Tiger Woods’ wife called Jaime Grubbs day of crash

December 2nd, 2009 // 85 Comments

In case there was any doubt Elin Woods doesn’t fuck around, she apparently called one of Tiger’s alleged mistresses Jaime (Or Jaimee? Does it matter.) Grubbs the day of Tiger’s crash, according to TMZ:

Co-workers tell TMZ on Friday — the day of Tiger’s crash — Jaimee went to work, played the voicemail to co-workers and then later in the evening said she had received a call from a blocked number. Jaimee says she answered and asked who was on the line. Jaimee says the caller — a woman — did not identify herself but said, “You know who this is because you’re f**king my husband.”

If this whole debacle doesn’t end with Tiger Woods getting sodomized with a golf bag after Elin files for $85 billion in monthly child support, I will never respect mail-order brides again. You hear me, Sweden?!

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  1. jumpin_j

    Tiger’s a pussy(cat) for not being able to take it like a man. And seriously, has he taken a look at his supermodel swimsuit wife and you’re going to go ang a cocktail waitress? Elin, when you get tired of that douche, call me. I’m listed.

  2. JiggaJay


    That is AWESOME. I’ve never had anything against the guy but this shit is halarious.


    Time to pay up.

  3. Pamela Anderson

    “Jaimee went to work, played the voicemail to co-workers”

    Stay Classy, Total Skank

  4. Donnie Brassballs

    I always thought he did better for himself by snagging Elin but never expected him to be a douche who thought he could get any girl. Be proud your ugly looks actually got a great girl.

  5. Woodywood Pecker

    If Heidi Fleiss was still in business, none of this would of happened.

  6. Ms.Whiplash

    OMG Elin, take the money and run! You’re rich, you’re hot and you and your kids deserve better. I only hope you have the sense and self-esteem to realize it.

  7. nat

    If Elin doesn’t divorce him, she’s lost the respect I’ve gained for her for smashing his Cadillac to bits with a golf club (loving the irony)….

    I just thought she was some dumb, trophy wife. Apparantly so did Tiger…

  8. Taz

    I think its a good move that he is fessing up about it

  9. fearsarewishes

    @ 6


    First lesson to ANY married guy interested in getting some strange:

    Hire a pro. Pros are better in every way to amateur pussy. You get exactly the body type you want, they do exactly what you want, they leave when you want and they almost never are the ones to talk about it first.

    Plus, you can have them killed and no one gives a fuck. Hell, most of the time no one even knows they are missing.

    Perfect .

  10. lisa

    haha, we hear you!

  11. Derek Jeter's Penis

    Reminds me of what an old guy once told me: “No matter how hot a woman is; there is a guy somewhere who is sick of her shit!” (I bet even Seal is sick of Heidi’s stupid German accent!)

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  13. Randal(l)

    This should be a lesson to all ladies. No matter how much of a Swedish supermodel you are, if you don’t want your dude to bang random sluts don’t be the same person. I guarantee if you are a different person every now and then, you will never be cheated on.


  14. nice_to_be_first

    1st bitches!

  15. Kyle The Liar


    It is nice to see Jeter’s penis take a break from A-Rod’s ass and catch up on news in sports.

  16. Charlie Sheen

    Gotta hire pros. Don’t pay them for sex, pay them to leave after.

    By the way, at least Tiger got better ass than the other half Asian cheater so much in the news (I’m looking at you Gosselin). I wonder if Tiger and Jon will bond now.

  17. missywissy

    @8 – High five! Too many bitches are “standing by their man”. I hope this one drops him and goes on to be a spokesperson for strong women that can’t be bought and sold. I’ll be first in line.

    (the purchase of golf clubs by women are going crazy right now) Kick their fucking asses!!!! No matter who they are OR how much money they have. Skanky little sluts better steer clear of men with kick ass wives.

    Team Elin.

  18. just some guy

    If Tiger had to play golf with a golf bag rammed up his ass, I would never miss a single swing.

  19. JiggaJay

    Tiger had sex with me too….

  20. fearsarewishes


    Yo, missywissy.

    Your hero, Elin, was bought and sold the day she married Tiger. The pre-nup agreement she signed is proof enough of that fact. Most of you filthy married cunts don’t know what you are worth the day after you discover that your husband cheats on you. I guess I have to give Elin that much over you other whores.

    Your hero knew this day was coming and she knew exactly what she would be paid when it happened. If that fact makes her a “strong woman” than you will believe I give Tiger two strokes a side ( insert sophomoric sexual innuendo here) in our skins games.

    Team Elin, my sweaty ballsack!

  21. Bianca

    // my sweaty ballsack! //

    Which sums up nicely why you need to pay for sex in the first place.

  22. JJ Daddy-O

    I’d say Tiger’s lucky Elin just LIVES in Florida and is not FROM Florida. If she was from Florida, she would have lit his Escalade up with a .45, not just a golf club.

  23. Jerry

    Mrs. Wood’s talent: being a nanny for another golfer.
    Mr. Wood’s talent: the worlds best golfer, ever, and the gofl’s highest earner, ever.

    Her live with never having met Tiger: being the cute blonde living in the au -pair suite of some PGA player’s house, wiping babies asses for $30K a year.

    C’mon – the best thing that ever happpened in her life was hooking Tiger. She is nothing before him, and nothing without him.

    Hang on to Tiger for dear life, Elin. Remember – he is rich and powerful, and deserves the finest women in the world. If you can’t share that, there are 100,000 hot blondes willing to trade places with you.

  24. See Alice

    Say Good Bye to Half Tigar !!!

