Tiger Woods: ‘You love me, you really love me.’

An uncharacteristically chipper Tiger Woods held a press conference today at the Masters where he essentially reiterated the same talking points about hurting his family but also thanked the fans for letting him return and make a shit-ton money. NBC Sports reports:

“Coming into today, I didn’t know what to expect, with regards to reception, and I tell you what, the galleries couldn’t be nicer.”
“It blew me away, to be honest … it really did,” Woods said. “It touched my heart pretty good.”

“For the fans to really want to see me play golf again, that felt great,” he said.
Woods said he’s going to try to keep acknowledging fans, but he admits he will be more focused during tournament competition.

On a more telling note, Tiger stated that Elin wouldn’t be coming to the Masters then proceeded to dodge questions about her supporting his return to golf. Obviously she believed his promise to focus on fixing their marriage which is retarded considering he probably pulled no less than three strippers out of his pants during the conversation. “I honestly don’t know where they keep coming from. Now what was I saying fuck me that’s a broadsword. I’LL BE GOOD.

EDIT: Added pics of Elin Woods looking smoking hot today because somehow that’s an integral part of this story. Trust me.

Photos: Getty, Splash News