Tiger Woods made love to pills, too

Realizing the ol’ sex addiction routine was about 25 cocktail waitresses past its prime, Tiger Woods has checked himself into an Arizona rehab clinic for addiction to Vicodin and Ambien, according to The National Enquirer:

“In therapy, Tiger blamed a lot of his cheating behavior on his drug addiction, saying that the drugs were responsible for impairing his judgment,” a source familiar with the sports superstar’s treatment told The ENQUIRER.

The disgraced golfer entered The Meadows on the recommendation of therapists who treated him for sex addiction at the Gentle Path program in Hattiesburg, Miss., said the source.
“After he left Gentle Path, Tiger flew to Arizona for his initial intake interview at The Meadows, which is better equipped to handle rehab for drug addiction and depression.”

Right. Because popping a bunch of sleeping pills and painkillers is the reason Tiger Woods loves pussy so much. Before all this he was practically Amish and wouldn’t go near Elin’s Swedish model vagina except for procreation. And only if she came at him with a cattle prod. Damn you, drugs!

Photo: Getty