Tiger Woods was ‘devastated’ by his father’s cheating

December 16th, 2009 // 28 Comments

While one of his mistresses used her exposure to Tiger Splooge™ to get into Hollywood clubs last night (above), Tiger Woods’ high school sweetheart was talking to E! News about the golfer’s inability to cope with his father’s cheating:

Dina Parr, whom he dated during high school and into his freshman year in college, exclusively tells E! News that Woods would call her from the road during the summer to talk about his parents’ relationship.
“He would just call crying and say, ‘My dad is with another woman,’ and that would be all he could say,” she says. “He would be so upset, so I just tried to be there for him and listen to him.”
Woods was famously close to his dad, Earl, who died in 2006.
“He loved his father,” Parr tells E! News in the exclusive interview. “And I know that was the one thing about his dad that he could never get over. So yeah, it’s interesting that it’s turned out that he’s doing the same thing.”

Int. Tiger Headquarters

PUBLICIST: Remember how Chris Brown used seeing his step-father beat his mother as an excuse? We’re just gonna do something like that.
TIGER: SOLD! I’ll be at Score’s.

The End.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Que

    Que pass the buck.

  2. F'ER

    Oh look at me…I’m famous now that I got to fuck Woods.

  3. If Tiger’s father cheated and his mother stayed with him, Tiger thought he could do whatever he wanted too. Enter: Elin.

  4. Hoax & Chan$e

    A millionaire pulling below par poon.
    His handicap is obviously lower than advertized.
    Time to move back to the red tees Tigger.
    Who is surprised that a wanna be black guy cheats on the wife with below average white trim?

  5. kimberly

    I like how she looks like his (ex) wife. Oh well.

  6. mal Carne

    Yup. The “he’s a victim” tour has begun. Right there with his agent saying “give the kid a break” line when asked about Tiger’s doctor being caught with PED coming out of his ears. Don’t you see, people? This guy’s just a 30 something “kid” with a wife and two kids, and earning a billion dollars for hitting a ball when no one is playing defense against him. He’s the victim, people! Are you too stupid to see that?

  7. Fat Foot

    This rottweiler has googly eyes. How pathetic is the world where people think that they are important or significant just because the screw someone famous.

  8. The Gorgeous One

    @4, Thank You! I have been saying the same thing all week to my husband. It look s like they are getting progressively worse. This one looks like a sleestack.

  9. Tyler

    Just goes to show you that the apple doesn’t fall far from the scumbag.

  10. Driver

    She kinda looks like Tiger. She’s the most ethnic looking one in the bunch. Well he can take his pick from his parade of carnies because Elin’s dumping his ass. Just in time for Christmas.

  11. Jake

    Tiger just got caught doing what any man in his position would do. Tiger will be single now; he will still have an enormous fortune,and he can go back to banging babes like a fiend.

    Gotta admire the guy. World’s best golfer, and now single and free to abng away without all the wives of the world getting worked up.

  12. hendero

    Nine over Parr or whatever she’s called is probably just sore that a) Tiger wasn’t wiring her $10,000 a month and b) she can’t get into the VIP room of high class clubs like Cock O’Deville, whileJamie Grubbs (another apt name) can.

    I wonder if Tiger has even spoken to a black woman in his life.

  13. farty mcshitface

    aww, poor dipshit. he was so upset over his dad’s cheating that he decided to try and break the old man’s record for bangin whores.
    he probably has ANAL WARTS!!!!ANAL WARTS!!!!ANAL WARTS!!!!ANAL WARTS!!!!

  14. Wow, this primate (Tiger) really has a thing for white women with blonde hair. Wonder if his dad also chased the prized white trophy woman?

    Besides, who can blame him for his indiscretions? In the jungle, apes don’t have any concept of monogamy. Who can expect better of Bonzo, I mean Cheater, I mean Cheetah, I mean Tiger.

  15. stupid white women

    He doesn’t have any black women on his roster because BLACK WOMEN would have driven him down to “whatchoo talkin about Willis you just wanna have sex with me, STREET??” . Then, there would have been a lot of hair pulling and ass kicking, Tiger knows.

    Black women hit, bite, slap. He would never have gone passed number 1, because he would be too sore from getting hit upside the head with a frying pan…

    White women take notice…

    Hillary Clinton
    Kobe Bryant’s stupid ghetto whore cheap version of Kim K.
    Kathy Griffin Frank that aging fuck
    Fergie and her cute skanky husband

    come on help ppl

    White women stand by your man while he brings you home the clap…

  16. josh

    He likes white girls.
    I think he must be intimidated by hood black girls and their equally hood ex boyfriends. Tiger’s no gangsta.

    Or maybe he just finds them ugly. Meh.

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  18. s.d.

    I would wear her ass out. literally! If she was my girlfriend, there would be anal sex every night! She’s yummy!

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  21. jennifer hammond

    this chick is the epitome of “skank” she looks like she needs a bath and her pussy smells like a tuna troller.

  22. With so many new versions of stories coming up its really difficult to know what is the truth. Tiger woods is really a celebrity now:)

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  24. Wasn’t Grubbiee in “Hellraiser 2″? Looks like a 55 yr old with a wind tunnel face lift or something.

  25. kerri

    She is fugly. What was he thinking?

  26. Amanda

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  28. I am soooo burnt on the whole Tiger thing

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