Tiger Woods’ other mistress is a famewhore. Get out.

Apparently Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress and Tool Academy contestant Jamiee Grubbs has been aggressively pursuing a career in show business, according to her ex-boyfriend Aaron Kinnard. RadarOnline reports:

“As soon as Jaimee found out I was a race car driver, she followed me to my car and then came home with me and we had sex,” Kinnard said of his first encounter with Tiger’s mistress in 2005.
He began a relationship with Jaimee that lasted six months, and during their torrid affair the couple made a sex tape and took multiple nude photos, all of which Kinnard said he has destroyed.
Kinnard shared his remaining photos of Jaimee with RadarOnline.com and revealed that she “tried to get into Playboy but they told her that her breasts were too small, so she got implants but never got in the magazine.”

You mean Jaimee Grubbs only fucked Tiger Woods to get her own reality show and not because she was attracted to him as an unfathomably rich golfer? DAMN YOU, CRUEL WORLD!

Photos: VH1