tiny window while a pill-addicted pilot tearfully cheats on his wife with you, I’m going to pull a few more tweets and put pics of her giant fake breasts underneath them. That makes absolutely as much sense as anything she says as well as the amount of attention people pay to things like flat earth theories. Enjoy.

No tit pics down here, just a quiet concession to do exactly this. *draws bath, lights candles, reaches for razor*

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