Tiger Woods’ wife called Jaime Grubbs day of crash

In case there was any doubt Elin Woods doesn’t fuck around, she apparently called one of Tiger’s alleged mistresses Jaime (Or Jaimee? Does it matter.) Grubbs the day of Tiger’s crash, according to TMZ:

Co-workers tell TMZ on Friday — the day of Tiger’s crash — Jaimee went to work, played the voicemail to co-workers and then later in the evening said she had received a call from a blocked number. Jaimee says she answered and asked who was on the line. Jaimee says the caller — a woman — did not identify herself but said, “You know who this is because you’re f**king my husband.”

If this whole debacle doesn’t end with Tiger Woods getting sodomized with a golf bag after Elin files for $85 billion in monthly child support, I will never respect mail-order brides again. You hear me, Sweden?!

Photos: Getty