Tiger Woods paid mistress $10 mil in hush money

April 1st, 2010 // 76 Comments

Tiger Woods reportedly paid Mistress #1 of 8,500 Rachel Uchitel $10 million to stop her from going through with a tell-all press conference, and obviously she didn’t spend on her appearance because she looks like hell. TMZ reports:

But our sources — and they are good — tell TMZ Tiger was so concerned with the depth and detail of information from Alleged Mistress #1 that they folded like a cheap suit, and offered the huge $10 million sum in return for an ironclad confidentiality agreement.
TMZ has learned the actual settlement could fluctuate $1 million either way, depending on future circumstances. But the baseline is $10 mil.
Compare Rachel’s settlement with what other A.M’s received, if they got anything at all. We’re told several mistresses got several hundred thousand dollars, and others got nothing. That speaks volumes about how much Rachel knows.

Considering it was pretty much a given Tiger was harpooning porn stars any chance he could get, the sex with Rachel must’ve been the most deviant shit ever if he paid $10 mil to keep it silent. Or he just laid in the fetal position crying the whole time about how much he hates golf, Nike, EA Sports, America and letting his dad whittle down his penis just to add a few yards to his drive.

What? Even Earl Woods’ ghost just went “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. KIKI

    A hooker always gets paid.

  2. kimberly

    10 million plus a chicken wrap from Subway, right? RIGHT??

  3. kimberly

    10 million plus a chicken wrap from Subway, right? RIGHT??

  4. abby

    Ha, that sucks. I would be pissed if I were Elin, as half of that hush money is hers.

  5. Beer Baron

    How appropriate that the party is sponsored by Lifestyles Condoms.

  6. Wow. If this is true, she certainly has more money than me, but for the rest of her life everyone will know that she made her money by boinking a married guy. She should be mortified. Please go away.

  7. HooHaa

    Bwaaaaahahahahahaha…. That’s more money than Elin is supposedly guaranteed in her prenuptial!!!! Hahahahaha.. And that dumb bitch is staying with that buffoon!!!! She’s spineless, he’s an ass wipe and the whores are, well whores.

  8. huh?


  9. havoc

    Nice work if you can get it….


  10. pimp

    she must have been fucking him in the ass with a strap-on for that kinda money…

  11. misterfister

    I bet for that money she went ass to mouth on him with a polka dotted dildo

  12. Rasputins Liver


    Holy nine irons, Batman!


    For that kinda green…. I ….would have let Tiger fuck me!


    And I’m as straight as straight can be!


    Chicks’re so fuckin’ lucky sometimes, man. Free drinks from drunk horny guysat bars. Snaggin’ sugar daddies, then takin’ ‘em to the cleaners after a few years of pleasuring being legally tied to some shmo (dumbass Paul McCartney for example), or doin’ the Black Widow shtick.


    Some chick let’s Tiger bang her from here to there a few times and she rakes in $10 Mil. Sweet takings for a few hours of sweatin’.


  13. Jim Rome

    I’d do her in the butt, then drop a load in her face!

  14. BIll Clinton

    suck my dick. there’s a future in it for ya.

  15. chico

    She does look like a good fuck. I’d bang her and then murder her.

  16. PooPooCachoo

    $10 million. Either they were into freaky shitting and pissing on midgets or he got her pregnant and punched her in the belly to kill the baby.

    Seriously, what the hell could she know that is worth $10 million? I mean, the stuff that has already been shared is crazy. Bestiality maybe?

  17. biyo


    let’s pretend you are the only person who is ethical, and cares, about having to live with fucking Tiger for the rest of her life.

    She has 10 million dollars to help remind her of what she did…

  18. thebitchisback

    she’s a disgusting whore. her parents must be so proud.

  19. chico and chong


    are you latino..cause i know you guys like murdering the womenz..

    no offence essay…

  20. gen

    “obviously she didn’t spend on her appearance because she looks like hell”


  21. Ralph

    She look like a dryed-up, Long Island party bitch…but if she got $10M, I’m sure she’ll be just fine with it.

  22. chupacabra

    good god, she’s a whorish whore! The whorishest whore I’ve ever seen!

  23. Greenman

    She does look like she has quite a few miles on her. Definitely not worth 10 mil.

  24. Sport

    Fucking MAN HANDS!

  25. Tiger's Accountant

    When I analyzed this deal for Tiger, I concluded that paying her $1.43 Million for each one of her orifices that Tiger had unloaded his Cablanasian splooge into was just about appropriate.