  25. lily

    that is the funniest thing i’ve read all week. you know who this is cause you’re fucking my husband. this gal won’t have to wait long for a series of high end men to start scoping her out. beauty, brains & watermelon balls…..I LOVE IT!!!
    thanks elin. thank you for that.

  26. PurplePuppy

    Not one of the chicks listed in his “tagging that” list has remotely come close to replacing his wife. She is a total piece of ass.

    She must fuck like a dead fish.

  27. bete noir


    A step up? She was a nanny! Tiger’s PR people spun the whole fake model crap to make her look good.


    Yeah…. Just ask Eliot Spitzer about pros.

  28. bete noir

    Wonder would Elin had married Tiger if he had been a bus driver.

    “Ain’t sayin she a gold digger,
    But she ain’t married to no broke nigga.”

  29. bete noir


    You don’t get it. Men always want fresh meat.

    But women are coniving. She was a nanny to a golf pro. Wonder if made that career move so that she could be in the same zip code as Tiger Woods? What I want to know, who was the stupid wife of that golf pro who hired her? Wouldn’t be surprised if that lady helped her bag Tiger. The woman can’t be that dumb.

  30. gotmilk

    seriously people, you don’t know her or him for that matter. and who gives a shit?
    if she’ known that he’s cheating and has these huge balls you keep talking about, why hasn’t she already filed for divorce?

  31. Inmate #2648927

    She swings a mean club from the looks of the car.

    Maybe she can get on the Ladies tour.

  32. Timtom

    18, if she was so kick ass of a wife, why was he cheating on her? You’re a complete buffoon.

  33. Ha ha ha

    Ugly fuck is gonna lose half his unearned fortune. Imagine a billion dollars because your only contribution to life is you can play gold better than anyone else. I wonder how many engineers and scientists this homely fuck is worth?

    Take the money and run Ellen. There are plenty of white men that will treat you like a goddess! Hahahahahahaha!

  34. MikeD

    Its like my father told me when I was 6:

    “You show me a hot broad and I’ll show you the guy who is sick of banging her…”

    My Dad is wise…

  35. Anon

    Maybe he should persue those domestic abuse claims.
    Stop her from getting any money in a divorce though I suspect it wouldn’t make any difference with her being a female.

    Maybe they’ve come to an agreement . He doesn’t go to the police and she doesn’t divorce him.

  36. who dat

    This won’t be the last woman to tell her story about fuckin tiger. I hear there are at least 5 more women willing to tell their story.

  37. JustJess

    Who cares – he seems like a zero in bed.

    Looks like a man with no natural rhythm to me. All while asking, “Is this good for you… is this good for you?”

    Erin – you are gorgeous and you have two kids with a very rich man –

    “Go on, take the money and run – woo, hoo, hoo”.

  38. I think it’s time for Elin to move on!

  39. PurplePuppy

    Yeah, I don’t recall the comedian but his saying holds true, “I don’t care how hot she is, someone somewhere is sick of her shit”.

  40. Anon

    Do spousal abusers get big pay offs?
    Expect him to change his tune on the matter and her to lose custody and any chance at money.

  41. this is what happens when wives stop giving head

  42. fearsarewishes

    @ 22 Bianca

    Hee hee, ho ho, sniff, you are not only hilarious, but so very clever! Funniest line in the history of the interwebs!

    JFC Bianca, is it possible you are so dumb that you don’t know that EVERYONE pays for sex. Not always in cash but it ALWAYS costs something.

    Cash is usually the smoothest and cheapest transaction. It is also this type of transaction that angers amateur pussy the most. The sooner men realize that paying cash is better than all this renting of amateur pussy through dating and marriage the sooner they can enjoy the vast improvement that is pro pussy.

    Thank you. And a big FUCK YOU to Bianca

  43. Fears is right

    #43 has a point.
    Too many men are used by women in this way so it’s about time men entered into an arrangement with women which is fair and honest.

    Maybe then women will stop using men only for money and start entering into relationships being completely honest about their intentions.
    Also learn a few tricks. There is way too much amateur pussy about and they always think they are the best lovers ever.

    You’re not.

  44. blundht

    God, some of you people are MORONS… Like the asshole who suggested women “should” be different once in a while so the men won’t fuck around… Really, motherfucker? Whoever told you women don’t get bored with men as well? Whoever told you women are pathetic fuck toys that should comply with your every need? Fucking asshole. This woman was cheated on by an asshole and she reacted like most of us would and SHOULD. There is no excuse for his disgusting behaviour. This is all their problem, of course, but he has no excuse and she should divorce his ass right now. She deserves EVERYTHING she gets.

  45. ex

    Hey Tiger you need to visit http://getyourexbackresource.com. Begging and pleading for her to come back probably wont work though. Better reach into your bag of tricks and learn some real tactics to win her back or lose half your shit.

    Tigers wife does have some balls for making that phone call, but

    really, that could have been some other husbands chick who was calling her that shes fucking as well… If she can do Tiger im sure shes doing some other married men as well… tramp!

  46. Hey Tiger you need to learn tricks to get your soon to be ex back. Begging and pleading for her to come back probably wont work though. Better reach into your bag of tricks and learn some real tactics to win her back or lose half your shit.

    Tigers wife does have some balls for making that phone call, but

    really, that could have been some other husbands chick who was calling her that shes fucking as well… If she can do Tiger im sure shes doing some other married men as well… tramp!

  47. josh

    LOL @ people saying “take the money and run”.

    Yeah, because billionaires hate prenups. Idiots. She’s not getting shit but child support, and don’t think that means a million a month, 50 cent is worth 400 million and pays something like $700 a week. She’s only getting what tiger will be kind enough to chuck her way.

  48. YerMomma

    LMAO @ 23.
    Look at his body language in the first picture. He stands out completely from her like she isn’t there.

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