  26. PunkA

    She is far and away the hottest of the chicks Tiger stepped out with. Great body, nice rack, great legs, nice abs. Her face is pretty as well.

    Since she was the one Elin called from El Tigre’s IPhone, perhaps the shit they are covering up is what happened between Elin and Rachel? Be the fact Elin beat the hell out of Tiger is part of the confidentiality agreement. Otherwise, why pay this whore so much more money that the other hookers? Simple, to protect Elin.

  27. Dugger

    Now that the information is out, Tiger’s financial manager needs to send her a 1099.
    That way, she will have to declare it as income – and pay taxes!

  28. fuck that shit

    she’s super ugly and weird! she would have had to pay me money to have sex with her!

    is that officially the world’s highest paid hooker now?


  29. Jestersdead

    Men are such pussies these days, that or it just goes to show you once you pass the $1B mark that money doesnt mean shit to you. A guy of his stature shoulda toad that ho, “One word of this and you get a one way ride off the Grand Canyon in my busted ass Escalade……Bitch”. Tiger=Pussy

  30. Tiger's Id

    I really don’t give a shit anymore, we all get it… the fucker cheated! Let it go bitches LET IT GO! Tiger Woods should just own it. “Damn it, you caught me america I really love strange white pussy and I’m rich enough to beat off in rehab I guess it sucks to be me huh!”

  31. PunkA

    Ya know, I thought Rachel Uchitel was pretty hot, but IT looks like a total tranny in these photos. Man hands, man face, fake rack, probably had a penis tuck. Her silence was bought to avoid Tiger looking like a dude who pounds trannies in the ass. that might be worth $10 million.

  32. Mai-Tai

    I’m sure there are hotter chicks who would have f*cked him for free. $10M p*ssy? Not so much.

  33. @4 – shut the fuck up.

    That stupid blonde whore is staying with Cheetah, she has the self-esteem of a banana slug. She doesn’t get half of jack-fuck unless she grows a pair and leaves that cheating ape.

  34. Tiger is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’. Woods Wang: http://tinyurl.com/ygs9lnx

  35. Rough out of the office

    10 mil you say?

    Half of young girls in this country just decide what career path they’re taking. And who can blame them.

    You know how blacks have Martin Luther King Day in January? Now, young girls going to have Tiger on “bring your daughters to work day”…

  36. BIGBIG

    One sl-t cost 10M, and that’s 140M for 14 vxx to bang? The golf association going to dig 14 BIG holes for BIG suckers to sponsor his BIG comeback? WOW…..

  37. DoTheMath

    OMG TEN Mil? With a stack of cash that tall, you could have a thousand dollar hooker every single night for 27 years straight! And every one of them would look better too. I wonder how his putter would hold up.

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  39. I analyzed this deal for Tiger, I concluded that paying her $1.43 Million for each one of her orifices that Tiger had unloaded his Cablanasian splooge….

  40. thank you for your sharing!

  41. Why is he paying these women off, they are looking just as bad as him when they come out and tell their story. Why now just let them all make fools out of themselve.

  42. let’s pretend you are the only person who is ethical, and cares, about having to live with fucking Tiger for the rest of her life.

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  44. captain america

    you really believe this CRAP?
    ………..GO BACK TO BED, please.

  45. Dr. Remulak

    Disgusting NYC trash who only gets off her back to snort another line or attend another idiotic party full of other trashy losers with too much money. Ten million bucks to fuck her? No thanks, ten million ought to buy a guy a better looking lay than that.

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  47. No amount of money can pay for the pain Tiger has caused his family . As far as the woman that got the 10 mil in hush money, do you really think it matters to her who knows why and how she got it? I’m (almost) a virgin and if I could get have the 10 mil< I would grab it and brag about it. The hush didnt really work, did it?

  48. Diamonds Are Forever

    Make that money, don’t let the money make you!! She looks better than Elin.

  49. cheryl

    I bet she & Tiger had group sex WITH OTHER DUDES!!!! What else would be worth that kind of money? Finding out that Tiger is bisexual, would ruin what little is left of his family man image. Yeah, this woman is nothing but an aging hooker, so what else could it be? & it was probably with famous men, lol. When she released that weird, sexual email, where he was talking about all of her other men, that was her way of letting him know, that she had saved everything, & was playing dirty. But, Tiger has noone to blame but himself.That’s what he gets for associating with that fuc*ing garbage.

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